Be The Boss Network Review: Not A Scam BUT I’ll tell you why I don’t like this one bit!

Be The Boss Network Reviews
Overall Ranking:  10/100
Price: Free
Website: www.bethebossnetwork.com

Introduction: What is Be The Boss Network?

Be The Boss Network is a website that is designed to match you with opportunities to work from home. It is free to join for businesses and for people looking for opportunities.

When you arrive on their website you see an MLM Directory, do I need to say again how I feel about MLM? Not my favourite type of opportunity here. I have a bad taste in my mouth even though the website looks great and professional.

What is Be The Boss Network

So I can’t help but wonder exactly how BTB makes their money and why they set up their website? It can’t be just because they want to help everyone right? So let’s take a closer look at what is going on inside.

I registered with them and I found it odd that if they were truly trying to match me up with an online opportunity surely they would ask me for some more information other than my name and email address?

When I looked at the list of companies in their MLM directory I started getting annoyed. Yes that is Empower Network in their list, one of the biggest scams I have reviewed here so far. They also have Amway that I haven’t reviewed here but I really should! (Review added 31/12/2015)

Shall I tell you quickly about my Amway experience quickly? Ok so rewind 15 years and a neighbor of mine invites me around for coffee and tells me to bring a friend with. I think ok that is strange but I go along with it. When I arrive there she gives a presentation about Amway, how wonderful the products are and how I can make so much money. My friend is not impressed with me and leaves quickly afterwards, she thought it was a social visit (as did I).

I pay my fee and join up because you know I am always keen to try and make money.

This is my first and only experience signing up for an MLM opportunity and it stinks. They don’t focus on products at all, in fact it seems they are hardly interested in anything they sell. They were only focused on getting you to write down everyone and anyone that you ever knew and getting them hooked in. If you have made eye contact with someone, they are a target as far as Amway is concerned. They try to make you look at people like you are the lion and they are the zebras. It is that bad, really!

Look at this screenshot from BTB:
Be The Boss Network

So they are telling you that their are websites out there only trying to lure victims in right? Yet they have Empower Network listed in their directory and other terrible scams? This looks like a load of BS to me.

If you are trying to help people and save them from being lured into scams then please kindly investigate the websites that you list in your directory and make sure there are no scams.

So what is BTB Really?

They are nothing more than a money making website driving you to opportunities that THEY will make money from. They don’t care whether you make money or not. Companies can be pay to have a featured spot on their website. They will be making money whether you do or not.

Oh and another thing, some of the products on their website listing are in fact owned by them! So this is just a way to promote their own things and their own affiliate links. Try this, go and click on a link and you will see you have been referred by someone. Sneaky!

And another thing, they have your email address now so they can email you every time a new “opportunity” arises. Just another clever way of making money out of YOU. Once again YOU are the product.

Is Be The Boss Network a Scam?

No I honestly don’t think they are a scam but they are certainly not exactly honest now are they?

My Verdict for Be The Boss Network

I personally don’t like this website.

For starters they make it seem like there are hundreds of great legitimate programs out there to make money. There aren’t, well certainly not in my experience. I have come across thousands of scams and only a handful of opportunities that I would consider worthy.

I don’t like MLM companies, let’s be honest here it is not about the products they sell is it? You are the product with MLM!

I don’t like the dishonesty, claiming they will match you up with legitimate opportunities when there are a whole stack of scams on their website.

If you claim to list legitimate opportunities then do that, be trustworthy. Some scams on this website had a 5 star rating! Not nice at all. I would not trust anything on this website.

I’ll be honest here I could easily make a killing by affiliating myself with scams and bad websites, however I have something called pride and integrity that stops me from doing that. I won’t try and make money by conning someone else.

Yes I do make money from affiliate links on my website, but you can bet your ass that these are really great opportunities!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Be The Boss Network Reviews
Overall Ranking:  10/100
Price: Free
Website: www.bethebossnetwork.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. These type of scams drive me crazy. There are so many of them out there as well. Good people are just trying to figure out how to make money from home while either taking care of their kids, spouse, a sick parent, etc. So many people get scammed. What a bummer. Thank you for doing your research on this company.

