Your Farm Needs To Be Growing Digital Marketing

When you hear the terms ‘agriculture’ and ‘digital marketing’ flung together in close proximity, it can be easy to think one conversation has ended and another one has begun, presumably to fill the awkward silence that will ensue otherwise. But, in this instance, we’re using them in the same sentence on purpose and that’s because we don’t think those in the ever-more-important industry of agriculture are taking full advantage of all the opportunities that come from marketing themselves online.

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The reason for this is simple: in order to be successful in this game, you need to have a constant stream of customers as much as you need to choose the right fertilizer dealer, and to get a customers in this day and age you need to reach out to those who may be interested in what you do or what you have.

That’s where digital marketing swoops in wearing a bright red cape.

So, without further ado, here are some proven ways in which digital marketing can improve your agricultural business:

1. You Need An Ecommerce Website

In case you hadn’t noticed already, the days of physical shopping are numbered. People are just not going to the shops to get what they need anymore, and why should they when the internet allows them to do it all from home. That’s why you need to have an ecommerce website – somewhere you can sell your products and services. What’s more, because not many in the agro-industry have tapped into this opportunity, the chance to become an industry leader is there for the taking.

2. Social Media Is An Absolute Must

The thing with social media is, well, you have the chance to reach millions of people who are all hanging out in the same couple of places. This is great for business as it allows you the chance to tell the world what you are up to, enlighten society on the advances in agriculture, sell the personality of your farm and give them an insight into life behind the scenes. It’s your chance to become a real-life soap opera, and people love that stuff. It’s your chance to promote, interact and engage with your customers.

3. Pay For That Advertising

Trying to get found on search engines organically requires a lot of time, patience, understanding and business blogging, which is because the competition is so hot. That’s why you need to invest in paid-advertising. It will boost your visibility and help people get to you faster than ever imagined. Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn – they’re all great avenues to explore. Just make sure you’re using certified paid advertising experts o make sure you max out your return on investment.

4. Opt For Some Affiliate Marketing

We’re going to keep this one short and sweet: according to research, affiliate marketing is not going to stop growing and that’s because it’s fast proving itself to be one of the more reliable sales channels out there. It gets you in front of new audiences and will direct new traffic to your site.


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