Why Coupons Should Be Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

Today, most retailers who know what’s involved in the online marketing arena already have the big three set up: email, social, and web. Well, they are vital to any serious marketing plan, but there is one important arm that a bigger percentage of retailers tend to forget about: Coupons.

In an era where consumers will spend an average of two hours a week scouting for online deals, it is worthwhile to understand the role that coupons can play in your marketing plan. Just like your website acts as your shop front, your social media as your friendly face, and your direct emails as your regular clients’ touch points, coupons can help you close the loop by enticing your potential clients to complete a sale.

Still not convinced? Well, here are more reasons why you need to integrate coupons into your marketing arsenal.

Why Coupons Should be Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

  1. Reaching More Customers

According to a recent study, 78 percent of consumers are often persuaded and convinced to buy items that they wouldn’t because of coupon offers. So, offering discounts can go a long way in helping open your brand to a much broader audience.

  1. Retaining  your existing customer base

An effective coupon strategy can also help you retain your existing customer base, improving your brand loyalty. A bigger percentage of consumers believe that coupons have a massive impact on a brand. And maintaining a positive brand image is not only critical for holding your current customers but also encouraging repeat business.

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  1. Increasing brand awareness

Similar to how using coupons can help you acquire new customers, you can use them to take your brand awareness to another level. Great coupon deal offers often go viral, with users sharing them on various social media platforms and forums. This can bring you massive traffic to your website, which can translate to more sales. What’s more, considering that most coupon sites have a huge user base, your coupons can be disseminated fast, maximizing your ROI.

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  1. Boosting customer satisfaction rates

Recent researches have indicated that coupons have an impact on the part of the brain linked to happiness. People who receive coupons have been shown to have higher oxytocin levels, calmer breathing rates, less sweaty palms, and slower heart rates. In a nutshell, coupons boost customer satisfaction.

And certainly, in today’s competitive business landscape, great customer satisfaction matters a lot. Happy customers will leave positive reviews on big review sites such as FourSquare, Yelp, and Google+ Local and are more likely to come back. They are also more likely to sign up for your email list and follow you in social media. All these are valuable outcomes to your business. In fact, there are numerous studies that confirm the impact of positive reviews on business and you shouldn’t be left behind. Using coupons can help you to improve your local and social reputation than you never imagined.

Final Verdict

Coupons should be part and parcel of your marketing arsenal. And if they are not currently, it is high time you reconsidered your marketing priorities.  Coupons can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns by increasing the number of customers who convert off your emails, website, and social media accounts.


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