Why Do You Need Instagram Automation?

If you crave to become a famous Instagram blogger, there is no need in having considerable sums of money! All you need to do is to post fabulous pictures, write outstanding texts, accompany them with proper tags. Oh, and do not forget to  interact with the audience actively. Are you confused right now? That’s why people fall back on using automation tools which ease the process, making it smoother and faster.

Why You Need Instagram Automation

How can you apply the automation to your IG promo campaign?

Instagram automation can be applied with the help of an Instagram bot. Its algorithms can define your TA and refer the activity to it. If you are afraid of an IG block, you can freely relax. Ingramer works strictly within IG limits. Let’s consider how an IG bot can help your blogger career!

Auto Likes and Follow

Motivate your TA to like and follow you. How to impel users to like your posts and to follow you? I would answer, through the same actions: liking their content and following the accs and waiting for the reactive action. IG bot which provides the automated liking and following is an irreplaceable tool in this case. Following and liking your TA, it outdraws your acc and blows up social media outreach.

Scheduled Posting

Publish regularly and focus on what your supporters likes. To assemble an audience, you must present a new post at least once a day (and a couple of times in Stories). Use the bot’s capability to schedule posts and automatically publish them at a certain time. Thus, your supporters will know that you are a responsible and trustworthy person.

Do not forget to track statistics to study the reaction of Instagramers on any post. IG bots’ feature of “Statistics and analyses” guarantee you access to real-time data so you can get to know what posts are to your TA’s liking and what posts are not and update your content plan in accordance with the data received.

Hashtag Generator

Don’t neglect hashtag promotion. Yep, the topic of tags use is warmed-over. But it doesn’t mean that we should disparage them while running a promotion. You shouldn’t repeat the same hashtags from post to post, that’s annoying and inefficient. Not to lose face it’s better to use the IG hashtag generator. It can generate the most popular and creative tags, especially if you are tired of coming up with tags every time and lack fantasy.  But do not run away with the idea that using most popular tags, your acc will fly, no, in this case, it will be lost among millions of same-minded accs. You’d better choose a couple of popular ones and a couple of niche tags so that you will attract only those people who may find an interest in your content

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Auto Commenting

Mix with the audience. None of the bloggers can be loved by people and be famous without direct interaction with his or her people. You can do it on your own when your audience is small. Once it becomes greater, you need either the help of a specialist or of the automation tool. Or you can ignore the messages and then your public will ignore you, that’s not what you want, right?

Automated comments is an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with the fans and save time for yourself. Moreover, seeing that you comment on the photos, they will go crazy for you in the finest sense of this word.

Auto Direct Messages

But sending automated comments is not the only bot’s function which is able to maintain communication. The option of sending DMs to your followers is even more productive, from my point of view. Why? Cause Direct Messages are more private, they are personal, that’s why they create commitment showing your personal involvement and awareness. Write great samples, making them appropriate for everyone, but at the same time original and without cliche. The same rule is for the comments.

Summing up it all, promotion on IG can be hard, but not in case of using automation tools for that.

  • Auto Likes and Auto Follow will motivate people to support you;
  • Scheduled Posting will maintain your activity on IG;
  • Statistics will help you to grasp what your fans like;
  • Hashtag generator will drive your promotion
  • Auto Comments and Auto DMs will help you converse with the people.

Now, it’s up to you to choose your way of advertising.



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  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for this informative and insightful post. Wow! I never thought there exists automated tools like these to optimise one’s involvement on Instagram. I have learnt a lot on this post. Most times, coming up with a hashtag is more tedious than writing a 20,000 words article. Most times, I end up not captioning my posts because of shortage in hashtag formulation. Thanks so much for this post, I will try to access this tool often. In general, I found this post very useful towards growing a worthy fan base on Instagram by enabling the use of the Automations.

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