What is the Clixsense PTC opportunity? Why you might just Love It!

So I keep hearing about how people are apparently making tons of money with PTC websites… so I had to have a look at one of the most well known websites. So lets have a look and see what is the Clixsense website all about.

Clixsense Review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: free to join, $17 yearly or $30 for two years of Premium membership Check Clixsense Updated
Website: www.clixsense.com

Clixsense Update 2017

Please note that Clixsense underwent a lot of changes this year, you can read about them here. Just take note before reading my review as parts may be outdated!

Introduction: What is the Clixsense PTC site all about?

Clixsense is a Pay to Click website where you can earn money clicking on ads, taking online surveys, completing offers and tasks. You can also earn money by referring people to Clixsense.

Businesses can also advertise through Clixsense.

So let’s have a closer look at Clixsense and see what is really happening here.

Not sure how to use Clixsense? Check out this Youtube video I made for you!

Who is Clixsense for?

Clixsense is aimed at anyone that wants to make a bit of extra money, and of course businesses that would like to get traffic for their websites.

What is the Clixsense

Pros & Cons


  • It is free to sign up
  • It is easy to use
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Skrill and Tanga Card (I recommend that you register a Payoneer account)
  • Payments can also be made via Check (monthly) if you are in the US or Canada
  • Cash out balance is $10
  • There are a few different ways to earn on Clixsense as well as bonuses for achieving the daily activity checklist
  • You can sign up as an affiliate and make money from referrals
  • You can download ClixAddon to your browser so you are notified of new surveys, ads to view, tasks and offers as soon as they become available.


  • At $0.001 to $0.02 per click the earning potential for clicking on ads is very low
  • If you are an advertiser visitors are not very high quality
  • It can be hard to qualify for some surveys and tasks initially, these only start coming in after you have been an active member for a while


No training that I could find on their website, but really this is straight forward stuff so no training is needed.


There is an active forum on the website which is great. There is also an option to submit a support ticket as well as FAQ’s you can browse if you are looking for some information. Support tickets are attended to very fast which is great.

What does Clixsense Cost

Free to join, however there is also a Clixsense Premium account available which costs $17 for a year or $30 for 2 years.


Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit?

Clixsense is so far the only pay to click website that seems perfectly legit to me and the best pay to click opportunity you will find online. Most of the others seems to be time wasters, shady at best like Traffic Monsoon or a downright scam like Two Dollar Click. Clixsense certainly stands out in this regard.

Can you make money from Clixsense?

Depends on your version of what money means to you. Yes you can make money, you can make a few cents. Can you make decent money, most definitely not. I registered and spent a good amount of time over a period of 3 days and my grand total in earnings was $0.82. This does not make it even close to worthwhile for me.

However judging by some forum posts some of the members just love Clixsense, so I certainly won’t chuck this one right out the window and give a big fat zero rating.

What is really nice about this website is if you look at members in the forum you can see how long they have been with Clixsense, how many tasks, offers, surveys etc that member has done, how many referrals they have and how much that member has earned so they are not hiding anything here.

There is also a Clixgrid game to play where you can win up to $10 each click. I’ve won some money in this which was nice although no big numbers to get really excited about. I think my biggest win was $0.25. It isn’t a lot but I’ve had a few wins and all these little bits add up. How it works is there is an image and you can click up to 30 times each day and each time you can win up to $10. When you click on Clixgrid you are taken to an advertisers website which you have to view for 10 seconds. .

The Clixsense members often share their about their winnings in the forum so you can go and check that out.

Clixsense Clickgrid

The best way of course to make money with Clixsense is to refer others, this has been how I have made the most money so far. I simply shared my affiliate link in some Facebook groups and in other social networks… and people signed up quite easily.

One thing I have noticed is that I had to spend a good amount of time figuring out Clixsense and seeing how it all worked before I started really seeing any returns. The first week or two no surveys were available to me so I spent time just viewing ads. This takes some time to start seeing any income at $0.001 per click! I am glad though that I kept on with it because the surveys started coming and that added to the income.

It was only after a month of using Clixsense continuously that I started to see it was quite a nice way to earn a little extra income and only then did I start sharing my affiliate link. The reason for this is that I am not fond of sharing time wasting opportunities!

