The Internet Income Academy Review: Mediocre at Best

The Internet Income Academy Review
Overall Ranking: 50/100
Price: $1 for a 7 day trial, thereafter $27/ month
Owners: Curtis Andrew & Ryan Allaire
Website: internetincomeacademy.com

Introduction: What is Internet Income Academy?

The Internet Income Academy is an online training membership and community that show you how to make money online. They offer video training modules, live webinars with the owners and  a community where members can connect with each other. They also offer a website builder and hosting.

What is Internet Income Academy

Pros and Cons


  • $1 for a 7 day trial
  • Website builder and hosting included
  • Owners are contactable in the community
  • Live webinars and lots of training


  • Training is quite generic
  • Customer support falls short
  • Community is very quiet
  • There are lots of upsells
  • Lacking some basic training making this hard for beginners

Who is Internet Income Academy for?

Due to the lack of basic training available I would not recommend this for complete beginners. This is more for intermediate and experienced marketers. The program claims to teach you how to start an online business from scratch but this does fall a bit short here.


They make use of training videos, tutorials, guides, eBooks, teleseminars and webinars to teach you about online marketing. They also have live “over the shoulder” training to show how they set up a successful websites.

The training falls short in two very important aspects. Firstly they don’t cater for absolute beginners and secondly they don’t focus on creating a search engine optimized website, which is where I personally believe a huge amount of emphasis should be placed.

Some of the areas covered by their training are:

  • How to find a niche (click here for FREE training on choosing a niche)
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research (click here for FREE training on keyword research)
  • Making money with and without a website
  • Making money with paid traffic
  • How to get free traffic 
  • How to build an email list

Although these topics are offered in the training they fail to cover important aspects within these topics.


There are various ways to contact the support team, however it will take a while for a customer care representative to be in contact with you, if they come back to you at all.

Their support is sorely lacking and there have been numerous complaints about this online.


You can try it for $1 for 7 days, thereafter it is $27 per month.

Once you have paid your membership fee there are lots of up-sells thrown at you, as well as a lot of promotional emails.

Is Internet Income Academy a Scam?

Internet Income Academy is not a scam, they are a perfectly legit business that offers a reasonably good product.

My Verdict for Internet Income Academy

The idea behind Internet Income Academy is great, however they fall short in a number of aspects. Their community is not very active and you might wait a long time to get someone to respond to your questions. Support from Internet Income Academy is almost non-existent. The training falls a bit short too. Plus the number of upsells once you are a member is concerning.

While they are a legitimate company, I would not say this is the best value for money you can get. Internet Income Academy is mediocre at best.

Have you had any experience with Internet Income Academy that you can share with us? What do you think of this company?

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The Internet Income Academy Review
Overall Ranking: 50/100
Price: $1 for a 7 day trial, thereafter $27/ month
Owners: Curtis Andrew & Ryan Allaire
Website: internetincomeacademy.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have never heard of the internet income academy, but maybe for a good reason. It sounds like you describe it well being mediocre at best! Not something you want to spend you money on. I don’t see why with things like this, why they don’t just let you try for free, because I assume if you pay a $1 to join, you have to give your credit card details, which is not only a faff, but then you have to remember to cancel. I don’t think I’ll bother either! Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Ruth, Yes I think that is the problem. You have given your credit card details and YOU will need to remember to cancel before the 7 days is up. I am not a fan of that at all.

      If the product is that great why not give a free trial and let the product sell itself?

      This isn’t a scam but it is not a great product. There are better options available.

  2. Thanks for sharing Lynne. I had come across a couple of your previous reviews and I always find them very thorough and useful. This one is no exemption. Did you learn this technique in Wealthy Affiliate? I find somewhat difficult to decide when a website is just a scam or if it is a legit business.


    • Hi Oscar, yes I am taught a lot of great things in Wealthy Affiliate, how to write reviews is included in the training yes.

      With most scam websites it is easy to see if it is a scam, just check out these tips. Then on the other hand there are some websites that are hard to figure out. Especially when positive reviews online might just mean that the writer is an affiliate of that product. Just do your homework properly and you will eventually come to the truth.

  3. I see these “make money online” things as you really get what you pay for. I would definitely consider Wealthy Affiliate to be the real “internet income academy.”

    They don’t make any ridiculous claims or have the super low starter price of a whopping dollar (which just seems scammy) to entice you to sign up.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, you try it out for free. If you vibe with what they’ve got going on, you go premium. If not, no hard feelings.

