Where To Find Your Motivation Every Day

Most entrepreneurs come across as driven, passionate, intelligent and focused. But like every other human being, motivation isn’t available on tap. They have to work to find it, use it, and push it to achieve their success. So where can you find your motivation, long before you ever see the results that prove you’ve got what it takes? What is it in life that gets you fired up and raring to go?


These are the days most of us are full of great intention. We’re gonna go for it! The trouble is, Mondays are also the days that take the longest for us to get going. We find distraction everywhere. There are dozens of other tasks for the family, the household, and other areas of our lives. Monday tip – switch everything off at 9am, go for a two-mile walk, then complete the task that was on your mind the most.

Where to find your motivation every day


Whatever happened yesterday, today is a great day to get started with something new. Tuesdays are perfect planning focus days. To find your inspiration today, think about tomorrow. Set up this day to facilitate success for Wednesday. Write down the two things you will have completed by close of day tomorrow.

Tuesdays planning


If you’re feeling a little dry today, then hear from the pros how it goes. If you want to hear more about growing your business, then you need the advice of people that have boosted their service-based business like Joe Kashurba. EOFire is a podcast provider of entrepreneur interviews detailing the moment success happened for them. Joe’s EOFire interview is just one of them that could inspire you today. Looking for motivation? Hear how the most successful entrepreneurs find it.


We’re not at the end of the week yet. Today is one of the best days to start reaping the rewards of your hard work. Follow-up calls are nerve-wracking. However, write a list of the clients you most desperately want to work with. Telephone them and follow up with an email too. Detail the three areas of their business where you can help them the most. Now, look at the list. See how productive you can be? How much is that worth in dollars?

Friday objectives


Fridays are perfect for completing all those projects you’re most fired up about. Everything starts with a list. Tick each item off as you go. Use a time to spur you on and push you to the next task and the next. When the clock hits 5pm, count up the tasks you completed this week. How many were tough? How many earned you a buck or two? Now write down next weeks objectives. Pin it on the wall.

It’s not always easy to find your motivation. Don’t work alone because then you have nobody to answer to. Instead, schedule in catch-ups with the people that depend on you the most – your clients. Make your motivation part of your routine. Listen to a podcast at the same time each week. Read your to-do list at the same time every morning. And ‘big-up’ every accomplishment.



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