Why Having a Good Credit Score is Important

Your credit score is an important number. This three-digit number can determine some factors in your life, without you even realizing it! A credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life.


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A credit score is determined by a number of factors. Some of the most important are how much is your debt to income ratio, how often you pay bills on time, if you have any collections waiting and how much of your credit card limits you use. Getting a high credit score can take some time. If you make some mistakes, it can take a good while to get it back to where it was. Be careful to pay attention to factors that may decrease the score.

Why having a good credit score is important

  1. Buying a House

Is purchasing your first home an important goal for you? If so, you need to think about your credit score. Buying a home is a wonderful investment and milestone in your life. However, it can be very difficult if you don’t have a good credit score. Banks are very cautious about lending money to someone without a great score; they want to make sure they will get their money back.

Even renting requires a credit check! Many landlords are just as cautious as banks about renting to those with bad scores. In order to rent a house with lower credit scores, you may be required to put down a much larger deposit to ensure you’re a safe choice.

  1. Job Search

Credit scores also matter to employers. Some employers, such as government agencies, take a good look at their prospect’s credit score and history. They want to make sure you are able to maintain and handle your money in appropriate ways. A bad score can result in not getting the desired job. In this specific situation, a bad credit score is as disastrous as showing up an hour late than expected for a job interview.

  1. Purchasing a Car

Unless you have cash to purchase a vehicle, you are going to need auto loans to get transportation. Buying a car is a common purchase. While it is easier to get a car loan with not good credit than a house loan, you are going to fork over more money in interest rates. No one wants to pay more money than is necessary. Keeping your credit score up is going to keep your interest rates down.

Auto insurance agencies even look at your credit score. There is a good chance your credit score will help increase or decrease your monthly insurance price. It seems as if everyone is looking at your credit score.

  1. Starting a Business

Are you a future entrepreneur? Some people dream of opening their own business or fulfilling a dream to make a new product. These sound great, but without good credit, the dreams may never happen. Business startups can take a lot of cash, and this means you are going to have to use a loan. A small business loan requires good credit to even qualify. If this is on your future radar, begin fixing your credit now so it doesn’t affect you when the time comes to get a loan.

  1. Utilities

Everyone has to have utilities in their home. Many companies will look at your credit score to see how often you pay your bills on time. Most of the time, they will not deny your service based on your credit score. The companies will ask for a larger deposit fee before beginning service.

These are just a few ways your credit score can affect your daily life. Your credit score shows who well you manage your debt. Ultimately, ensuring your credit score maintains a good score will save you money in the long run. No one wants to have to pay more money for loans than absolutely necessary. A good credit score is a surefire way to keep those costs down.


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