Neobux review? PTC scam or a legitimate opportunity?

While doing research for Clixsense I kept coming across Neobux which is another PTC website. Apparently this is the PTC website that you can really earn some big bucks with, or so they say! So What is Neobux about and do they live up to the hype online? Is Neobux a scam or legit?

Neobux Review
Overall Ranking: 05/100
Price: Free to join or a Golden membership for $90 per year
Website: www.neobux.com

Introduction: What is Neobux about?

Neobux is a PTC website where you can earn money by clicking on ads, completing tasks, completing offers and referring people to Neobux. They seem to have quite a good reputation online at first glance with many people claiming you can make some really good money with Neobux.

So let’s have a closer look at this Neobux opportunity and see if that is all true.

What is Neobux about? Ptc Scam?

Here is a video claiming that you can make thousands per month with Neobux!

I registered with Neobux in November 2015 and tried to keep an open mind. I must say it is true that I have not put 100% effort into making money here. Every few days I went onto their site and clicked around a bit. Just keep in mind that clicking ads is just not my thing.

I have to be honest here too, there are tasks to do and also offers that you can complete. I did neither of these and I’ll explain why. I never ever have any tasks available on any website when I have a look. I find this rather strange. Then the offers are always for things to download to my phone, or even worse “free trials” that I have to give my credit card details to and then I must remember to cancel them before the free trial ends. Hell no, I am not just handing out my credit card details out online all over the place. The facts are that this is just not safe.

So here’s where we are sitting at now. I have clicked on 138 ads and I have made a total of $0.083. This works out to an average of $0.0006 per click.

neobux review

So let’s just go back and see what Neobux states about earning with them. According to Neobux you will earn between $0.001 to $0.015 so why is my average per click $0.0006? Something is clearly not right here!


What is Neobux about account

Let’s now have a look at something interesting I saw on their homepage, I love really looking into these things and doing the sums because it really always looks so impressive at first glance!

So how impressive does this screenshot below look? Over $138 312.28 paid to their members yesterday! Wow, that is great. Let’s divide the amount of money by the amount of users right? This averages $10.32 per user. Let’s divide the amount of money earned by the amount of ads viewed… $0.00000003802 per click. Hmmmmm interesting, that looks terribly low!

So now let’s take the amount earned by user and divide that by the $0.00000003802 per click….   271 436 086.27 clicks per person. Ok maybe I can’t add here… maybe there is something seriously wrong with me.

Neobux earnings

Neobux direct referrals and rented referrals

Ok so clearly you can’t make money clicking on ads with Neobux so let’s have a look at the referrals.

According to their schedule above if you have referrals you will earn about 50% commission on all direct referral clicks. Great stuff. But remember according to my calculations this will need to be close on 300 million clicks to earn $10 clicking yourself, so to earn $10 with direct referrals they will all need to click close on 600 million ads.

So now let’s look at the rented referrals. Rented referrals refers to people you can “rent” from Neobux. They are people that signed up without a referrer which means if you pay Neobux a certain amount for the month you can earn commission from their activities. So on the standard membership all those amounts look fine, but have a good look at the Golden membership amounts.

How can you earn that amount from your rented referrals. If you look at it logically you will earn all the money from your rented referrals that have Golden memberships and if they are standard members you will earn more per click than they are on most ads. Nothing here makes sense to me.

How much do Neobux rented referrals cost?

Well the price varies depending on how many you buy. It ranges from $0.60 for 3 referrals for a month to $20.00 for 100 referrals for a month. So it is $0.20 per month per referral.

I got on average 15 ads per day to view. So let’s say 15 ads per day and 30 days in a month = 450 ads in total that your referrals could possibly click on. Let’s pretend that you are a Golden member so each rented referral click will earn you (in theory) $4.50 per month.

So this is great and all in theory, but in reality will they all click every day? Well no they won’t because it is not worth their time. Remember you could pay for a rented referral and they might have signed up and done nothing.

Neobux rented referrals

The other problem is that if you look at what you say you will earn and then look at my average earnings per click you will see that there is something very off. I should have earned $0.001 to $0.015 per click but I really earned $0.0006. So based on this fact in reality how much do you think you will earn per month per referral.

