Why Buying American Is Important For Your Small Business

Starting your own business is one of the most liberating and self affirming things that you could do with your career. Not only are you taking your life and career into your own hands, you’re blazing a trail for those who are trying to make it behind you and keeping that flame of entrepreneurship alive in a time of economic uncertainty. The digital age has, in many ways, made entrepreneurship more accessible than ever with more platforms to sell manufactured products, source parts for you to build your product and to market your business through social media and a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Whatever the nature of your business, and wherever your passion lies, there’s a good chance that you can find an opportunity to make your dream a reality using online tools. But your business is more than just a career for you, it’s an important brick in the wall of the national economy.


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If, however, your business requires a degree of physical manufacture the issue of where and how to source your parts and equipment arises. Depending on the size of your operation you may wish to buy from overseas markets like China to benefit from the low costs (especially for bulk purchases), however there are numerous benefits not just for your business but for the national economy as a whole in buying goods, parts and equipment from the home market.


Absolutely nobody does volume like the Chinese manufacturing sector, but for smaller operations (especially those that are just starting out), quality trumps volume time after time. After all, you’re trying to build a reputation for yourself and your business. You wouldn’t want to compromise your nascent business’ reputation by using parts that could cause your product to fail or equipment that may malfunction and reduce your productivity. Look at Air Compressors USA, for example, and you’ll see a range of products that are both robust and reliable. Your customers and your business deserve the best.

The national economy

Unlike most countries, the United States’ topographical size and diversity is such that the country could be virtually self-reliant. As important as international trade is, there’s something pleasing about the notion of a network of home grown businesses trading with one another. Buying American was good enough for Walmart, and it can be good enough for your business, too. Buying from other American businesses and suppliers helps to facilitate economic growth, as well as helping to protect jobs and reduce unemployment statistics.


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Businesses have deadlines and realistic goals that need to be met and these can be compromised when that business is reliant on parts or products from overseas. A delayed shipment of parts can mean that several orders need to be delayed which could result in a customer cancellation and potential loss of a lucrative relationship.

Given the economic and logistical benefits paired with the potential damage that can be saved to your business’ operations and reputation, buying locally where possible is the obvious choice. While some parts may be highly esoteric and can only be acquired from overseas, businesses should still buy local wherever they can.


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