Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a local business owner with brick and mortar rooftops spread out over several counties, you should by now have integrated a digital marketing strategy into your business’s marketing efforts. However, if you are trying to do it all on your own, you may be running extremely inefficiently.

The complexity of digital marketing has increased exponentially over the last few years. The days of gaining customers from a simple one-page website with a few low quality back links are long gone.

You might be able to do what’s needed on your own, but chances are hiring professionals to handle at least one channel of your digital marketing efforts if going to help your business.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Depending on your personal talents and abilities as well as your business’s needs, you can find a professional service to manage your SEM, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and even your website copy and content.

Efficient Use of Resources

In order to drive potential customers to your web properties, you now need a solid strategy and plenty of resources at your disposal. The two main resources are of course time and money.

When you outsource your digital marketing, you are going to save an incredible amount of time. Creating Adwords campaigns that actually generate an ROI takes a lot of research and testing. Finding other websites to reach out to for backlinks is a never ending process. And, writing long form blog posts is not something you can do in fifteen minutes.

Plus, though you will need to pay the professionals you hire, you can actually save money. SEM and SEO have grown extreme competitive. It’s getting much more difficult planning profitable campaigns without the use of sophisticated software like SEMrush and Ahrefs. And, those software suites can run you thousands of dollars a year. When you outsource your online marketing, you don’t have to foot the bill for any of that as the professionals will have their own subscriptions.

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They’re Specialists

No matter if you sell handmade goods from your home or you run a small yoga studio, your aim is to sell your particular product and service. And, that is where you have most of your experience. If you aren’t a digital marketer by trade, you need to ask yourself why you are trying to manage your own online marketing efforts.

The goal of a marketing or advertising agency is also to sell their services. Most digital marketing firms are departmentalized. They have a paid traffic department, and SEO department and a web copy department. That means the professionals working in each department are extremely experienced in their field of choice.

It only makes sense to have someone with the proper experience and knowhow run your marketing campaigns instead of trying to DIY something that you just don’t have a lot of experience with.

Work on Your Business

A very common saying in the start-up world is that you should be working on your business and not in your business. For example, you won’t see a McDonald’s executive making cheeseburgers in one of their restaurants. Instead, they hire people to work in the eateries so they instead can focus on improving the business as a whole.

If you sell custom made furniture, why would you want to take on the role of a paid search specialist? Or, if you want to source products from Asia to sell to US customers, shouldn’t you be building relationships with overseas suppliers instead of trying to write a blog post?

If you get too tied down in day-to-day operations, you will find it much harder to grow your business than if you take more of a high altitude view.

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In Summary

It doesn’t matter if your business only makes a few thousand in revenue a year or if it pulls in seven figures. If you started it, it most likely feels like it’s your baby.

It’s not easy to take a more hands-off approach when it comes to operations. But, at a certain point you need experts to step in and handle work that you should not be doing. They have the tools, the experience, and the time.

Furthermore, outsourcing certain tasks can save you money that you can invest into other aspects of your business and it’s absolutely going to save you time. All large successful business use vendors for various services. There’s no reason why you should try to take a different and unproven road to success.


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