You must click daily to earn money from referrals on Neobux!

So here’s something else I found on their website. To earn from your referrals for the day you must have clicked on ads yourself the day before!

Neobux direct referrals

If you are a free member you must click on 4 ads every day to earn daily from your referrals and if you have a Golden membership you must click on at least 9 ads daily to earn every day from your referrals.

Umm ok so I pay you $90 a year to make more money through your website per click and per referral click but I must then click on more ads daily. I’m not sure how you feel about this but I think it stinks. For starters if I pay for a “Golden” membership I should get more benefits, not have to click more and waste my time.

Neobux Pros and Cons


  • It is a well established company that has a good reputation
  • It has a forum
  • There is an affiliate program
  • You can rent referrals (although I personally think this is a scam)
  • $2 cash-out threshold
  • Instant payouts (no waiting period)
  • Wide range of ways to earn


  • It is obvious you don’t earn what they state you will on their website
  • Complaints about the rented referrals (with good reasons)
  • Seems this is an unsustainable business model to me
  • Very low earning potential and although the cash-out threshold is only $2 it will take you a long, long time to get there!

Can you earn money from Neobux?

Well $0.083 is money… BUT come on is that what you want from life? How about some financial freedom?

Is Neobux a Scam or Legit?

I am on the line here about whether Neobux is a scam or legit, to me and my personal experience this looks like a scam. There is dishonesty going on and I have not personally earned per click what is stated on their website.

If you tell me I will earn $0.001 per click and I clicked 138 times I should have $0.139 in my account, NOT $0.083. But really this is not something I am going to get upset about, this is for research purposes only and I honestly have no interest in low earning opportunities like this.

There are so many people raving about this opportunity… desperate people trying to get referrals or are they really making money?

I’ll do this instead, I’ll give them a pitiful 05/100 and say if you want to sign up well go for it and good luck!

My Verdict for Neobux

Well I am not fond of PTC websites as you would have noticed from my previous reviews of Clixsense and Scarlet Clicks for example. According to Wikipedia, PTC sites are considered dubious at best.

That said yes I suppose this is not an outright scam but I consider it to be a time waster and there is something strange going on. I’ve also investigated rented referrals and that looks to me to be a scam activity in itself.

Would I recommend Neobux? No I wouldn’t. This is a sad way to make money.

If you want to try a PTC website then rather give Clixsense a go, so far they look to be the most honest PTC I have come across.

What do you think of Neobux and PTC sites in general? Please leave a comment.

I’m sure you would rather try a real business opportunity right? Do you want to build your own website and start making real and honest money online? Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to get started.

Neobux Review
Overall Ranking: 05/100
Price: Free to join or a Golden membership for $90 per year
Website: www.neobux.com



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  1. Hello Lynne,
    Thank you for your review on Neobux PCT, I have heard of this program but I was not sure what was all about because to be honest, I have never heard or seen such an approach to business as “Rent for Referrals?” Now I have a better understanding of how the program works, and I am very disappointed that they allure hard working people to their scammy program, because what else we can call a company that claims that one can make thousands per month with Neobux just for browsing on their advertisers websites? and Rent for referrals?.
    Good and honest people come here with the illusion that they will make a lot of money with this program and the only thing they find is empty promises and false claims? and yes, like you said, they are making a few cents but not the thousands they were promising to earn. That is for me -unscrupulous lies equal to SCAM.
    Everyone is sick of these schemes because these scammers hurt a lot of families while they get richer. This gets to the point where it becomes very disheartening”.
    Fortunately, there are still honest and profitable systems to make money online, would you recommend any of the honest ones?

    Thank you!

  2. OH my god thank you for making this review, it is alway difficult to find out what the website really pays out unless you try it yourself, in this case you have done all the work, thank you. I dont think you can be any more detailed with explaining how this website does not make me any money, unless I have a computer software that makes teh clicks for me everyday all day long on different accounts. if not this program, what other program would you recommend to do what is maybe similar to neobux that could bring in some real money or is there no website like neobux that really does that?

