Affiliate Marketing – Scam or Profitable Online Business Opportunity?

Chances are that if you are on my website you are looking for ways to earn money online. I’m sure by now you have heard the term affiliate marketing right?

You might have heard people saying it is a scam, dishonest, unethical or not worthwhile. Or perhaps you are interested in it, but it seems too complicated to set up an affiliate marketing company?

Let me guide you through what affiliate marketing means and what it entails.

What is Affiliate Marketing

A very simple explanation of affiliate marketing is marketing a company’s products or services and earning commission on sales, leads or clicks that you generate for them.

Learn the affiliate marketing basicsHow to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing

So now you know what it is how do you earn money through being an affiliate marketer, what exactly do you need to do?

I’m going to set this out in point form because that is how I understand things best!

Choose a Niche for your Online Business

Think about what you are passionate about and can write about.This can be anything you like. The wonderful thing about affiliate marketing is that there is a market for anything and everything. As long as you can write about it, you can make money.

I will give you some personal examples here from some of my websites.

I am a mom of 2 young children so I am obviously passionate about being a mom right? Click here to see my pareting website where I write articles on babies and toddlers.

I am also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I am passionate about helping other people get clean too, so I write blogs on my experiences of being an addict in recovery and during the time I was using. Click here to see my website on recovery from addiction.

For more in-depth information on choosing a niche view this training.

Set Up your very own Website

This is not as hard as it sounds! Yes you will need to learn a lot in the beginning but the rewards will be great. If you don’t believe me just keep reading…

You can set up a free website here. You will be taken through the steps exactly how to set up your website and it will just take a few minutes to do.

Start Affiliate Marketing WebsiteGet Traffic to Your Website

Before you can make any money you need traffic. Think of it like any other shop. Before you can sell anything to anyone you need people to come inside. You won’t make any money without traffic.

To get traffic to your website you need quality content. Your website and all of your content should be high quality.

You want to solve a problem your audience has. They are looking for answers and information and you provide this to them. You must give them value when they come to your website. I will explain this a little more in the next point.

Learn how to get traffic to your website.

Monetize Your Website

Once you have traffic on your website you can then start to monetize your website. I’m sure you want to know exactly how to do this right?

I just spoke about providing value you to your audience so I will use an example from my baby website. A lot moms breastfeed their babies and a lot of these moms struggle with low milk supply and what to know to increase their breast milk production.

So I wrote a blog on how to increase your breast milk supply, with valuable tips for these moms. At the end of this article I added some really great books with more information. Do you see where I am going with this?

Click here to see this article.

In case you are not following, those books at the bottom of that article are Amazon products. I signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate. If anyone reads my article and buys anything from Amazon (yes not just those books, anything at all) I will be paid commission on that sale.

Amazon is not the only place to sign up as an affiliate marketer, there are hundreds of thousands of websites you can sign up with as an affiliate marketer.

But with Amazon alone I can market so many products related to the baby and toddler niche. Just on the breast feeding topics alone I can do breast pumps, breast pads, nipple cream, milk freezer bags, books on breast feeding…

Not only can I make money on all these products but I don’t have to deal with any stock, orders, shipping or customers. Once I have enough traffic all I do is research and write!

How to earn money through affiliate marketing

Do I need a Website to be an Affiliate Marketer?

I would certainly recommend that you start affiliate marketing website if you want to start affiliate marketing. If you  start affiliate marketing without a website you will find it so much harder. How will you drive potential customers to your affiliate links?

If you are thinking of spamming links all over other people’s websites, well that is just not nice! I certainly don’t enjoy logging into my websites every day and finding spam filled comments!

If you are thinking of sending out your affiliate links via social networks, that is not a great option either. For starters a lot of social networks don’t like direct affiliate links being posted, plus you will need a good audience there too to make some money.

You may as well build your audience on your website.

If you want to send out your affiliate links via email I would also advise against this. You will still need to build up your list and then send out spammy emails which nobody likes, opens or reads.

If you set your website up you can add email marketing (and I highly suggest you do this) and your website will build your list for you. Everything can be done automatically with a lot less work.

Learn the Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you want to start affiliate marketing I really suggest you get some great training done. I have just given the barest outline of how everything works, there is obviously a lot more detail that you will need to learn before you start.

