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  1. Hi Lynne,
    It’s lovely to be on your site! I was interested to read about how you’ve managed to build up a business online. I recently went down this path myself but stuck working my way through rather ‘thin’ free tutorials.
    I’m interested to hear more about this Wealthy Affiliate you mentioned above – does it have a free membership ( no upsells ) and does it offer hosting?
    Look forward to your reply!

    • Hi Chris.
      Most of the paid surveys I found were scams. They say you have to subscribe to something or other first and it is buying credits for games or that sort of thing. There were a few paid surveys that do look legit, but a lot of them offer vouchers not hard cash. I want money not vouchers to buy things! Then one company I found which is in South Africa does pay out but they only pay R20 a survey (which is about $1.64). They only send a survey every week or second week so it’s not like you can make any money doing that. Plus as you say often half way through a survey they boot you out saying you “don’t fit the profile”.
      Yes the membership is completely free, nothing is hidden! Everything is provided included hosting. You can of course upgrade to Premium which has a monthly fee and loads more to offer, but there is no obligation, you can stay on the free Starter forever. The training is outstanding so you don’t need any experience at all.

  2. You have what it take to be successful Lynne,

    I love your goals. Do you know that goals are fuel to drive you business? Those are great goals to make money for your children in future and have all the time to spend with you family.

    One thing though, you mentioned somewhere Wealthy affiliate. How can this make someone money?

    • Yes you can make money. As with any REAL business it won’t be overnight and it will take some hard work and dedication… but yes you can make money and it is up to you to decide how much!

  3. Hi Lynne,
    You have such an attractive website. Your about me page has such a friendly feel to it. I learned something about you and enough about your website to make me want to see more. The posts you have added so far are well written and very informative. I will definitely be back you see what other insightful help you have for us new online entrepreneurs. Keep up good work.

    I do have 1 question for you. Are you hosting your site on Wealthy Affiliate? If so, what to you think of their web hosting service?

    Thank you, Tom

    • Thanks Tony, I’m glad you like it πŸ™‚ You’ve made me happy!

      Yes my hosting is taken care of by Wealthy Affiliates, everything is! Their web hosting service is outstanding, everything is. This is the closest you will come to perfection.

  4. Hi Lynne, congrats on having a few websites up and running, and all while taking care of your family! Are any of your other sites related the Γ’β‚¬ΛœbookkeepingÒ€ℒ niche, or have you ventured into something completely new?

    Would you say that everything you needed to build this site (including the headers etc.) was learnt through your Wealthy Affiliate training? Or are there times that you needed to spend money elsewhere to get what you need?

    • Thanks Wally.
      Nope, no sites in the bookkeeping niche, I really despise bookkeeping! I used to do that just because I was good at it and there was work for me πŸ™‚ Yes I still do all my own books instead of outsourcing.
      My first 2 websites are kaboutjie.com and wholesale.kaboutjie.com – an online baby and toddler store in South Africa, we supply wholesale and retail. I had a web developer set up my websites for a very fat sum! I have been running those 2 websites for close on 4 years now. It is through that business I started learning and fumbling my way through the web.
      The first website I set up on Wealthy Affiliates is an addiction recovery website: lynnelivingwithaddiction.com and the second website is this one. And I am busy with some more
      Firstly I decided to go with Premium so I paid $19 for my first month and it is $47 per month thereafter. However this was my decision just because I wanted access to so much more!
      Then I paid for domain names because I wanted to have my own domain and not a subdomain – just my personal preference. I think it was about $10 per domain.
      However there is no need to go Premium or spend money on domains, so the cost can be $0!

      I went Premium because I want to set up more websites very soon, with Premium you can have unlimited websites!

      Regarding the header, that came with the site! There are different themes you can choose from and that is part of the theme. There is nothing you need to spend money on unless you would like to.

  5. Lynne…just checked out your site and you’re off to a great start! The information given on the importance of good quality keywords is spot on. Can you give us an example of a keyword that has been successful for your site?
    Your site has a very nice personal beginning but please remember to edit your content before publishing. You mention that Google does not like bad grammar, however, a few mistakes were overlooked. For example, “learnt” is not a word. Your text should say “I learned” instead of “I have lernt”. This error occurs twice more in the third paragraph.
    I hope this constructive advice helps as we all want visitors coming to our sites again and again.
    Best wishes for success,

    • Oh killer Karen, that is so bad to point out bad grammar and then have a spelling mistake in the post. Thank you so much for pointing that out for me. I’ll edit that asap.