    • Hi Benedetto

      I believe all the PTC websites have a way to block software that clicks for you, or so they claim on their websites. I am not too clued up about this technical side of it. I wouldn’t personally take that route because it is trying to scam Neobux or the PTC website isn’t it?

      Which PTC would I recommend? Well if I had to choose one it would be Clixsense.

  3. I remember coming across this Neobux sometime back while I was still very green with all the make money online stuff. Their rating, at a mere 5/100 is obviously too low, to start with! I can only call it a ‘legitimate scam’ if you consider what you’d earn, if at all, compared to how much effort you have to put in. And so if you joined it for a while, have you checked recently if your account is still active? It could be rocking heavy with cash, you know!

    • Hi Stephen

      The problem is that if you haven’t been active for a while their is no way for your Neobux account to be rocking heavy with cash due to the fact that you cannot earn from any referrals (direct or rented) unless you click every day. Only if you click a certain amount of times today can you earn from all your referrals tomorrow.

      This makes it impossible to just focus on getting referrals, you have to log into Neobux every day and click too!

  4. Hi Lynne,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The review is spot on. Although I’m not associated with Neobux in any way, (I have been online marketing for sometime) I can see that it is just another PTC that makes our industry squirm.

    There are great online products out there and usually entrepreneurs will have to find out the hard way by finding the ones that really work. If people stumble across your site here I’m certain they will save themselves a lot of time and money.

    Very informative site and you provide great value to your following. Keep up the good work.

    Wayne Gosse

    Internet Marketer/Home Business Consultant

    • Hi Wayne

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I agree these PTC’s are just a waste of time and effort. I am doing a little experiment with Clixsense at the moment. I believe Clixsense to be the more useful of the PTC lot.. yes the best of the worst type of opportunity lol, Anyway once I am finished with my little experiment I’ll share the results.

  5. Ok you wish to bash NeoBux. No problem there, you are free to do it. But even when you want to bash someone it’s really too bad to do it with lies. NeoBux always pays exactly what it promises and if you have proofs that this doesn’t happen you should bring them. But you will not do it, because your claim is an obvious lie. It’s more than obvious since there are not any direct purchases in your screenshot that you had let previously your account inactive for more than 30 days and this means a reset of you balance as per their terms of service. Therefore what you did is to register one account and basically stay completely inactive other than clicking very few advertisements. NeoBux and every other website will never pay you a good amount for doing basically absolutely nothing. As for the tasks for which the pay higher than anyone else, if you have a little patience to catch and do some tasks for the zero level and consequently go to level one, the availability stops becoming a problem and if you have the time, you can make a good amount of money working on them. Furthermore, labeling a business as an unsustainable model without providing a single reason doesn’t make any sense. Calling any program or company scam without any proofs is worse, and even an illegal action in several countries. I suppose you would have no problems if someone was writing something like this “to me and my personal experience Lynne Huysamen looks like a scammer”. Good luck bashing others for your personal and suspicious reasons. My experience with neobux is great and I’m happy I didn’t read a misinforming review like this one in the past, because I might had lost the chance to find out the best online opportunity in my personal opinion for making money online without being yourself a website owner. Shame on you to base your review on a lie and for reviewing a website when you have basically have used almost none of its services yourself, and therefore you have basically no personal experience, something absolutely required for a reviewer.

  6. Hey Lynne,

    Sure, you can make thousands of dollars selling tacos too, but then again you have to sell thousands of tacos. This is one marketing gimmick a lot of sites have stated over the years. You can make thousands just by browsing. Sorry, but after 3 days of browsing stuff for 8 hours a day I think a lot of people will come to the conclusion that Neobux really isn’t worth their time.

    In regards to the comment left by Kostas. Are you an employee of Neobux. Because it sort of looks like you are working for them. There have been countless post that expose Neobux; so I guess here is some proof:

    Just my two cents.

    • Hi Garen

      Thanks for the giggle, you explained it beautifully with the tacos!

      Thanks for the links to back up the findings of my Neobux review Garen.

      • Just for the record I have no affiliation with tacos, but I do eat them on Tuesday 🙂

        • LOL Garen, thank you 🙂 It is always lovely to have a giggle. I love tacos and I eat quite a lot of them… but not enough to support anyone full time selling tacos!

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