Why Businesses Need To Be More Technologically Trusting

Technology has come a long way in recent years. From antivirus software to voice recognition, the industry is a lot different today. Still, businesses and entrepreneurs around the world are not convinced. Reports show that only 51% of small businesses use technology, while one in four doesn’t use it at all. These figures show that people are still not convinced by the advancements in technology. If you are one of these people, it is worth considering your position. Yes, it does have downsides such as downtime, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

Here is a handful of reasons why businesses need to be more trusting of technology.

businesses need to be more technologically trusting

Human Error

A common statement is that bugs and glitches could cause a damaging or fatal accident. It is true that software does glitch out from time to time, and it can be hazardous. However, what most people don’t realize is that computers are not the source of most incidents – human beings are. Yes, over three-quarters of workplace accidents are a direct cause of human error. In fact, the figures point out that there has been a significant decline in accidents since the rise of tech. Quite simply, software error occurs far less than human error. Therefore, it is better to trust technology than it is your staff.

Regular Updates

For the argument’s sake, let’s say you have an antivirus program and it goes down. Of course, in this scenario, the whole business is at risk because the server is vulnerable. Hackers can easily access your information and play havoc, and they will as they are opportunists. In this dramatic instance, there are caveats which should put your mind at ease. Number one: almost every IT agency has an emergency call out team. As such, a response unit should be out to fix the problem as soon as possible. Number two: it hardly happens as the software does not fail due to internal problems. Usually, the issue will be due to a bug, but there are regular updates which target the problem.

Trust technology

Transformed Industry

And, technology has done it for the better. With malware protection, businesses are more secure against digital attacks. Thanks to instant messaging services, communication inside and out the company is easier and smoother. And, with the help of tech like self closing gates, workplace safety is greater than ever. What does all this mean? Well, it means efficiency and productivity are higher because of less downtime. And, employees can talk without leaving their desks. Also, it has led to a reduction in costs as companies can use email and Skype to reduce overheads and travel expenses. Finally, it means employees are safer and in the workplace, which is a basic requirement. Plus, it reduces the chances of accident-related lawsuits.

It Is The Only Option

Whether you want to hear it or not, there are no better options at the moment. Think about the connection between the internet and your firm. Modern companies like yours cannot survive without an internet connection these days as there is a reliance on the Web. So, the business might not even exist if it wasn’t for technology. Just as important is a stable link. Servers which go offline result in an increase in costs and a reduction in sales and profit. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, you have to trust technology to do its job. Otherwise, the firm could end up as another statistic. The same goes for security. Yes, offline security features are important, but the emphasis is on online. Without antivirus software, it is nearly impossible to keep the business safe.Online security updatesKeep Up With The Competition

If you only had to worry about you, it might be possible to forget about technology. However, most firms can’t move at their pace because they have to react to their rivals. In essence, you have to do whatever they do to make sure they don’t gain a lead which is hard to pull back. As a rule, smart companies are investing in tech because they see the advantages. If you don’t shadow them, it is possible they will impinge on your market share. Also, technology is a leveler. In the past, it was impossible to compete without money and prestige. Nowadays, you can take over the market with a website, a social media presence and a laptop.

Okay, there are elements of technology which need revising. But, on the whole, tech does more good than harm.


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