What Things Do You Need For Your New Startup Office?

Starting your own business? You must be already overwhelmed with so many administrative and logistic matters, that you might easily forget the basics, such as furnishing your office.

what thngs do you need for your new startup office

It’s important to think in time about all the necessary office supplies so you don’t end up panicking or missing something really important on your first day, or soon after opening. It is not always easy to think of everything and remember everything, so it’s good to have a checklist.

You can ask a friend or a colleague running their own business of some tips, or try to think of everything on your own. Or you can follow the advice of office management professionals like Shore Office Warehouse. Here is a brief, but comprehensive list of the most important things you really need to have ready when starting your own office.

Office Furniture

This is among bigger expenses and requires quite an effort, so it’s probably best to take care of it first. Start with chairs and tables, and make sure you provide adequate workspace for all of your employees. If you are just starting, there probably won’t be too many people, but if it’s not too big an expense, you can by some extra in advance, so you are ready when your headcount starts growing.

Also, make sure there’s enough space for storing the office documentation, supplies, as well as personal things. Tables with drawers are really convenient, but make sure you also have at least one filing cabinet. Also, don’t forget small items such as coat hangers and trashcans. After this, you can dedicate more time to decorating your office and giving it a final touch.

Computers and Printers

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to do anything without a computer, so again, make sure you provide one for each of your employees, and also make sure it’s adequate for the job their doing. This is definitely quite an item in your budget, so it’s good to start planning on time, look for bargains, try to obtain a discount on the amount, or not buy everything at once, but gradually. However, make sure everyone has a PC/laptop on the first day. Also, it’s hard to imagine an office without a printer, so at least get a small one to start with, and don’t forget to check the cartridges regularly.


Along the above mentioned printer and cartridges, make sure you don’t forget the printing paper as well. A few spiral notebooks always come in handy. It would be great if you could have brand promo material ready, so you have your own agendas for the employees, as well as the clients. Of course, you’ll need something to write with as well. Having your own business cards is a must in today’s world, so don’t neglect this aspect either.

table plant

Speaking of paper stationery, don’t forget envelops and some colorful sticky/post-it notes. Even though there are Sticky Notes on your PC, some people simply prefer writing things down, and they can always come in handy. A stapler with staples is a must have in every office, too.

HSE Requirements

In most case, this something you are legally bound to have as well, so make sure you meet those requirements. One of the basic things you’ll need is a first aid kit. Also, one of your employees needs to have a first aid certificate. In most cases, the business owners get one themselves, which is usually the simplest way, at least at the beginning. Of course, you can’t open your office without a fire extinguisher, and later on, an adequate training for all the employees. In addition to the extinguisher, you will also need a fire blanket. Finally, make sure your office has a flashlight and batteries.


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