  6. Lynne,

    Thats a great bio you’ve set up. Thanks for sharing.

    Thats pretty impressive that you set up 2 websites before you even knew about Wealthy Affiliate. That must have been very difficult.

    Now that your with WA do you still run your old 2 websites or are you just on to new things here ?

    I’m sure you’ve been amazed at how the training at WA teaches you things so fast compared to doing it on your own. Your website looks great and I wish you the best.


    • Hi Robert.

      Thanks for your feedback. I never set up the websites myself, I had web developers do that for me and then I learned how to add new content. It took a long time for me to understand how to do it all properly, and of course figuring out a lot on my own means when I searched I often stumbled upon “great tips” which are actually black hat techniques. It was so hard to figure out how to do things correctly and how to know what was bad advise.

      I am still running my 2 other websites… that I do during the day lol. Then at night I work on my WA websites.

      I have to say if I had found WA 4 years ago it would have been a lot easier. Then again I might not have found such value in what I found here. I saw immediately what a wonderful platform this is and got stuck right in. I find it exciting and fun to work on new projects.

      Best wishes!


  7. HI Lynnn.
    I can so appreciate the way you have complied the information here, its good to see how you have in a short time grew multiple web sites, after knowing nothing about online. I find this all very encouraging. Well done
    Thank you

    • It is a pleasure Sheree and once you get into it quite easy to do, with a lot of hard work too. Best of luck with your online business and if you need any assistance please let me know. I will be happy to help!

  8. Dear Lynne,

    It is very nice to meet you. Love the creative name of your Website. πŸ™‚ I am so glad you found WA. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree with you more as you said that it became an addiction as being part of WA also happens to be one of my addictions as well. πŸ™‚ Supportive caring online community and best training top notch on how to build an online business through a website. πŸ™‚ It is the perfect and most legitimate online opportunity there is. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hi Angel

      Lovely to meet you too!

      Yes I totally agree with you. The sense of community, the training and help is outstanding!

      Kind Regards


  9. Hi Lynne, nice to meet you! πŸ™‚

    Are you from South Africa? I visited Cape Town this year and it was one of the best trips of my life! πŸ˜€
    Anyway, I had a couple of questions for you about affiliate marketing, I hope that’s okay?
    I just wanted to know a) Have you been using Wealthy Affiliate the whole time you’ve been doing this? And b) How important is it to connect your website with social media and the like? I’m still only just starting to get my head around this stuff and my brain is struggling to believe it’s even possible to make an income online, but I know deep down that it is! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, all the best to you and your family,


    • Hi Tim

      Yes I am from South Africa and I lived in Cape Town until 2011 when I moved to Saldanha to get married and start a family πŸ™‚ Now I am 150kms away from Cape Town. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

      Yes I am very happy to answer your questions.

      a) No I only started using Wealthy Affiliate this year in June and it was the best thing I have ever found online! I found it very hard to figure out how to run my websites kaboutjie.com and wholesale.kaboutjie.com once I had someone set them up for me. It has been trial and error for a few years. Now I have everything I need to know all in one place which is great. I never get stuck anymore. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you so much more than affiliate marketing. Once I had joined I launched this website and another one lynnelivingwithaddiction.com all on my own!

      b) Well social media is not the be all and end all… BUT it is a great way to grow your presence and of course you can get free traffic. I wouldn’t worry too much about it in the beginning, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do everything including how to work your social media. Everything is done one step at a time so you do things as you learn.

      Tim I know money can be made online, because I am doing it already πŸ™‚

      All the best to you too!

  10. All I can say is wow!

    I’ve gotten so much good information and free stuff from just a visit to this page.
    I have alwasy wanted to earn income online but I don’t really understand it. I can’t believe your giving this guide away.
    I joined WA and it was actually free. Didn’t even need to put in payment information.

    Theres so much information though I’m a little confused.. I’m watching the videos now hopefully they answer my questions.
    Did you do well online right when you started?

    • Hi Darren

      Thanks for visiting, and to answer your question yes and no. I made sales with my baby company, but not on my website! I had hardly any visitors for the first year because I had no idea how to get visitors. I knew nothing about working online and I really thought if I had a website people would just find me. I knew nothing about creating quality content, nothing about SEO, how to rank my website, email marketing, how to get traffic…. absolutely nothing.