    I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and they are definitely not a scam. I feel so thankful I ran across them, and now have a website that I am building to try to work from home to be able to be available to my 3 children whenever they need me. Great company who truly care and help you!

    Mandi Champ

    • Hi Mandi, yes it is very annoying. There are so many people out there trying to find a real and honest way to make money online which means there are loads of potential victims for scams 🙁

      I am pleased to hear you have found a legitimate opportunity!

  2. Another potential opportunity that I can happily scratch off the list of businesses to check out.

    • Hi Gavin, yes I suggest that you do that! I find it so disappointing that there are so many scams out there in relation to legitimate opportunities. It makes it really hard to find something worthwhile. Have you checked out Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama and Chris Farrell Membership yet? If not I suggest you do, those are my top rated so far. Hopefully I can add to that list soon.

  3. Dear Lynne,

    Thanks so much for your insightful and most informative review on this.

    One thing that struck me was the name and another was that it was free. Third, it is like an MLM much like Empower Network is. I hate how these kinds of programs are structured.

    Amway is another type of MLM? I never knew that. I know of a friend that was involved with it but he refused to go into further detail on it. I guess he felt bad being a part of it since he gave in to lies and false advertisement that it was would be a fun way to make extra money.

    He found out the hard way that it was a pyramid scheme and he wanted no part in it, so he got out asap.

    I had my run in with a scam called Home Internet Careers, maybe you heard of it. But, I must warn you that these online scams are sly in that they can change their logo a bit or their website domain name, but still advertise the same stuff over again and again. They essentially lure more people in. I wish they could be stopped. 🙁

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hi Angel

      Thanks for visiting. I don’t blame your friend, I don’t like admitting I got involved with Amway no matter how short it went on for. It was honestly terrible!

      Yeah I agree with you there, these places just change their name and carry on doing the same thing. Very dishonest and sad that people get lured in.

  4. Hi Lynne, you are so right about MLM. I tried a few of those. The first problem is that they try and make you base your business around your friends and family. That is no way to get a business going. Ok some of them may be legitimate products and opportunities but this is not the way to do it. The next problem is that often there are extraordinary claims about the product’s benefits. How are they so amazing compared to everything of a similar nature? The third problem is that the products or services are frequently of an inflated in price in order to pay commission down a number of levels. It’s not all doom and gloom however. There are some good ones out there. Have you tried any?? Thanks.

    • Hi Rob

      Honestly I have yet to come across an MLM company that looks nice! Just like you said the prices are seriously inflated to try and cover the fact that so many people have to each get their little cut. Plus pushing things on friends and family is not great.

      What I enjoy is a really fantastic product and marketing that. Once people see how great it is they buy it without being pushed. Products that are really awesome sell themselves!

      Have a look at my #1 Recommendation for a good example of this.

  5. Hey Lynne.

    I definitely don’t see myself signing up for Be The Boss. It sounds down right dodgy to me. It doesn’t even really sound like a real business, if that makes any sense.

    All I’ve ever heard about MLM is negativity. It just sounds like something we are all better off avoiding.

    I found your review very helpful – thanks for sharing your experiences with BTB with us.


    • Hi Hannah, it is a pleasure. Well there are lots of people that rave about MLM and say it is the best line to be in. Personally I can’t figure out what part of MLM looks appealing, the mediocre products with hugely inflated prices, the fact that you have to recruit anyone and everyone you come into contact with, the fact that selling products is really just a cover up for suckering other people in!

  6. Hello Lynne ,
    Nice job on the review ! I love it when I can see and read a review such as yours. Thanks for the unveiling of this scam tactic.
    I never knew that about Amway ! shocked me . i thought they were people that took orders and delivered them . wow. I got an enlightenment .
    You have presented this review so well . Have you ever done a review on a website building course by the name of onlinedirect? another name they use is mycashdirect. They offer training for 97 bucks. you pay it then give all your personal info then a personaladvisor will call you and start the punch line . well it ended up I was told that they wanted and needed to collect 5400.00 dollars . that was it . I was out . they refused to refund me my $97.00, so i contacted FCC committee, banking and finance committee and several others but i got my money back in less that 12 hrs . Oh and by the way . I never seen the inside of that training platform . only contact was by phones and emails .
    I sure would like to see you do a review on them . If you do let me know .
    Take care , and good luck . keep up the very good work .

