9 Ways to Create a Fun Workspace

Offices used to be thought of as a place where employees would come to sit at their desk and get work done. And that’s pretty much it! However, as our understandings of employee engagement and behavior have increased, so has our desire to change how our workspaces function. More and more companies are understanding the importance of caring for their employees beyond simply just the work that they do.

Ways to create a fun workspace

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Keep reading down below for some of top ways you can make your workspace more fun.

  1. Go for The Great Outdoors

There are plenty of ways that you can have your employees engage with the outdoors. And that’s a great idea seeing as the presence of sunlight and plant life have been shown to improve worker productivity and happiness. You can either construct your office so there are plenty of windows looking out to the wilderness or even bring some plants and flowers indoors to bring that nature straight to your employees.

  1. Make the Office Feel Like Home

When thinking about the design of your new office or thinking of how you can redesign your existing office, think about making it super cozy and like home for your employees. Even though you might think the opposite, when the workplace is really cozy and nice to stay in, your employees are actually going to be more productive. Think tons of nice couches, pillows, and warmth.

  1. Embrace Downtime

You shouldn’t be afraid of your employees enjoying their downtime. Many bosses might think that downtime is not necessarily a good thing, but it can actually lead to a much more productive workforce. When your employees have time for naps and fun games in their free time, they’ll be more productive when they’re working. You could even add a speaker selected by Speaker Digital for your employees to listen to music from.

  1. Hire A Great Architect

If you hire a great architect, you’re going to be able to design or redesign an office that has your employee’s needs in mind. From installing slides as a way to get from one floor to another to plenty of windows to let the light shine through, hiring a great architect is going to make your workspace much more fun.

  1. Open Up the Seating Plan

The offices of the past had tons of cubicles, where each employee was separated from one another. However, the floor plans of the future are all open plan. If you want your workspace to be more fun, throw away those cubicles and give your employees the option of where to work from.

  1. Give Your Employees Play Rooms

If the grind of the day gets too much, you should have plenty of options for where your employees can go and let off some steam. If you include play rooms in your office, your employees can then have the opportunity to go play with physical games or video games. By letting off this steam first and then going back to work, your employees are going to be a ton more productive than otherwise.

  1. More Oxygen, Please

To get a little scientific, it’s important that your employees have a consistent flow of oxygen for their brains to be working properly. You can do this by adding plenty of plants around the office that will produce oxygen. Or you can open up all of the windows to let the air come in.

  1. Foster the Creativity

No matter what you do, one of the best ways to have a fun workspace is to foster creativity. This comes from allowing your employees access to a wide range of creative resources to letting them choose where and how they work in the office. 

  1. Mix Things Up

And lastly, you should give your employees the opportunity to mix things up once in a while and work from home or someplace else. If you force your employees to be in the office 24/7, then they’re going to be a whole lot more unproductive than if they could work from where they want once a week.

And there you have it! These are the top tips we have for you to make your workspace much more fun and exciting to work from.


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  1. Hey,

    I think it is important to bring the sunlight into the workspace as well as some plants. Because some people do not see the sun at all. I think it will improve people moods. Making your workspace look like a home would totally improve someone productivity. At the same time it could actually make someone lazy but that is just my opinion. You have a ton of great ideas here and I think they can work. Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Kendrick

      I can only speak for myself when I say that I love a bright and sunny place to work that gets loads of fresh air. And yes plants are great. I work from home and I try and work in a different place each day just because it gets a bit boring working from my desk every day.

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