Where To Start With Business Photography

Imagery is a huge part of business and the success of your brand overall. Images are used in a lot of different ways and they can be a great way to connect in a deeper level with our audience. As a brand it is important to make sure that the images you use in both promotions and to sell products are of a good enough quality. Here are some tips to follow to make your images much better for business.


1. Use light

Light is the most key element of a good photograph, and without light you will not have a good enough quality image to use for your website and marketing materials. If you want to make your website better with a web design agency for example you will want to incorporate many more image into the overall design. Because of this you will need to think more about the light in the images. The absolute best type of lighting you can use for you image is natural light. Always make sure when taking images that you are close to a window or outside to capture that light. You can also use ring lights to give off a natural esque light when inside.

2. Different Angles

If you are taking images of your products or of people modelling with them, the mistake you might make is to simply point your camera front and centre and shoot the image. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and give your images more character: try changing the angle of which you take the image. You could shoot from slightly above, slightly below or even to the side. This gives you lots of new images to work with and use in your campaigns.

3. Use your phone

If you don’t have a fancy SLR camera in the business it’s okay, you can actually take some pretty great shots using your smartphone. There are loads of different smartphones out there which have really good quality cameras for you to use in your photography. The iPhone for example has a brilliant camera and offers lots of editing features for you to use afterwards. You can even download photo editing apps such as Snapseed to make your images stand out and make sure you reach the image’s full potential.

4. Take your time editing

Editing images is just as much of a job as taking the photographs themselves. It is during the editing process that you will be able to take different elements from the image and make them stand out more, and take mistakes and mask them for a better effect. It is worth taking your time with editing because it will give you the final image you use for your brand. The most popular tool for editing is Photoshop, but there are also lots of apps on mobile to use if you don’t want to use the computer. Editing will polish your image and give you that final touch to create the perfect images.


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