I have since earned enough from Clixsense to pay for the yearly premium fee of $17.00. Yes not a fortune yet, but I am busy with an experiment, I am trying to see if Clixsense will cover a lovely family holiday. Yes that may sound strange but I usually only give the time of day to opportunities that can give a full time income. I don’t usually pay much attention to other opportunities. Click here to read about my experience and change of mindset about Clixsense.

My Verdict for Clixsense

Do I recommend this? Yes I do, it is free and you can earn a little extra income. Why not try this out?

I have to let you know that this Clixsense review has been updated! I originally wrote this review 17 November 2015 and since then I spent a lot of time on this website investigating further. My original review was nice enough I suppose, but I was not convinced that there was any chance of earning anything more than a few cents for a lot of effort.

In the time between November 2015 and today, 09 February 2016 my opinion has really changed for the better. No I don’t think you can make a fortune here, but with a little bit of time and effort I am sure this can build up to contribute nicely to your income. It can certainly provide some pocket money. If I am proved wrong and I can make a good income here I will be back to share my findings with you!

If you enjoy Swagbucks, Qmee and Opinion Outpost then I think you will really love Clixsense.

You will need to put some time and effort in for a bit though before you start seeing any results, so don’t expect to be able to cash out within a day or two. I maybe spend 10 minutes a day to view ads, check for surveys and maybe once a week I share my affiliate link on some social networks. So far I have been pleasantly surprised how it is going.

Click here to join Clixsense

Clixsense Review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: free to join
Website: www.clixsense.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. When I first started out online several years ago I used Clixsense daily to pay for my marketing tutorials and memberships – it’s an awesome choice for people to earn legit money online and still is!
    Of course, if you are looking to earn over $30 a day this is not the choice for you but if you are looking for some extra cash ( $50 – $80 a week ) this is a perfect fit! Great to see it still up and running – shame you don’t like it so much!

    • Hi Chris

      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for adding your view point. I didn’t think you would be able to earn that much in a week to be honest, but even so it is not the amount of money I am looking at earning.

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      • Oh my gosh Lucy… betting online as a way to make money fast and easy? I don’t think gambling can be considered a career or a safe way to make money at all! More like how to lose all your money really really fast? And leaving your affiliate link on my website, that’s quite spammy, so I removed it. But thanks for sharing your opinion anyway, everyone has one…

  2. Hey Lynne,

    Haha these kind of things make me laugh.

    I signed up to one in New Zealand called Smile City, its a lot easier to earn money you get 180-270 points per survey (takes about 30 minutes). 10,000 points = $100 so thats not too bad, they did go through a period where you couldn’t cash out, which made me want to throw the towel in, they made it so you could buy e-gift cards instead but they were all terrible. They have since added paypal for payouts which is great.

    I think the idea of them charging you to make money is stupid, you might as well give your money to a stock broker and (hopefully) make some passive income.

    I wonder if they get paid to have the ads on their website or how that side of it works as surely they’d benefit from every click you do as well.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    • Hi Aiden

      Yes people pay to have their ads shown, but that is also a terrible side to it. The traffic quality must be really terrible! Most of the ads shown are other Pay To Click websites so you are viewing the same thing over and over again. Every second website is Traffic Monsoon which makes it really boring. I can’t understand it myself.

  3. Lynne,

    I’ve heard of Clixsense before but wasn’t very into the idea. These type of PPC programs – if they are reliable – offers pennies for your time and it will take a while before you can cash out.

    I mean doing things like clicking through websites you are not interested in is no fun. Thanks for sharing this review still.

    I definitely agree that WA is a better program for building a sustainable business online.


    • Hi Anh

      I really can’t see why anyone enjoys it, it really is mind numbing stuff. I do it mainly for the sake of reviews and I check it out for about a week before I do my review. It really annoys me just in that small space of time.

  4. Is Clixsense a scam or a time waster?
    I doubt there is much difference as every scam ends up as a complete waste of time.

    The so-called followers might just be family members pushing their spouse’s website, or just kids who have nothing better to do with their time and who don’t need to make money to live.

    I would venture a guess that Clixsense only makes sense to the owners of the site who probably get a lot more for clicks than they pay out. And that’s what makes this a scam in my humble opinion.

    • Hi PJ, thanks for visiting. I am sure Clixsense are coining it, yet I can’t see anything dishonest with what they are doing. Yes the payout is really small and laughable, but they are upfront with users about what they will be paid for clicking on websites. I find it a complete waste of time personally but I am not so sure this is a scam. If I find it is one then I will come back and change this review.

