I want to get rich TODAY! On autopilot… yes without doing a thing! Show me how?

So the question what is the fastest way to make money online for free is certainly what everyone wants to know. It was something I was interested in for sure, and of course if you can show me a really fast way to make money online I am always interested.

The problem comes in that there are so many scams, what is real and what isn’t? Here’s your dose of reality for today!

What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online for Free?

This sounds like a very simple question but really it isn’t.

How fast is the fastest way to make money online? I can tell you a lot of ways to lose money online, specially when you are trying to make it fast… but to make money online fast is not simple.

The next question is how much time and effort are you willing to invest to make money online? Yes I know, all these internet gurus are promising money overnight… true. But come on now, do you really think making money online is any different from any other business venture?

How can you become rich overnight without the internet? The answer is unfortunately just the same for working online… in your dreams!

Yes I admit there are some people that have managed to hit lucky and make a fortune in a very short space of time, but really do you think this will happen for you? You also have a chance of winning the lotto.

what is the fastest way to make money online for free

Adjust Your Expectations

So if you are looking to make a lot of money fast online I suggest the first thing you do is look at your expectations and change them. The sooner you stop running after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow the sooner you will be able to start building the foundation for a real online business.

Does that make sense?

Even making some pocket money on the internet is not so simple as people make it out to be. These opportunities also take time and effort before you will see any returns.

So look at making online just like you would like any other business. It takes some time to set up, it takes some investment (we’ll get to that soon) and it takes time to see a return on this investment.

I’m not saying you won’t make money or that you will only make a little bit. I am saying forget about making thousands tomorrow, or even the following day. Let’s get a big time dose of reality here. See this image below? Well you can reach your dreams, but not without climbing those stairs first!

Adjust your expectations

What do you mean investment into my online business? I searched for FREE ways!

No I am not wanting to take your money, far from it. I want to save you money… and time… and heartache… and disappointment.

Ok so by investment I am talking about four things.

Time,  training, hard work and yes perhaps some financial investment. I’ll look at each of these separately and explain what I mean.

The Investment of Time

You won’t make money overnight. If you still believe you can, well then what I have to say and my entire website is not meant for you!

If you have never worked online you need to understand that you need to give your website time to get indexed by Google, time to get ranked, time to gain authority. If you think you build a website and people just miraculously find it, well you are in for a big nasty surprise…. It takes a time for your website to start getting traffic. Without traffic you can’t make any money! \

It also takes time to learn how to be an internet marketer… we’ll look at training next. But yes you need to give yourself some time to learn how to make money online.

The Invest in Educating Yourself

Think about it, you wouldn’t decide to open a hairdressing salon… and just do it. You wouldn’t rent a premises, put a sign outside and start chopping away at someone’s hair now would you? No you would first take a course to become a qualified hairdresser! You would then probably work for a hairdressing company for a while to learn how everything works. You would then do a business plan and plot out how much it would cost you to start…. this is the rough idea of how a person would normally go about this sort of thing!

So you need to find a place to learn about working online and this should be where you start with your journey. And you can’t just go anywhere, especially when we are talking about working online! There are online scams all over trying to get your money and feeding you lies about getting rich overnight. So please be very careful here!

Do your research and hold onto your money until you have really dug deep into this.

Investing Yourself in Your Business

Be prepared to work your butt off. Yes I mean it. There is no such thing as a free lunch, not here and not offline.

Anyone that claims you will earn money on “autopilot” is feeding you a lie. There is no such thing. Just like there is no such thing offline there is no secret online cash machine. If you want to try it out, be prepared to kiss that money goodbye!

You will need to invest yourself in your training, you will need to implement what you have learned and you will need to work hard.

Yeah I know, what a drag huh? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But keep reading on, there is great news too about working online.

Make Money today for free on autopilot

Investing Financially in Your Online Business

So here’s what you all want to know, what will it cost as in money. Well truthfully it can cost you nothing… but you will struggle and it will take you longer. If you are not going to pay some money to learn how to make money online it will really take some time.

I am not however saying it cannot be done, you can find out how to do anything for free by Googling. The problem is that you will need good training, and there are things that are being taught online that can be seriously detrimental to your online business. How will you know what is what? You could ruin yourself before you even start and not even know it.

I also suggest you get step by step help, training that will start you off on the right road and hold your hand as you go along. This type of support you just won’t find completely free.

It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune though. Here is a list of the best places online to learn how to make money online and yes some of them offer free memberships too which don’t offer as much as the full paid memberships. Click on the links to go to my full reviews here on my website so you can find out what each one offers and what it costs:

There are also some other factors that you will need to think about. Training is simply not the only thing I suggest you cough up for. Sorry, but I have to say it like it is!

Here is a list of things I feel is essential to pay for when working online. Yes there may be free tools but I can promise you that these things you should pay for:

Ok so really now.. what is the fastest way to make money online for free?

Ok enough of all that. I don’t think you should try and make money online without spending any money. Like I said I think you should spend a little bit. However if you can’t spend any money right now then sign up for Wealthy Affiliate anyway. They have a free membership which is awesome. Of course you won’t have access to all the Premium features… but you pay for what you get and if you are paying nothing you are really getting a load from this incredible platform!

Ok so How Long to Earn some Money Online and How Much?

How long is a piece of string? How much time do you have to invest in your business? Will you pay some money to get it going or will you try doing it completely for free?

There are honestly so many variables that go into this that I can’t say for sure. I would love to be able to say it will take 3 months and 2.5 days and you will  be earning $52.30 that month, the following month you will earn R109.25…. come on this is not realistic and I can’t do it!

