What Is IPX and How Can Your Business Benefit From it?

LTE networks have gained immense popularity and are expanding at a fast rate with more than 200 networks been deployed over the past few years. An IPX Network also known as IP Exchange has three emerging aspects which are:

  • Faultless roaming experience
  • Improved services
  • Achieving scale

IPX is more than simply a network. An IPX platform or cpaas service is a cloud-based and omnichannel messaging service that helps businesses to connect with customers in a more effective and meaningful manner. RCS and VoLTE also forms part of an IPX network. Which means no matter where you go, whether going on vacation in a different country or state, you will be able to find more advanced roaming on your cell phone. 

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How Can Your Business Benefit From an IPX Network?

An IPX Network can offer various business benefits for users. All these advantages can be enjoyed via one connection, by simply connecting to your IPX network. There are four primary advantages linked to an IPX network which include:

  • Superior quality
  • Multi-layered services
  • Centralized base
  • Flexibility

Superior Quality

Nowadays, everyone requires a top-quality network. Low-quality networks will not keep up with the demands of today’s business savvy generation. An IPX network offer superior quality and a well-defined platform for customers. Most iOS and Android users nowadays have IPX networks installed on their phones. Even electronic devices like tablets or PCs have this network installed. 

Multi-layered Services

There are various layers of services linked to an IPX network, not just IP connection, voice connection service, and SMS connection. An IPX network can also offer significant capacity for a user to achieve critical mass coverage.  When connected to IPX network, you can have multiple services delivered to via using a singular connection. There is no need for a separate connection for different services. Some of the primary services offered by an IPX network include:

  • You can obtain 2G/3G network on data traffic when roaming for data sand voice signalling
  • You can get international as well as national voice transit via the IPX network
  • High definition voice services when making video or phone calls
  • LTE signalling as well as other services

Centralized Base

IPX is the central base for various networks and services. It is also connected to a roaming hub which means you are guaranteed interconnection with several operators via the IPX network. All IPX networks are interlinked with one another via a private network (for example: off a public network).


An IPX network is incredibly flexible and offer guaranteed diameter signalling and routing on the network. Therefore, you have access to equally superior quality network within the diameter. IPX network suppliers offer users with certain flexibility in their services and networks. This network is a universal type of package where you can benefit from an array of services from one network that is not easily found with other types of networks.


I hope this post have been useful to you and that it has given you the insight you needed about what IPX is and how it can benefit your business.


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