      I did manage to build a popular Facebook page for my online baby store, mostly through luck I think, and when I posted my products there people contacted me and purchased my products. However they still didn’t visit my website, they ordered via email and I decided to just make those sales like that if that was what was working.

      After the first year I started learning about online marketing and SEO, slowly my website started working for me.

      I have learned a lot since then. When I came across Wealthy Affiliate University this year I was so excited, but also a bit peeved. I really could have done with finding them 4 years ago! I struggled to learn everything I know and often made mistakes because of incorrect information online, if I had found them 4 years ago it would have been so much easier.

      If you are enjoying the free information I have shared I am sure you will love my free eBook! You are also welcome to give it away on your website if you like!

  11. Sounds like you have lots of experience to draw from & I look forward to reading the book!

    • Hi Josh
      In all honesty I feel like a newbie with everything new I learn every day! That is the exciting thing about working online, there is always something more to learn. Enjoy the book and please give me feedback on it!

  12. Its awesome to know that you are also selling some physical products. I personally have encountered scams in the internet before. Some can go to an extreme saying “I care about your business”, “Look at my eyes, I care about you”, “Most of our students achieve success”, end up marking their price at thousands of dollars. They are like “wolf clothed in sheep’s fur”.

  13. Hey, it’s really nice to see a video of you. I like your accent, too. There is something special about the South African accent. I am shocked to find out that you have struggled with addiction because you look so well. You are really not the picture of what I imagine an addict being. I suppose it just goes to show, you never know, and you can never quite know if someone has had problems just from looking at them. Also, you are a very similar age to me, so that is quite scary really.

    Anyway, wishing you all the best with your websites and your journey forwards.

    • Hi Marcus

      Thank you for your kind words, and for subscribing to my Youtube channel πŸ™‚

      I have been told a few times that people are surprised I am an addict just by the way I look, but remember it is 7 years since I last touched a drink or drug. If you had seen me then you would have known immediately that I had a very big problem. Time heals and makes a huge difference!

      Glad you like my accent, I find it amusing the amount of interest my accent has gotten πŸ™‚

  14. Hello Lynne! Your website is awesome and you seem to be a great and powerful person, as well as a successful affiliate marketer. You have done a very good work with your website, I really enjoy the time I’m spending on it and well done for having more websites running! Keep up the great work and I wish you the best with your businesses!

    • Thanks Effie, I’m glad you are enjoying my website. I hope you are getting a lot from it.

  15. Hi Lynne

    I am also involved in Affiliate Marketing. It has really helped me a lot. It was just 2 days ago when I found a check of $400 from Linkshare and I am planning to deposit it into my account tomorrow.

    Wealthy Affiliate was also my starting point and without it, I would not be able to make what I am making today. I am not making millions, but I have several passive income streams that are bringing me income every month.

    • Hi Viljoen

      Thanks for sharing your experience with affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. At the moment the majority of my online income comes from my baby websites. I am only started venturing into affiliate marketing this year and my sales are starting to come in.

      I look forward to seeing how much my affiliate marketing income grows this year, it is very exciting and like you say it is passive income which I find very attractive πŸ™‚

  16. Hey there Lynne, I just finished watching your YouTube video. Your presentation is so awesome, so clear and just great! Love your accent!! So refreshing to hear and hope you keep making more videos.
    Your sites are just as great!


    • Thank you Meherbani! I appreciate the feedback and yes I will be making loads more videos come 2016. I will be taking a break for the next few weeks over the festive season because my videos won’t be very presentable if my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter make a surprise appearance. Their creche closes for 4 weeks on Tuesday…. going to be a struggle to get any work done until mid January!

  17. Hi Lynn
    What an awesome video! Wow! You are a busy bee. I do love that you are helping those in need of addiction relieve. It is great to see caring soul! Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks for watching Julie! If you read more on my addiction website you will see that yes it is about helping other people but also it helps me. So essentially it is for me too.

  18. Lynn,
    Great looking website. Very well written and accurate. Lots of great information and ways to make money online. Your video was great too. Can you do a review of traffic monsoon? Thanks.

    • Hey Billy, thank you! And yes I already did a review of Traffic Monsoon, my experience was not great with them. Firstly the owner Charles Scoville is a notorious online scammer, and then they banned me and called me a “Click Cheat”… so I wasn’t too happy with them lol.

