Why Startups Need To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

In today’s era of digital revolution where the Internet is related to almost everything around us, digital marketing has gained immense popularity. Every business that is trying to succeed in its respective industry and market, needs to formulate the right digital marketing strategies to establish a commendable online presence and brand recognition.

For startups trying to grow in a highly competitive marketplace, boasting a commendable presence on digital platforms including social media is crucial. This often raises the question in the minds of a lot of founders:

“Does my business need a digital marketing agency?”

The answer is pretty simple and straightforward. If you have the funds and resources, then it is definitely the right option for your business. That being said, choosing the right firm is important. You must preferably look for an Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency that has a proven track record along with great reviews from its previous clients.

Now, any startup owner may ask about why they need to hire a digital marketing agency. That’s what we will answer in the next part of this blog.

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A Digital Marketing Agency For The Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign

For any startup, establishing a credible online brand presence is crucial and stands to be one of the key priorities for any business in its initial phases. It is not untrue that personal branding can be an effective way to achieve brand recognition. According to statistics, leads generated by employees of an organization through social media activities are seven times more likely to convert than the organization’s own social media activities. Although, there are two key areas why a digital marketing agency is can be right choice for a startup:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Personal branding is effective, but only with certain limitations, especially when it comes to optimum or the best ROI. Not just higher ROI, there are a lot more reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency is the perfect option for any business. To begin with, they can best assist with the above mentioned marketing strategies. According to a Demand Gen Survey Report, it was observed that 65% of B2B content consumers strongly agreed to having higher preferences for credible content from different industry influencers.

As we already know, digital marketing agencies are specialized firms that have the right professionals to take care of such marketing needs. They help in formulating the best marketing strategies for a business based on its needs, size and target audience. Along with that, here are a few more reasons why they can be the right option for your startup.

  • They offer consistent services and will devote the required amount of time and resources to derive results.
  • They can deliver the highest and guaranteed ROI.
  • Such agencies conduct detailed competitor analysis and market research.
  • They have in-depth knowledge and field experience.
  • You can access an already established network of important connections key to digital marketing campaigns through such agencies.
  • They offer a varied range of services with a large number of professionals having different skill sets and specializing in different areas.
  • They offer all-inclusive services that saves your time, which can be invested in other areas of business operation.
  • They are up-to-date with the latest and most effective online marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few points and facts that tilt the balance towards hiring a digital marketing agency and how it is the perfect option for any startup that has the right resources. If you own a startup, you must surely make a wise and learned decision based on the above points!


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