Cheapest Domain Names, check this out!

Want to know where to buy a cheap domain name?

Cheapest Domain Name Provider

Buying your domain name is the first step in the process of setting up your online business and there is no reason for it to be a difficult process.

The best place I have found so far is namecheap.com. The domain names are cheap and their website is user friendly. The process is fast and simple.

Try and purchase a .com if there is one available, without any dashes in. Buying a .com will make it easier to rank than any other domain. If you cannot get a .com and there is a .org consider getting that. When you start getting to a .net and other domains it gets harder to rank your website.

buy cheapest domain names

Check out my post about how to select the best keywords for your website to find a suitable keyword to use as your domain name. Using a low competition, high traffic keyword in your domain will help you instantly get better rankings.

Namecheap also offers hosting, email and other services.

Buy cheapest domain names, more recommendations:

And if you are using the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can now buy your domain name directly through them and keep everything in one place which is really awesome!

Do you know of any other great places to buy domain names?


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi, that’s a great article! To be honest, I’ve recently bought my first domain through namecheap. I was always a bit afraid to do this, because I thought it was much complicater than it really was. But with namecheap it’s was super easy. Got my fancy new domain in a matter of minutes. All set to go 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Jurgen! I have used Godaddy before and it was a more complicated process. Finding namecheap was a gem!

  2. Jaaxy is a good way to find domains, do you know if they can find aged domains? getting a site domain with dashes is not too bad but getting a .com is not supposed to matter to google but it still seems like it does. You want to get a .com just to be taken seriously.

    • Hi Brandon, you mean as in to purchase a domain name that is already owned by someone else? Yes you can make an offer on namecheap but I really don’t think this is the way to go. It will probably cost a fortune. Why not spend a little more time searching another keyword and buy your own new domain 🙂

  3. Hello there,

    I had never heard of Namecheap for domain names until I recently went to look for a domain name myself. I got one years ago at another place. I would also tell people that at times there are places that run specials which could range from a buy one get one or a discounted price.
    I have liked dealing with name cheap for my newest domain

    • Good point Debra, I’ll have a look at that and let everyone know.

  4. An excellent, straight to the point little article Lynne.

    Having this information would have made it quicker for me to choose which domain provider to go with…I’d tried GoDaddy and 123 Reg before but namecheap was real easy to use.

    I like the sound of that Jaaxy tool too, you make it sound very simple to get to a great range of good keywords. Can it be that good?


    • Mark I am finding Jaaxy outstanding. I spend so much time on their website. It makes it so easy to rank content. Try out their 30 free searches to see for yourself!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    I now use Namecheap for purchasing domain names as apart from the fact that their prices are low they make the whole process so easy.

    Originally, I used GoDaddy and found them to be more complex to use and not always helpful with problems.

    You are providing sound advice to your visitors. Keep up the great work.


  6. Hi Lynne,

    A very truthful and honest report on Namecheap as a domain name provider. I have used GoDaddy in the past and found that they were not as helpful. Also their systems appears to be a little bit more complex during the purchasing and transfer process.

    Best wishes.

    • Yes Liz I also used Godaddy and it was a bit complicated. They also seem to change their prices yearly.

  7. Hello Lynne,
    Does Namecheap have a way of telling you if the .org, .net and other .names are available or just one at a time?

    I read somewhere if you want to protect your domain name from claim jumpers you should purchase all three and then keep them so no one can encroach on your branded name.
    What do you think about that?
    Let me know.

    • Hi San. Yes Namecheap will give you all the available domains so you don’t have to search again.

      Yes I have heard of claim jumpers, but I think just one domain will do fine. Try and get a .com and just use that, no need to get all of them!

  8. Hello Lynne!

    I have been purchasing my domain names from Namecheap since the day one of my online career. Many domains so far and I never even considered any other directory. I believe that other directories are at the same level but Namecheap work well and I will keep using it.
    I agree the .com are best to have!
    Good article!

