Forever Affiliate Review – Why I Give A Thumbs Up

Forever Affiliate Review
Overall Ranking: 70 /100
Price: $97 once off for the 3 step system, $297 for additional coaching
Owners: Andrew Hansen
Website: foreveraffiliate.com

Introduction: What is Forever Affiliate?

Simply put Forever Affiliate is a 3 step system that will provide you with a passive income mini site every time you run it.

Forever Affiliate is reasonably priced and offers valuable information.

What is Forever Affiliate

Who is Andrew Hansen?

Andrew Hansen has launched a number of internet marketing products over the years with Forever Affiliate being one of the most recent. Here is a list of products he has brought out:

  • Rankings Institute
  • Unstoppable Affiliate
  • Firepow Blogging Software
  • Niche Empire Generator
  • Blog Cash
  • Plug and Play Niche Marketing
  • Elite Niche Research
  • Niche Blogging Institute
  • Affiliate Blog Profits

Some of his products have received mixed reviews, however none of these reviews say his products are scams just that perhaps they are not suitable for everyone. Overall Andrew Hansen has a very good reputation online. I have seen him interacting on online forums too, he is a Senior Warrior Member at Warrior Forum.

Who is Andrew Hansen

Pros and Cons


  • This is a reputable product
  • Good approach to the training, systematic and easy to follow
  • Good solid information
  • Price is reasonable for what you receive


  • I’ve heard some of his training is out of date, however he has brought out a 2015 version
  • Support is limited to this course, if you want further mentoring you have to pay $297 for additional coaching
  • Lots of hype on his landing pages which is not appealing, especially when it comes to unrealistic expectations of earning potential and the time it takes to make money online
  • Too much emphasis on choosing a profitable niche when I personally believe you can make money in any niche as long as you are passionate about it

Who is Forever Affiliate for?

Forever Affiliate will be suitable for anyone looking to make some money online that is willing to spend a little bit of money. I do think you need to be prepared to put in a decent amount of work and it will take a little longer than promised!


Forever Affiliates provides a lot of training that is very valuable. You will receive over 40 training videos, webinar recordings, expert interviews and tasks to complete.


Forever Affiliate falls a little short in this department, so unless you are willing to pay $297 for additional coaching you will not receive much in the way of support.


$97 for the Forever Affiliate Course, and an upsell of $297 for additional coaching.

Is Forever Affiliate a Scam?

No this is definitely not a scam. This is quite a good product that is provided by a well know and trusted internet marketer.

My Verdict for Forever Affiliate

Overall I like this product, possibly just for the fact it is a legitimate product and it is so hard to come by anything honest and legitimate online these days. When I do find something that is legitimate and honest I want to scream it from the roof tops.

I think it may be a little bit too pricey for what is offered, especially considering the lack of support. However it is also a once off cost and this product offers some really valuable information that could possibly make a difference to the way you market your online business. If you are keen to check out what golden nuggets Andrew has to share and you are happy to pay the once off $97 I would say go for it.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Forever Affiliate Review
Overall Ranking: 70 /100
Price: $97 once off for the 3 step system, $297 for additional coaching
Owners: Andrew Hansen
Website: foreveraffiliate.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I’ve looked into Forever Affiliate in the past and have heard many mixed reviews on it. Your review puts a new spin on things. It does sound like Hansen’s program has a lot of positives to offer, though I still don’t know if I’d risk the future of my sites on his back linking strategies. The prices for the training are good. Just wondering if you get much in the way of community support with this company?

    • Hi Darren

      Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately there is no community support here, this is why I rate Wealthy Affiliate my #1 Recommendation.

      Yes I really agree with you, any back linking strategies make me want to run for the hills. My big concern here is that a newbie could follow this and damage his/ her website!

  2. I had not come across this forever affiliate package before, so your review was interesting for me. I am always interested in learning about what is new…The author of the program has been around a while it looks like…

    I compare the cost your mention (97) to a site such as Wealthy Affiliate, where you have a comprehensive educational program and wonder whether this money would be better spent on that site..

    The prices for products offered on Warrior Forum are cheaper a lot of times than say JVZoo, but as you say, the criticism I hear most often is that a lot of the stuff on WF is dated, and could actually hurt you when it comes to your affilate sites…

    Having said that, there is some evergreen stuff I have bought there that was quite good and useful, and reasonably priced, so I think you have to do the DD prior to buying…DD as in reading reviews like yours here! Thanks!

    • Hi Dave

      Yes I agree your money would be better spent at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a reason that is my #1 Recommendation.

      This program is decent, but certainly not the best there is.

  3. Hi Lynne, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product. Having been ripped off in the past by people promising me lots of money i came across your review as i am still searching to find a great place to learn some online skills. I will be checking out you recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as you say there is lots of support available. Is it still worth getting this product alongside Wealthy Affiliate ? Many Thanks.

    • Hey Mark, thanks for visiting. The reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because you won’t need to buy any other training product ever again in my opinion! Everything you need to know is right there, plus there is always new training being added. If you can’t find information on something you want to know about you just ask the community and someone will come back to you. Very often even one of the owners (Kyle) has personally given me feedback and answered my questions.

  4. Hi Lynne

    This Forever Affiliate program seems like it would be okay for those who have the money to spare. Personally I am not in a situation that allows me to just splash out that large amount of money for a product which sounds kind off average to be honest.

    Thanks for the review. This program looks pretty good but it’s not for me. I did enjoy reading your review.


  5. Hello!

    Great post review for forever affiliate program, seems good product but there is other programs offers better prices as i hate the up-sells which may discourage me to join forever affiliate program, Thanks for sharing your honest review with us and i will have a look for your #1 recommended program.

    • Hi Ehab, thanks for visiting and for giving your opinion. Yes it is not the best program out there and I totally agree with the upsells! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi there! I wanted to join in forever affiliate but I don’t have a budget. I heard that it is a good program but like what I said I don’t have the monetary to compensate the initial investment. So aside from forever affiliate, do you have any programs that you know that has the similar objective as FA but lower the price? Thanks in advance for your response!

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