The great thing is you can learn exactly how to do this, and for free! Click here to join the best affiliate marketing training platform you will ever find!

Is affiliate marketing a scam?Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

Certainly not. This is a great way to make money online, it certainly beats all the other “online opportunities” out there. Aren’t you tired of all the scams and time wasting websites out there? I can tell you now that I certainly am!

This is the best way to make honest money online.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Yes and no!

Once you understand the process it can be an easy way to make money, yes. BUT you will need to learn how to do affiliate marketing properly. You will need to dedicate time and work hard on your website. It will take some time to set up and it will take time to start generating an income.

If you look at it like any other business you might want to start and compare it. Let’s take a retail store for example. You will need to make a huge financial investment to launch this.

Here are some basic costs you will be looking at:

  • Cost of premises (renting or buying)
  • Cost of setting up the premises (shelving, tills, storage space, packaging)
  • Staff is a huge monthly expense, never mind the headaches of having to deal with employees!
  • Cost of stock
  • Insurance costs
  • Security expenses
  • Marketing costs (yes you will probably need a website too anyway!)

I have probably not even covered half the expenses and how long will it take you to generate a return on a new business? 6 months? Not likely, probably more like 2 or 3 years before you start breaking even.

Affiliate marketing will also take some time, but it will not cost you much money to start. In fact you can start right now for free! You will also most likely start generating an income much faster than launching another business.

Is affiliate marketing easy

Do I recommend Affiliate Marketing?

Hell yes, this is a great way to make money!

Do you want to continue working for a boss,  for a low salary, most likely doing something you don’t really enjoy?

Or would you rather start a website focusing on something you are passionate about and start earning what you want to earn?

Work from anywhere you want and when you want to!

Get Started Now!

If you have any questions please contact me by leaving a comment. I wrote this just for you and I would love to hear from you.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Lynne,
    This information is absolutely fantastic. I know if I’m going to build a business I would much rather go into affiliate marketing rather than having to rent a building, buying products, then having to worry about whether I will sell enough to make rent on the building. I know affiliate marketing is not an over night success, but if a person wants it bad enough they will work for it. Thank you for explaining this information so clearly.

    • Hi Ira

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I love affiliate marketing as I’m sure you noticed. The best thing is I can be my own boss and do anything I want to do. The worst part of working for someone else is that you have no outlet for your own passions, you plod along in a dreary environment and have to do what youre told. I love being able to explore my passions and make money from it.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Thank for the honest and no bullshit information on how to make money online. The internet is filled with get rich quick & make money online fast options and it was nice to read that there is an honest way to make money online and that it is not going to be easy always to make money. Also great job on covering all the aspects of affiliate marketing in such a compact manner.

    • Hi Josh

      I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am also so tired of all the get rich schemes, the scams and BS. It seems there is so much rubbish and you have to dig through all of it before you find anything remotely worthwhile!

      I’m just grateful I have found something that works well for me: Affiliate Marketing! Absolutely loving it.

  3. Hi Lynne,
    Nice and elaborate post right there, you’ve explained affiliate marketing in a way that anyone can understand. You pictures are also well thought of and positioned.
    I like the idea of comparing a conventional business with online business and indeed after all the hassle, you still will think of a website, anyway.
    I have a conventional business that is young. Sometimes it becomes so stressful. So I now want to establish online enterprises.

    • Hi Boniface

      I am pleased you found this article helpful.

      The fact is no matter what business you go into, you will most likely end up needing a website. I wish you all the success in setting up your online enterprise, if you need any help or if you are stuck with anything let me know.

  4. Hello. I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of months now and I can say it has been a great online business opportunity.
    I like the links you have posted, I found some stuff on WA through your site that I was unaware of!
    This post has been super informative and anyone should give it a try!

    • Hi Kyle

      I am glad you enjoyed me post and the it benefited you as a Wealthy Affiliate member. The wonderful part of Wealthy Affiliate is that there is always something new being added!

  5. Hey Lynne,

    This is a great breakdown of what affiliate marketing is. I think it’s an amazing way to make money; compared to working every day at a job you detest. And it is less expensive than opening a stand alone business where I would need to hire employees and equipment and need a business loan.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Hi Lynne,

    Affiliate marketing definitely has it’s pros and cons, and I don’t think it is for everyone. It has to be approached with a lot of determination and the crucial thing is following your passion, like you said in the part about choosing your niche.