    • Hi Igor

      Yes there are load of places to choose from and I am sure they have great service and prices too. But when I find something I am happy with, great price and works well I tend to stop searching around too 🙂

      Kind Regards


  9. Hey, Lynne

    I’ve always wondered where I can purchase cheap domain names from since I’m looking into starting up my very own website 😀

    I suppose NameCheap says it all really, so I will definitely check out this domain name provider.

    What are the other services that NameCheap provides, besides email and hosting?



    • Hi Neil

      It is a pleasure!

      They offer domains, hosting, SSL certificates & Whoisguard. They also have a marketplace for Apps which you can browse 🙂

      Kind Regards


  10. This is a very trustful post as I have been using these sites and services myself. I can tell you that you know well the online business field! I would recommend the same sites myself. Namecheap, Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are all very good, reliable, scam free sites. Thanks for confirming my vision. Very clean and thorough site. How are you performing by using these sites?

    • Hi Veronica

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes I totally agree they are great websites. Since starting with Wealthy Affiliate and using Jaaxy for all my keyword research my online business performance has really improved.

      It has been a great experience and I recommend them to everyone and anyone.

      Kind Regards


  11. Namecheap and GoDaddy are good. But I somehow stick to the one I started with which is Domain.com
    I generally pick the .com ones other times .org isn’t too bad also.
    Either way, we buy domains to transfer our hosting to WA.

    • Hi Drew, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t tried Domain.com yet – thanks for sharing, I’ll check them out!

  12. Hello Lynn,
    We just love name cheap and have used it for 5 of our websites now. They have great prices and just think that site really rocks. The only down side is no phone support, but they got back pretty fast for some questions we had about ssl.
    Thanks for the information and this wonderful site full of golden nuggets!

    • Hey Robert, thanks for sharing that they don’t have phone support, I never noticed to be honest! I only ever really send emails or send a request in on their website! But great for my readers to know that.

  13. Hi Lynne.
    I recently purchased a domain name through Namecheap. It was very easy and convenient to purchase. One thing that bothered me is that I got an email that said I should apply for domain name search engine registration. They provided a link that led to some pretty expensive prices. I didn’t do the registration because I didn’t think it was necessary. What do you think? Is that search engine registration necessary?

    • Hi John. That is strange, I have never received an email like that from Namecheap and it sound odd. I can tell you right now that you don’t need to pay anyone to put your domain name in search engine. Are you sure it was from Namecheap, is it their email address?

  14. I have always bought my domain names at Namecheap. It looks like Wealthy Affiliate has made it possible to register a domain name on its domain platform.

    I think Carson announced it today that you can buy and manage domain names directly from Wealthy Affiliate. It really looks like a bargain for me.

    • Hi Viljoen

      Yes I saw that too! I am very pleased they have added that new feature. It means I can keep everything in one place which is very convenient!

      I have used Namecheap and Godaddy before but think now I will be using Wealthy Affiliate in future.

  15. Good review Lynne. As I see, most people recommend buying domains from Namecheap because they offer the lowest price possible. To be honest I’ve never bought from that company. My choice has always been with Godaddy and I’m satisfied with the quality of their service. But they have a lot of upsells though. I purchased my last domain at Wealthy Affiliate because I think their offer is one of the best offers currently available and it makes the process easier for me since I host all my sites at WA. I definitely recommend it.

    • Hi Rufat

      I’ve personally used Namecheap and Godaddy. I found the process and the price better with Namecheap. I have yet to buy a domain through Wealthy Affiliate, but I plan to soon. I host 2 of my websites with Wealthy Affiliate and I am planning on moving my other websites there too. So it makes sense to keep everything in one place!

  16. Hi there Lynne,

    I have been doing some research on domain purchase and found that SiteDomains is one of the most reasonable ones after Namecheap.

    Many registrars will make you buy WhoIs and Website Email at additional fees. For instance, I tried applying for one through Name dot com and it would cost me almost $60 to include all the other features! That’s expensive.

    • Hi Cathy

      Thanks, I’ll check them out, I have never heard of SiteDomains. It is always great to have new companies to check out, review and recommend.

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