  5. Hi Lynne,

    How have you been? Nice to see you posting this review on ClixSense. It is nice to read your straight up review. I have done a review on ClixSense a few days ago and I almost share the same opinion as you.

    It will most certainly not make you a millionaire, but it is still a way to earn something for those who want to start somewhere. It is however not the best place that I recommend.

    Thank you for sharing your views on Clixsense and if you find some time, visit my website to see what I have written.

    As usual, wishing you only the very best that life has to offer.


    • Hi Jason, thanks for visiting. Glad to see that you agree with me on this one! Yes I will check out your website, thanks for sharing. I am very interested to read what you have to say about Clixsense 🙂

  6. Hi Lynne, wonderful review, and the fact that you tried it for yourself, makes your opinion even more trustworthy. I can’t say I’ve heard of this particular one, but to me it’s all the same, different name, but same giver of false hopes. I admit before I found Wealthy Affiliate I had tried something similar – it didn’t cost me a penny, and it was filling out surveys. The time it took to make my way through even one, and then something, from their end, always prevented me from actually finishing it. I gave it a bit of time, but that’s time I’ll never get back. Clixsense does seem like an awful lot of effort for no return. It is a much better use of one’s time to find a legitimate online business opportunity, where you have incredible training, community support, and your chances of success are really up to you!

    • Hi Hindy, my sentiments exactly. I have to give it some points though because you can make some money, even if it is a ridiculously small amount. The fact is there are lots of people that love this sort of thing so I am happy to review it and hope someone enjoys it. Hey maybe I will make something from referrals? I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Hello, thanks for sharing this with us. I have encountered Clixsense before and was more interested in the paid traffic side of this site. However after doing a bit of research as you have so rightly said, I found the quality of traffic to be really bad. In the past I have come across a few sites that both encourage people to click ads for very small amounts of money and also sell traffic for profit.

    It stands to reason if you are getting traffic from people that are being paid $0.001 per click, then its very unlikely that they are going to be making any purchases from you. Even getting email sign ups and giving stuff away for free can be really hard because all your viewer wants to do is get off your site and on to the next one.

    Nice review, thanks!

    • Hi Andrew, yes exactly! I have tried traffic exchanges like Tezak Traffic to get traffic, but only clicking on ads to get return traffic and it has been very disappointing! I just can’t see the point in these traffic exchanges. Pointless exercises for everyone involved.

  8. Hi Lynne,

    I had to laugh at the explanation of premium too lol! Pay us because that makes you look legit! I am of the same opinion about these survey sites.

    Why waste hours and hours clicking away for a small fraction of the minimum wage with no potential to scale? The only way to make any real money is by promoting it to others, but this is now affiliate marketing and you are not receiving any relevant training for that on these sites. Even as an affiliate I question how worth your time it is..

    To me it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, your time is much better spent building a real online business. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Tim

      My sentiments exactly, but even as an affiliate my belief is that the only way to really make money is to affiliate only with products and services that you really believe in. That’s where the problem with Clixsense come in. I don’t think anything about it is truly worthwhile so I am not interested in making money from it, even if I believed I could make a lot.

    • Hi Tim
      A lot of these PTC websites offer premium (paid) accounts and then you can earn more per click and per referral and whatever else they offer. Silly really.

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    • Hi Anamika

      Thanks for visiting. I’m not really sure that these link shortening opportunities really work… I will be reviewing some of them soon though so please be sure to come back.

      Sorry but I removed your link, that really is spammy isn’t it?

      If you want to really make money online I suggest you look at my #1 recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, much more classy than spamming people’s websites with links!

      And please be sure to check out the training I published titled Quality Commenting Do’s and Don’ts!

  10. Hey Lynne,
    I have been looking into Clixsense and similar programs for a while now and I’m not quite sure how anyone makes any money with them. Yes, it is free, but is it possible to make even a minimum wage rate per hour? It doesn’t seem like it. At least Clixsense isn’t as bad as some other companies which make you pay to get into a program like this.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Hi Alex

      Yes I am so with you! I have so far joined every pay to click website I have come across and they are mostly a complete waste of time. They actually come across as scammy, take Traffic Monsoon and Neobux for good examples of what I mean by this.