    What I think, the most important part for anyone who actually recommends affiliate marketing is that they have prior experience with it on non-affiliate-marketing niche 🙂 Your blog on babies and toddlers is the proof that you walk the walk, and that really adds value to your recommendation!

    Take care,


    • Hi Sinisa

      Thanks for your feedback and input. Yes I must say that having some experience online really has helped me with understanding affiliate marketing!

      I have enjoyed learning about affiliate marketing and it has been an exciting journey so far.

  7. Hi Lynne,

    thank you for your honest and informative article, I bounced between lots of get rich quick schemes when I was searching for a way to start a business online, and being a complete newbie, I had no idea what to look for and what it’s all about. Thanks to an honest and compelling article like yours, I finally found my way around to a training program that worked for me, with no overnight success promises, no bs, and all the info and training I needed to set up my own website and get going. Keep on spreading the word!

    Take Care,

    • Hi Eva

      I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Congrats on starting your own website, I wish you all the best with your online business venture. If you get stuck and need any help please let me know.

  8. Thanks for spelling out affiliate marketing, I used to fall for a lot of scams that claimed to be affiliate marketing. They would give me an affiliate link and tell me to promote the link. I’m sure you know my results, not so good. Wish I had found your site years ago. Thanks for the insightful post, will help many.

    • Hey there Bob.

      Yes I am sure, there are so many scams out there!

      That is also what I thought Affiliate Marketing was… just spamming people with links and ads. I had a very negative view on what affiliate marketing involved and for that reason I refused to look into it at all. When I finally did spend a bit of time investigating it I found that if you do affiliate marketing properly it is very different to what I thought. It is a wonderful way to earn money online!

  9. Hey Lynne!
    This is such a great article! It is both informative! and straight to the point! I like how you have involved your passions and your heart into this business, to see you wanting the same for others is such an encouragement to me. Thank you for bringing more awareness of affiliate marketing as well as your ‘genuine’ self to the online world! Take Care!


    • Hi Shane 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed this article, I enjoyed writing it. I am glad my passions came through so strongly., that is exactly what I was aiming for: to let others know you can work for yourself, earn great money and do something you absolutely love! Yes it will take hard work and dedication by affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income.

  10. I read the whole article and when I go to the part about the basic business costs of having a store I think I had a AHHA moment! Its so hard to weed through all the ‘STUFF that is crammed on the internet these days with work at home schemes. I definitely like that this program offers a FREE version to try, OR stay with. Think this would be worth another look and try.

    • Hi Jester. You won’t be disappointed if you have a look I can promise you that! The tools and training they provide are outstanding. What you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you not only about affiliate marketing, but also about working on any online business. There are numerous ways to make money from a website aside from affiliate marketing.

  11. Hello again Lynne! I have been struggling a bit with that traffic stuff now. I guess I chose an unique niche. I do not know how fast I am able to get traffic for my new website. I have tired to choose “low hanging fruit” keywords, and write quality posts etc. but seems like something does not work. Maybe need to promote via facebook page or something else, too.

    • Hi Jess. If you have a unique niche and you have chosen your keywords well, especially low hanging fruit keywords you will get traffic! Just remember that it does take a while for organic traffic to get going. Remember this is a business just like any other, it takes time and hard work first.

  12. Now thats a great explanation of affiliate marketing. It certainly is not a scam if you are writing about a topic you are passionate about and are providing reviews on products that you know are great. What concerns me is when people promote products or services that are not good. These people only have one thing in mind and that is money. As affiliate marketers we need to want to help our visitors and ensure they are happy when they leave our website. Of course we want to make money but honestly. Affiliate is a great way to do that.

    Thanks for the wonderful resource!

    • Hi Melody. You have brought up a very good point! When affiliate marketers do that it makes me really annoyed. Read my Mintvine Review for a good example of this. Unfortunately as with any other industry you will find affiliate marketers that conduct themselves badly and are just out for the money, so they will give anything a great review as long as it will bring them an income.