    • Hi Jay, yes if you want people to try out your platform why charge $1? If it is so great you can easily let people try it out for free and the product will get people to buy the membership if it is that great!

  4. This is yet another educational site I had not heard of. They must have been in business for awhile, I guess I stopped looking after I found one that provided everything I needed and more (Wealthy Affiliate).

    This site sounds better than the ones I DID find and waste money on…The two I tried were less than steller in so many areas, and it was quite obvious that they were more interested in selliong their expensice products that were mediocre to bad than teaching something…

    I appreciate the review, now I can add one more to the growing list of sites that I can feel better not being a part of compared to Wealthy Affiliate. The Internet Income Academy sounds like a legitimate but weak site, and I prefer sites that deliver MORE than promised!

    • Hi Dave

      Yes I couldn’t agree with you more on that, they can really give so much more. I can’t see the point in even offering support if you are going to let everyone down and give no support.

      In my opinion training and tools for web must be kept up to date with all the latest information. The web is ever changing and whatever is offered in the way of training must also change to keep up.

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the review. Your expertise shines through here. Being able to see through the “shinyness” for the product is very helpful for people who are just starting out online.

    It’s really great that you warn newbies away from it, especially if it seems to be aimed at more experienced marketers. I think support is a very important element to any program. Otherwise it smacks of “treat them nicely until they give you their money and then forget about them-itis”. A common disease among internet marketing training programs.

    It’s great that the owners make themselves available, but bad that the community is quiet. That seems to suggest that there is no cohesion between members, and no desire to help each other.

    I also really hate upsells, they always scream of SCAM to me – although this does seem to be a legit program.

    Thanks for the review 🙂

    • Hi Paul

      It is a pleasure. I agree with you upsells are really annoying and unfair. I feel that websites should be upfront and clear in the beginning letting you know what all the costs are for everything. It seems a bit dishonest to me!

  6. Hi Lynne!

    I just had a look at this website and I can honestly say that this is one of the most boring sales pages that I have ever seen! How does the internet income academy make any money selling their memberships? I wouldn’t pay $27 to see the membership area of this site if it were a one off fee. The fact that this site charges $27 reoccurring monthly is a joke.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Hi Andrew

      Yes I agree with you there, I also found this just plain boring too, nothing exciting going on here. Thing is if I want to learn how to do online marketing I would want a place that makes me excited, otherwise they don’t know what they are doing do they?

  7. It’s funny how I could tell that they were mediocre just by looking at logo image.

    I agree that a community, or at least a dedicated support team, is needed to help anyone become successful online. An empasis should always be made on beginners IMO. I would think that anyone well-above the beginner position probably wouldn’t need training anyway unless it was very unique.

    • Hi Alec

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing about The Internet Income impressed me, nothing at all. So if they are going to teach me how to work online they have failed already.

  8. There are a few mistakes in the post and comments here. I was a member of the internet income academy and it was packed with tons of good info. I made my first money ever online with their help. Nothing before that worked so I owe them a lot. The support was great. They even helped me with my web design at no cost when I couldn’t figure out a few things. It was very personal and hand holding. Also, there was absolutely no upsells in the program. In fact, when you signed up, it would take you to an upsell page to teach you what an upsell is but let you know there is no upsells because everything is in the membership. I thought that was pretty unique. I don’t want to toot their horn too much but some some of the things in this post are wrong and I felt I should set it straight since they helped me so much. It was a nice, refreshing resource and I really liked it.

    The reason the website looks outdated now is they closed the doors to new members and took down almost all their frontend pages including the sales pages because the founder wanted to focus more on a helping a non-profit charity. But, they were one of the good guys while they were going. Also, wealthy affiliate used to charge $1 for 7 days too so we can’t act too high and mighty. It would actually be cool if the internet income academy started up again but for now I am good with wealthy affiliate

    • Hey Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this program. I am surprised to be honest as that was not me experience at all. When were you with them?

      • I was with them 3-4 years since they started. Maybe you got the wrong place because they didn’t have any upsells at all and their support was the best I’ve seen. There was a time in the beginning that I couldn’t afford the membership fee and they let me stay on for free until I made enough to cover the membership. They really cared about their students and they helped a lot of people. But it doesn’t really matter now since they closed up to new members anyway lol.

          • No problem, we’ve got wealthy affiliate now anyway. By the way I like how your blog is setup. Looks good!

          • Thanks Kyle! I appreciate your feedback and comments as I always want to give a very clear and accurate review of opportunities. I will have a new look and update where necessary!

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