    • Hi Brenda, Oh my that is bad! Nope never heard of Online Director My Cash Direct. Looks like that might be a nice scam to expose in future, there are just so many to go expose! I am so glad you managed to get your money back, lucky for you!

      And yes Amway was terrible, it really made me feel like I was involved in a cult!

  7. Hi Lynne, a great exposing review on Be the Boss. I feel the same as you do about these types of opportunities, no real product and promising you the world.
    Unfortunately there are so many new, unsuspecting people trying to make money on the internet, and these are the people that get caught out.
    You are one of the good people out there helping to show them the way. Great job!
    All the best, John.

    • Hi John

      Yes that is the problem, there are so many people that are new to working online and they get suckered! What is so sad is that these people are looking to make money online and probably are not in a financial position to lose money but because they are prepared to invest in an online business they get conned.

      If they just spend some more time researching they will find out the truth!

  8. Hi Lynne,

    Another great review! I especially like your personal experience you shared with Amway. I like you joined Amway and you are so right that with MLM’s you are the product regardless of what they sell. So, I suppose that has a lot to do with why I didn’t make money at it either.

    As for “Be The Boss Network” I will certainly stay away and share your post with other so that they are aware as well.

    – Dwayne

    • Hi Dwayne

      Well as soon as I realized all Amway wanted me to do was sucker in other people and they were not giving information or marketing materials to sell their actual products. All their seminars and training was focused only on recruits. I was very upset and got out fast!

      Not fast enough though, if I remember correctly you have to buy “starter marketing pack” which included products and “marketing materials” and if you wanted to return it you must do so within 7 days… anyway I missed that deadline so I lost about R600 (appr $40), this was in about 2001 so it was quite a bit of money for me then. It also hit me hard because I was young and not earning much of a salary, it was a huge loss at the time for me.

      Any time I hear MLM my bad Amway experience comes up for me!

  9. I get the distinct impression you do not like MLM…only fooling
    I have spent time and money on these scams and most times I was the fool. Of course the MLM scams are very very professionally written and the presentation great. I suspect that MLM is here to stay and make money!
    I really believe in sites like yours but are you not “shouting in the wilderness” We need a concerted effort to have the scams (who I am told may be 50% of the internet

    • Hi Ed, what makes you think I don’t like MLM? LOL Of course I don’t like MLM 🙂 Yes you are probably right that we are shouting into the wilderness BUT some people will be reached and saved the pain of falling for scams. And from what I have seen it looks to me like scams make up much more than 50% of the make money “opportunities” online!

  10. Hi Lynne, thanks for your review and warning about this BTB network. I have friends who are involved in MLM but I never try it myself. I think consumers should have an awareness to research each product carefully before they buy so that they won’t be cheated or scammed.

    • Hi Saber, there are some people that really love MLM opportunities. For the life of me I just can’t figure out why!

  11. Hey,

    Thanks for the in-depth review, I recently joined Amway recently after avoiding it for years, maybe just caved into the peer pressure here but have to say i hate MLM and really hating Amway right now. At least based on this i wont be joining Be The Boss!!

  12. Hi Lynne,
    Certainly sounds like they are just a front for a way to redirect you to their own dodgy scam sites to make themselves money!
    I’m with you I don’t like MLM either.
    I joined a few in my younger days and all I ended up with was a heap of useless product I couldn’t sell and a bunch of annoyed friends sick of me trying to get them to join my downline!!
    Glad you’re exposing these dishonest companies…
    – Luke

    • Hey Luke

      Yes this one really is dodgy and unethical! I am glad you enjoyed this BTBN review!

  13. Dear Lynne,

    Many thanks for sharing this review on Be the Boss Network. Your review is one of the most comprehensive and I got some great insights. Thanks for sharing this valuable information to help people like me. Keep rocking and posting this type of informative reviews. All the very best! I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

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