      Clixsense is completely different. And yes I agree with you, time is very valuable and I don’t like to have mine wasted. My initial review of Clixsense was that it is legit but in my opinion a waste of time because it takes too long to earn. I am now finding that if you spend a bit of time on it, perhaps it could really build up to be a nice supplement to your income.

      I am interested in finding out what the true earning potential is with Clixsense and I intend to find out what that is. My research on Clixsense is not yet complete, so watch out for when I come back and share this information.

      Just like with affiliate marketing you won’t see income immediately, I am sensing the same may be true with Clixsense…. watch this space! Although I am sure the earning potential with Clixsense will never be on the same level as with affiliate marketing.

  11. Great article,
    I can remember when I first started out online couple years ago and I first started using Clixsense daily to pay for my memberships – it’s kind of a nice choice for people to earn legit money online from home and still is!
    If you are looking to earn like $30 a day this is not a good choice for you but if you are looking for something like ( $50 – $80 a week ) this is a perfect fit! Great to see it still up and running! nice article.

    • Hi AJ

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Clixsense, that is exactly the feel I am getting for this. It really seems like a nice way to earn some pocket money.

      I will be doing lots more research on this opportunity and I will share my finds but this will take some more time.

  12. This was an interesting post.

    There are so many online opportunities being advertised these days it can be confusing for aspiring home business entrepreneurs to work out which opportunity would be best suited to them.

    This review of the Clixsense opportunity has been written from a position of integrity and is very well-written covering the pros and cons of this opportunity.

    This post will definitely help people to make an informed decision about this opportunity.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I really want to give my readers a first hand experience of what opportunities are really like.

      If you are unsure about Clixsense just hang on, I haven’t finished my research on this one!

  13. Lynne, I enjoyed your review of Clixsense immeasurably. I read through the entirety of the post and you really did your homework! I felt like you truly took the time to give the website a fair chance and learn everything you could over a significant period of time before writing your review. This is very helpful and makes me want to read more of your reviews, because you take the time to really study your topic before writing about it. I have interacted with you before on WA and look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

    • Hi Dan

      I’m glad you enjoyed this review, if you are not sure about Clixsense yet then just hang on for a while because I am planning on coming back to let you know how it works for me with a Premium account and some referrals 🙂

  14. Your email just reminded me to join this, so have just signed up. Will let you know how it goes. How long would you recommend doing it time wise? Cheers, Nat

    • Hi Nat

      Well I certainly wouldn’t sit on it all day, that’s for sure! Maybe give the latest post I wrote about Clixsense a read as I shared what I have been doing there and what my experience was like. I would allocate a certain amount of time for playing around with Clixsense, like 10 minutes a day first thing in the morning with your coffee. That is the way I do it, this way it doesn’t waste too much time and I can see how it is working for me. Do that for 2 weeks and see how it is working out for you. Also share your affiliate link socially once a week and see if you get some referrals. This worked nicely for me. The more work others do for you the better for you.

      I only started seeing surveys being offered to me after 1 week, so until then it was just $0.001 per click! Give it a little time first before giving up on it. The first time I wrote my review I gave it less than a week and I wasn’t impressed. I since went back and spent some more time on this and found it a much better experience.

  15. Hi Lynne,

    I always wonder why people bother to try and earn cash with survey websites, I mean the time they must spend on earning a few pennies completing each one could surely be better spent actually learning a skill, like affiliate marketing for instance, don’t you think?

    It truly amazes me. Anyway, great review thanks 🙂


    • Hi David

      In principle yes, I totally agree with you! In fact this review was updated, if you look at the url you will see my original review title was “Why you might just love it but I don’t” LOL

      I decided to give this another go with a different mindset, you can read about that here.

      I prefer fishing for bigger fish, but in the name of being objective this can really turn into a nice bit of extra income for someone that isn’t interested in launching a full on online business. It is not something I would personally want to do regularly but in the name of research… and a family holiday I am giving it a really good go! It certainly is looking like something that a lot of people will enjoy.

  16. I have started and did make 24cents on one survey – but literally the next 10, I’d ask several questions and then it would throw me off saying enough participants had already entered – I don’t think it’s right that they waste your time like that and then don’t pay? Has this happened to you a lot? Thanks

    • Hi Natalie

      Yes it did in the beginning and now I get through to most of the surveys. I think the more you use it the better your profile gets and the more targeted surveys you will receive (meaning you get kicked out less). That is one thing I really get annoyed with when it comes to online surveys… you can read about doing online surveys here.

