Winning A More Loyal (And Profitable) Customer

It’s a common mistake, but one that can make it much harder than it should be for your business to maintain or grow its profits. So many business owners focus on getting everything they can from their target, so they target new customers above all else. However, if you neglect those you’ve already won over, you might be missing out on your real winners. Here, we’re going to look at how you win the loyal kind of customer, the one that keeps coming back to help you profit again and again.


Champion their success

Your customers want to see that your motivations and their motivations align together. Every business has to help a customer solve some kind of problem, but you can go a step further and show that you’re truly invested in the kind of success that your product or service can help them achieve. For instance, you can use social media or case studies on your site to show in detail how your business helps customers, presenting their problem from the start and how your services changed that. Telling the story of what you do from the customer’s side will show that you are engaged with them beyond the simple transaction and that your business’s motivation goes beyond a few bucks.

Follow up with them

After the money has changed hands and your customer is finished with your services, are you finished with them? If the answer is “yes”, you may be missing out. Sending a thank you email, asking for their feedback, or simply following up with them to announce new offers in future (with their permission) all increases their chances of becoming a repeat customer. A corporate email signature can make all your follow-up messages look professional and legitimate, but you want to avoid using any text templates that are too obviously impersonal. The personal touch goes a long way, as showing them that you are willing to spend real time following up with them makes your customers feel like they are truly valued.

Keep the value coming

If you’re willing to invest in it, as well as put the time in to manage it, the loyalty system is a common tool used by businesses who have regularly repeating customers. The deal is simple: the more your customers use your services or purchase your products, the more value they get in return. Many businesses offer points that allow them to save money on future purchases of their choice. However, some would argue greater success can be found by offering exclusive rewards inaccessible to your other customers to those most loyal. Besides being used to help encourage repeat customers, some business owners will use a similar system to reward existing fans that participate in a referral scheme.

If a business wants customers that regularly invest in their success, the business has to invest in theirs as well. Sometimes, this means simply offering them attention and gratitude, but many are using real incentives to keep their base coming back.


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