  19. Hi Lynne!

    Love your site, I too have tried lots of different ways to earn money online through various avenues and thus far none have been successful. Yes there are so many scammers out there are definately no get rich quick schemmes out there where they try and make you believe you’ll start making money straight away! It takes an awful lot of work and patience. I love what you have here as well as your other site too!
    What An Amazing Lady You Are!
    With The Utmost Respect

    Mishyboo! X:-).

    • Thanks Mishyboo! I’m glad you have enjoyed my website. I’m hoping to expose plenty of scams here and let people know which ways really work to make money online.

  20. Hi Lynne, I love your story and the content of your website is everything I was looking for. I would like to know though, how you started to sell baby clothing online and if its possible to sell to a different country.

    • Hi Deborah
      I just wanted to start an online baby store so I did. I have only been selling in South Africa because I didn’t want to deal with the challenges that come with shipping internationally such as customs!

      I have recently decided to close the store part of my websites and just focus on the blogging, this is going to give me so much more freedom to spend with my family. You can read about my reasons here.

      If you want to chat about my experiences with that awesome experience feel free to email me!

  21. Lynne,

    I’m glad that you have learned so much about working online in such a short period of time. I know a few former addicts and alcoholics and I know from speaking with them that those are not easy to kick!
    I’m proud that you were able to do that. Maybe one day I will be courageous enough to give up my cigarettes for good.

    I wish you continued success with growing your business.


    • Thanks Theresa!

      I hope you do manage to quit smoking, it has made such a difference in my life and it is wonderful to be free from cigarettes.

      Let me know if I can help you with anything πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Lynne
    I really enjoyed your website I’m trying to do the same with marketing WA I see you chose the Hero Theme. I did too. I also live with and Addition issue I have been clean and sober for now 30 years. Back in the 60’s I was and Additick back in the 60’s. good luck I have long ways to go. Your Video on your about page is hard to hear you have a very quiet voice

    • Hi George

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ll check the video! I never noticed it was quiet… maybe your speakers?

      Well done on getting clean, it is quite an accomplishment having 30 years clean time. Best of luck with marketing Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very good platform. Don’t forget to also look at everything else too, there are so many great websites and products you can promote.

  23. I’m always interested in people who managed to build a business online. How do you do it? The make money online thing is so complicated, because there are just so many scams and dead leads, it’s like a maze that’s impossible to navigate! I sense you are honest, so I will check out your recommendation.

    • Ben you’ve nailed it there! You are so right, there are scams all over the place and now that I review online money making opportunities I get a nice close look at just how bad and shocking it is.

      I find it terribly sad that so many people get caught out and even more that they then are distrustful of everything.

      Making money online is quite similar to making money offline. It takes time, hard work and dedication.

      But you can do it in your pj’s which is cool…

  24. Hey Lynne

    Thanks for sharing your story! People like you inspire, and that’s probably what matters the most for me. Welcome your new fan Jenna:)

    Looking forward to reading your book! Wishing you every success and tons of love!

    • Hi Jenna

      I am so happy that I can inspire people, that is awesome πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy the ebook, if you have any questions just let me know.

    • Hi Luther

      You monetize when you start getting some traffic so it takes a little while. If you look at things like earning through Google Adsense, they have to approve your website first and if you don’t have enough quality content or traffic to your website your application will be rejected.

      With Amazon for example they will give you an affiliate account but you need to make a sale within a certain time frame, I think it is 3 months, otherwise they close your account.

      So it really is best to focus first and foremost on adding a lot of quality content to your website first and work on getting some traffic, then you can look at monetization.

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  28. Hi Lynne! I love your site! I’m also in WA and I’ve read your recent post about Fiverr, so I decided to check your sites and learn from your experience. I can’t wait to read your eBook and start applying some of the strategies you mentioned. Congratulations on your success! Regards, Giselle

    • It’s lovely to meet you Giselle πŸ™‚ Or rather chat to you again, I see you just left a comment on my Fiverr post at WA and I replied.

      I am loving Fiverr, it has been a wonderful side income and loads of fun too! Let me know if you have any questions about the book!

  29. Hi,

    This is Simon. Hope you are doing well!

    I just came across your blog and found that really interesting.

    I’m now following your blog regularly and I would like to make my contributions as well.

    Do let me know if I can send the article to you for review.

    Looking forward to a positive response from you.

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