      Just give it a little time and you can also fill in your surveys profile. This will help a lot with that on Clixsense.

      Like I said in my review in the beginning this seems like a waste of time initially but after about 2 weeks it starts working out. Only on my second time attempting this did I start seeing the benefit.

      • Great thanks lynne – makes sense to fill out details on my profile, I will do that. I can understand that they send you more targeted ones over time as well, so hopefully that will improve! 🙂

        • Hi Natalie

          It did improve for me and I hope it will for you too! You can also share your Clixsense affiliate link in some Facebook groups that are targeted at make money online. I got a few referrals that way which is really nice. Of course publishing a Clixsense review on your website will also help with referrals but wait until you have tried them for a while first so you have the hang of it 🙂

          Let me know if you are struggling with anything else.

  17. Hi Lynne, thanks for the update! I almost considered joining as well, and I know it doesn’t take up too much time, but I agree, I’m looking to make bigger money than that. If I have 10 extra minutes, I could probably find something more productive to do with them. I do like how, in one of your comments, you point out the difference between a scam and a low money earner. Just because you don’t see decent money, doesn’t mean the opportunity is not a legitimate one.

    • Hi Hindy

      It is a pleasure 🙂

      Yes I know what you mean. As a mom I could even say that spending 10 mins getting some time to myself is more worthwhile than the extra income lol! But then again reviewing these opportunities and investigating what it is really about is part of what I do… which makes it really worthwhile for me.

  18. Going through the review, I was expecting you to not recommend Clixsense in the end -but I was proved wrong, twice! Good to read about some positive ways of making money online – even if the income is not too much! What matters is adding the options all up and making it substantial.

    I used to mystery shop back in the day (still do sometimes!) and the earnings per shop used to be minimal but at the end of the month, if I had done 30 jobs like that, it used to add up nicely 🙂

    How many such money-making options do you seriously pursue long-term (outside review purposes)?

  19. Hey I’ve been thinking about using click sense for my latest website, but now I’m thinking for both of them as every little bit of extra income helps. Awesome post once again


    • Hey Gary
      Yeah give it a go, just make sure your expectations are realistic and then you won’t be disappointed 🙂 And of course please come back and let us know how it works for you.

  20. Hi Lynne
    When l first started online,l joined Clixsense,l must admit my membership in Clixsense is still active.
    Clixsense is for people looking to make little change now and then but anyone looking to make real money online will find it difficult earning from Clixsense.
    Some people say you will make money if you have referrals, but as Clixsense has been around so long, it`s difficult to make referrals.
    Clixsense may be legitimate, but for me it`s time wasted ,lm not going to sit around clicking for pennies and waiting for it to grow.
    Still, liked your review and l hope many will find this useful.

    • Hi Roamy

      Yes you summed up how Clixsense works perfectly. It really isn’t a way to make much money, but for some people that want a little extra it can be worthwhile.

    • To be honest with you.. getting referrals for clixsense is quite easy. I can get 20-50 a day no problem. Yes.. there’s an investment i’ve gotten 55-60% of my investment back so far and i’ve been a member since 2014. On clixsenses homepage you can see all the people that have referrals one guy has 51,000 active. People don’t want too invest in advertising. Go too neobuxs forum and see some of the stats there.. one guy invested about $30,000 and he got it all back. yes…. it took him 5 yrs.. but its all profit now.

      • Thanks Scott. Yeah I had a look at Neobux and I didn’t like them much.
        Clixsense though is making me a little side income. It is not much but hey I am not even clicking on any ads anymore and I earn every day so why not hey?

        • It’s sad people just think clixsense is for just clicking things.. the real money is with the referrals. That guy on clixsense that has 51,000 referrals is making very good money.. but i think he has a blog with good SEO. He’s getting about 400-500 per day new referrals that’s insane. The owner of clixsense..jim told me he has a few people cashing out over $1,000 per week. Any program takes time, work, and an INVESTMENT.

          • Scott yes I am starting to see that with some referrals it can be a lovely side income. Ok I am not making close to a huge amount of money but it is building up nicely now. I will most certainly be adding an updated review on Clixsense in about a year or so.

  21. Oh no, not another one of these silly money making sites where you get paid for doing surveys and clicking on ads. Surely these kinds of sites never pay a decent enough amount to make it worthwhile, right? According to the earnings per click you have given, I would need to click on at least 300 ads just to meet the minimum $6 payout, and possibly as many as 6,000! No thanks! I think I will look elsewhere for opportunities to earn money.

