Who To Have On The Top Of Your Business Contact List

Being a business owner means that a whole host of responsibilities like taxes, staff management, payroll and recruitment just to name a few. And with a life full of to-do lists, there are many parts of the job that can raise issues for both you personally and in a business sense, that need to be handled by someone else. These people might not be on your payroll, or work in your office, but they should be high up on your contact list.



Owning and running a business can be incredibly stressful, which can cause anxiety. There is never any shame in admitting that you need to talk about it and ask for some help, in fact, there is a particular strength in admitting that you need help. Many issues can arise because of finances, new projects, old projects, difficulties of keeping a work to life balance – any aspect of the daily stresses of your work. You can also extend this helping hand by having a counsellor ready to help any employees that might need it.


This might seem incredibly simple and a little silly, but having a friend that you can call at any point just to vent is perfect. A good friend is hard to find, but are sometimes all you need in times of trouble, stress or annoyances, to get your feelings out there. They’re also perfect for when you want to share your achievements and progress.


Whether it’s a business lawyer, a financial lawyer or a criminal lawyer, having one on your speed dial needs to be a top priority. An employee of a firm like Slater Heelis Solicitors, who you trust can be very beneficial to your company. They can handle both you’re business and personal affairs, that way any issue you have on the personal or business side will be weighed against, and dealt with in a way that benefits the other.

Financial Advisor

Most larger businesses will have a financial advisor on their payroll. But all businesses can benefit from being in regular contact with a financial advisor. They can help you to build up your profit, give you advice on investments, and be able to keep you from making any major, financial mistakes. And if you make one anyway, then they’ll be able to help fix it.

Your Second In Command

When you need a break – which you should take like any other employee – you should have someone prepped and ready to step in to run things while you’re away. Choose someone you trust and who is trained to do the job (almost) as well as you do. You have to take breaks now and again, and you have to delegate work for the health of your mentality, or it won’t just be you that suffers.


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