My personal opinion is that if you are starting an online business and you really want to make good money online then don’t expect to make any money at all in the first 6 months. That is a more realistic way of looking at it.

So Why then Would you want to Work Online?

Just remember that everything you do from the start of building your website is building the foundation of your business. This foundation will serve you for years to come.

Starting an online business will not cost you close to the same amount if you had to for example open a hairdressing salon! Think of the rental, the supplies, the marketing, the insurance…. oh my that will cost a fortune! The costs of working online really are minimal. You need your internet connection and your laptop. Plus maybe some of the costs I suggested if you choose.

What I do (along with an e-commerce baby store) is affiliate marketing and I absolutely love it. I have no products for this type of marketing. It is like being an independent sales rep for any products I like. You can read all about affiliate marketing and how it works here.

The beauty of working online is that you can do anything you want to do, you can choose to work whatever hours you like and the best part is you can start to earn a residual income. The online market is huge! There is really no limit to how much you can earn if you put your mind to it and work hard. In maybe 2 or 3 years time you will hardly have to put in any work because everything you have done before is still working for you. Yes in this way it can almost be on autopilot, but not until you have put the work in first!

You can also work from wherever you want and in whatever niche you are passionate about.

What’s not to like about working online?

You can also check out my 100 Ways to Become a Millionaire series

Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate University today and start building the foundation for your future!

Do you have any questions about working online? Feel free to ask in the comments!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Any course or website claiming that you can make money fast is probably a scam anyway. It’s simply not possible to earn a living that fast. It takes work and time!

    The only real options are either creating an online business or taking surveys or doing other small tasks.

    I think the best thing anyone can do is get into affiliate marketing and take a few surveys in the meantime. Seeing as it can take a while to start earning through the affiliate marketing.

    Great post Lynne. I found this interesting to read.

    • Hi Hannah

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your opinion. Yes I totally agree with you, there are a few places to earn a little extra income while you are waiting for some real income to come in.

  2. Hi Lynn, Good article. You make good points. I think too many people think that making a living online is easy and going to make one rich over night! With such unrealistic expectations, it’s no wonder so many people become discouraged. I appreciate reading about the pros and cons; it’s something everyone needs to be aware of before getting into an online business.

    • Hi MIsti

      Yes it leads to disappointment, but even worse it leads to people being vulnerable to being scammed. It is this belief and hope that scammers prey on.

  3. Hi Lynne,

    i can’t agree more with your post. I admit it the main motivator for me to join this network was to make some extra money-quickly!
    There is no such a thing unfortunately.
    What i have achieved though is useful knowledge on online marketing.
    It’s my very early days in the program and i am excited already about the stuff i learn every time, now if this will be followed by some extra income even better!

    • Hi Spiros

      Yes if you follow the training that is set out at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn exactly how to make money! I am busy with a new post about the training and will include some really awesome Webinars by Jay that you really must watch!

  4. Great advise! I have done far too many scams in my days (even though im only 25!) and I am going back to the basics of finding something I’m interested in, and writing about it. Everyone has an interest they can pursue and provide value to others. Get rich quick schemes are all over the place so watch out.

    • Hi Darrik

      Yes don’t go for a “quick fix” here, it just won’t work. A quality website where you are offering something of value to your readers is what you should be aiming for. Of course this takes time and lots of hard work.

  5. Lynne, Thank you so much for sharing valuable message here! I absolutely agree with what you said about there is no such thing like “Becoming a millionaire overnight”. When I first started my on-line project, I was so overwhelmed with too much information and it sounded so sweet to hear there is an easy way. Even though I knew deep inside that there are scams, I almost wanted to believe that they are not. Because I didn’t want to make an effort and wanted an easy fix. However, just like you mentioned, I learned that it is no different than any other aspect of life, “easy come easy go!”. Your insights on this article really applies to other areas of our lives like, relationships or parenting. We continuously have to put an efforts and make changes to achieve REAL results.
    By the way, I am looking to connect with more people in a safe environment like Wealthy Affiliate, do other communities that you mentioned above have similar support from people like WA?

    • Hi Young
      Oh wow, you’ve really put it in a nutshell here. Everything takes hard work in life.
      I am sure there must be other great communities like Wealth Affiliate but I have not come across one yet that is this good. If I do find one I guarantee you that I will share about it so keep coming back to see whether is anything new.

  6. No BS. I just can’t take anymore too good to be true promises.
    I agree with you, Lynne. You have to invest! Invest your money, time, and energy. You can’t expect to be rich without doing anything unless you have a super-duper wealthy grandpa that is willing to give you his wealth by inheritance.

    You need to do the job. There is no free lunch!

    • Hi Arief
      Yes I agree with you! In part one of 100 ways to become a millionaire I had getting inheritance as one way lol, but not everyone has a wealthy relative and of course you may not be the lucky one to get all the dosh.
      Hard work and a bit of time is the way to go for sure.

  7. I think all of us would agree unanimously about the hard work required to get there. However, I’d like to ask you this: how much do you think success is related to getting lucky for an online business? Like being in the right place at the right time? Offline, I’ve personally seen a few cases like that who despite not doing much to launch their businesses initially had a great run just because they were at some point of their early days in touch with a great contact/business etc.

    • Hi Shaz

      Oh yes I do believe that, I am sure there are loads of people that have made it big very quickly and mostly due to luck or just the right circumstances at the time…. there are also lots of people that have won the lotto 🙂 However there is no secret sauce that guarantees success, and this is unfortunately what all these scams are promising.

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