    • Hi Marcus

      It is certainly not for everyone! I spend just a few minutes in the morning while I drink my coffee and it has added up a bit over time.

      But it is certainly not a full time income, or even part time. It is more like a little bit of pocket money every now and then. If you are already making a full time income then don’t bother with something like this, it isn’t worthwhile. But for stay at home moms, students or anyone that doesn’t have much money but has an internet connection it can be nice.

  22. Hi Lynne,
    Your opinion as stated in your excellent review of clixsense was incredibly accurate. I am familiar with clixsense and in fact tried it out about 6 or 7 years ago. You hit the nail on the head as the simple fact is that spending a LOT of time engrossing yourself in all of the site’s activities will not earn a member a lot of money.

    It also can become very monotonous clicking on ads and being forced to sit there for 30 seconds or more before you’d be accredited with fractions of pennies. I mean to be honest it’s time that you’ll never get back in your life.

    It also is quite true about what you bluntly stated about a person participating in survey. I’ve done quite a number of reviews about surveys at my site. I’ve only come across one such site, YouGov, which always allows you to actually complete every survey that you set out to do.

    I know of no other site that does not have as policy the fact that you must first qualify by answering questions that are in line with whatever demographic that those who designed the survey were after the whole time. If you don’t qualify, you don’t get one penny for the time you wasted.

    So, as you stated in your review clixsense offers surveys as well. I truly hope that some naive people that are still out there don’t believe that they can feed a family of four based on the income they’d get out of completing surveys daily.

    Your final grade for this site and opportunity to earn money was quite accurate – a 65! I’m glad you let your readers know, through another well written and researched article that you created on your site, that really there are better ways to make money online besides clixsense!

    Great job, Lynne!

    • Hi Jeff

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I quite like Clixsense, as long as I only spend a few minutes a day on it. Time that I don’t mind losing lol. This is the time it takes me to drink my morning coffee and no more. At this moment I have over $18 that I can cash out but I am leaving it there until it is a more substantial amount.

      Yes there are much better ways to earn money online, like for example how I make money from this website (and another 2 websites) with affiliate marketing. I highly recommend this as a way to earn money online. It takes time and hard work but it really pays off in the long term. If you are interested in trying this out then check out my #1 recommendation which will teach you how to do this. They have the best online training platform I have ever come across.

  23. Hey Lynne,
    Great article about Clixsense. I had wondered if it was worth the time to check Clixsense out or not. You have given me more insight and that is what I was looking for before I tired it out.
    I have been checking different PTC sites and still have only found a few that are worth any time. I will have to check Clixsense out and see what happens.
    Were you able to get enough money from Clixsense to take a family holiday?
    You did a great job on this review and looking forward to an update down the road.

    • Hi Sheila

      It is a pleasure. No not yet! I am wanting to save up R10 000 between Clixsense, a few other PTC websites and some survey websites by January 2017 for a holiday 🙂 If I get that right I will definitely share about it.

  24. Hi Lynne,
    I am very new here, I mean in earning money online. To be honest I didn’t earn any dollar yet 🙂 but really I enjoy to read a lot of smart ideas and learn from informative websites like yours. I am very happy that I get a chance to learn something interesting and useful, that I also can use or my future business.
    Thank you so much for your awesome website. See you soon!
    With respect, Ola.

    • Hi Ola

      Welcome to the online world.

      Keep with working on your website, everything you do is building the foundation for the future. You will earn your first dollar, and when you do it will feel great!

  25. I have seen Clixsense before and my thoughts are exactly the same as yours. I just wasn’t able to see the advantage of joining them even for free. The earnings is so negligible that does anyone with the right frame of mind will even want to waste time on such a site?
    I would rather spend the time to build my own website.

    • Yes it is much more profitable to spend time working on your own website. You might not see the rewards today but it is building a foundation for your business that will pay for years to come. My sentiments exactly.

  26. Thank you for the great review! After I finish typing this comment I’ll sign up for Clixsense through your link. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Ian, I am glad you enjoyed my review of Clixsense. I hope you manage to make some nice money and remember the way to go is to get referrals too so share your link in some Facebook groups too!

  27. thank you for this review of yours, but if i may ask you it is eligible for other country like Nigeria?

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