Twickerz Review – might just be worthwhile with referrals

Twickerz Review
Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: free to join, upgraded memberships available from $25/ year up to $900/ year. Various advertising packages available at different rates.
Website: www.twickerz.com

Introduction: What is Twickerz about?

Twickerz is a PTC website. You can earn money by viewing ads, taking up offers and watching videos. You can also use the website as an advertiser.

What is Twickerz about

Who is Twickerz for?

Anyone that wants to make a little extra money might enjoy this. Just keep reading the rest of this review to see whether you feel this would be worth your time.

Twickerz Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Low cash out threshold of $1.50
  • Various ways to earn money
  • More ads available than a lot of other ptc websites
  • Lots of offers available
  • Some ads pay up to $0.04
  • Offers Twickgrid opportunity to win extra money
  • Affiliate Program so you can make money referring people
  • You can rent referrals
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Payza and PerfectMoney
  • There is a forum so you can interact with other Twickerz members


  • It will take a long time to make any money with PTC
  • If you are purchasing advertising I can’t see it being quality traffic in any way
  • Like with Clixsense, the timer stops if you move away from the page so you have to sit on the ad you are viewing all the time (although in an advertisers eyes this is a pro!)

What does Twickerz Cost?

Twickerz has a free membership as well as paid upgrades which works as follows:

  • Premium $25/ year
  • Gold $100/ year
  • Gold Plus $250/ year
  • Platinum $500/ year
  • Ultimate $900/ year

Each membership type offers different remuneration amounts and has more benefits than the free membership or cheaper memberships.

If you would like to advertise with Twickerz there are various packages ranging from $1.20 to $200 to choose from.

Can you make money with Twickerz?

Well yes technically you can. Here is a screenshot of my first day. I made a grand total of $0.0319. Not exactly making it big am I? Once again this is a situation of how much money do you consider being worthwhile and what are you willing to do for it? There were no more ads for me to click on and it took me maybe 10 minutes to click all the ads. This works out to an hourly rate of about $0.18.

If you take a paid membership there are more ads available daily, plus you will earn more per click. Another thing that has become very clear to me now since reviewing a number of PTC websites is that the money is not in clicking away, the money is in getting referrals and getting them to click away. So if you want this to work for you I suggest you go the referral route!

I would consider this opportunity a pocket money opportunity and not a long term way to make a decent amount of money unless you have a way to gain loads of subscribers… and you will need loads of them!

Can you make money Twickerz

They also have a Twickgrid, which is similar to the Clixsense Clixgrid where you can click on a grid 25 times a day and stand a chance to win up to $5. I won $0.01 of my $0.0319 there today.


I also have to add here that there were lots of offers available to make money! For example watching videos on your phone an downloading apps to your phone. I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of downloading anything to my phone so I never take up these offers. If you are happy to do this then your earning potential will be much higher than my $0.0319.

Here is a Youtube video I recently stumbled upon that explains why making money is so difficult with PTC websites…


Is Twickerz a scam?

No Twickerz is not a scam, this is a genuine way to make some pocket money even if it take up a lot of your time. There is nothing dishonest or devious I could find on this website.

Is Twickerz a scamMy Verdict for Twickerz

As with the other pay to click websites I have reviewed my opinion has not changed much. This is not a great way to make money, certainly not if you are just clicking away to try and earn. I do like the fact that the cashout threshold is only $1.50, other PTC websites are quite a bit higher. Take Clixsense as an example with an $8 cash out threshold.

This is not what I would call a great opportunity to make money, at best this will go in my pocket money list of opportunities.

With regards to advertising on this website I would not advise using this to send visitors straight to your site. I am getting to understand PTC websites a little better as I go along. This would best be used for landing pages to gain subscribers or sign ups instead. The cost per visitor is so low that even if the conversion rate is not very high it will still be worthwhile to get subscribers.

If you like Clixsense you will probably like Twickerz very much, I found them very similar to use.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Twickerz Review
Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: free to join, upgraded memberships available from $25/ year up to $900/ year. Various advertising packages available at different rates.
Website: www.twickerz.com



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  1. Loving the site so far, glad your sharing your knowledge and experience with us, especially with so many internet scams around. It’s good to see honest reviews from everyday people like me. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Holy cow who would sign up 900 dollars of their money to get $1.50
    after a months time this is ridiculous. I wonder if they have people sign up with them?

    • ROFL Joe, yes that is a little extreme isn’t it! I am sure though that the reason for that is that is appealing to someone that gets loads of referrals and not someone that clicks away trying to make an income with Twickerz because they would never cover that cost.

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