  13. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for the information 🙂 I’ve searched for many legit ways to earn money online, and I found out that Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best way to earn money online with yourself as your own boss.

    It is different with being a freelancer, in which you tied up with your client (a.k.a. your boss), and sometimes you don’t earn as you should because the client scammed you. I see that some of them refuse to give a rating and said that our work is not satisfying their requirement and reject to pay us, but they still use it without our concern.

    Thank you for made me realize this 🙂

    • Hi Alblue. Yes I know, if you are freelancing you have a lot of “bosses” and this can be very frustrating. I was doing freelance work for a while and I found it very demanding. Some people can be very hard to please no matter how good the work you do is. Affiliate Marketing is entirely different and you are the middle man which means you won’t have to deal with customers or suppliers in the same way as you would in another form of business.

  14. Lynne,

    This is an absolutely fantastic overview. I know there are so many people on the fence about trying something like this and mainly it is because they don’t even know what it means.

    How long ave you been in affiliate marketing? Are you really making some good cash at this point? I always wonder how others are doing.



    • Hi Marcel. I have been working online for 4 years but only started with affiliate marketing 3 months ago.The money is starting to come in which is very exciting. I can already see how profitable affiliate marketing can be if done correctly!

  15. Hi, a lot of people assume affiliate marketing programs as cyber scams but Amazon and Google AdSense are too affiliate marketing.

    You have written a great post here giving an excellent overview on how income is generated via affiliate marketing. I am pretty excited looking at the potential income that one can earn from the Affiliate marketing.

    There are indeed some good programs and some are purely scams. What would you recommended if someone asks which affiliate program is the best in the market so far that gives good commissions?

    • Hi Alex. Geez there are so many affiliate programs out there, there is no way to say which one out of 100 000’s of programs is the best! However you should look for programs that give great commissions like 50 – 75%, if you can find subscription services that have a great high commission structure like that then there is really good earning potential. Also a site like Amazon is great because they have millions of products you can promote and they are trusted, which means you will make sales quite easily. The commission structure is not that great but you have a massive base of products you can promote.

      • Hi Lynne So from this reply is it possible to start out without a specific product? I am interested in so many things and products that Im unsure how to decide on a niche? I am still reading your site and all the fantastic information before I go with the 7 day free programme. I love looking at all kinds of products and sites and would like to find a way to promote them through my own website but it could end up that I am a jane of all trades and master of none. Do you have any advice? Thanks Jane

        • Hi Jane

          Well you would start off with one niche because your website will need to be niche related, meaning all the information on your website should be related to one niche or topic in order for it to rank well. If you want to head off into different niches I suggest you build another website at some stage. But focus on one website first, get that going and earning an income before starting another one.

  16. Lynn,
    Thank you for this great post, I’m myself thinking about starting an affiliate marketing campaign. I have been doubtful about how much money and time do it need to succeed. From your personal experience, how much does it take? Is there any program or training out there that you recommend?

    • Hi Koelner. It is a great way to go! I pay $19 per month for the Jaaxy keyword tool which I feel is essential! Then I pay Wealthy Affiliate $47 a month for premium membership. Plus I purchased my own domains which cost about $10 each. However you can use the keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate, you can use the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate and you can get by without your own domain names! This means the actual costs of setting up your business is $0!

      However if you want to get the most out of the Wealthy Affiliate platform you should really go for the Premium membership because the training and support is outstanding.

      • Hi Lynne – do you think that the old adage you get nothing for nothing applies here? In other words as a newbie the investment of 100 us dollars more or less will ensure you are earning much more quickly? How important are keyword tools and domains to overall speed of success? I suppose those of us who don’t have big bucks to spare are worried about a monthly costly outlay in dollars and the promise of returns to offset that cost? I realise that saying how long it might take is like saying how long is a piece of string but presumably good hard work for 3-6 months is going to pay in returns or knowledge? Thanks so much Jane

        • Hi Jane

          This all depends on so many variables, how fast do you catch on to how everything works, how much training can you get through and how well can you apply it… In all honesty you CAN get by with spending nothing at all. There are some free tools for keyword research too, they are just not as good as the paid tools. So do you want to spend a week doing keyword research with free tools or do you want to spend an hour with an excellent paid tool and get on with your work 🙂

          Yes your own domain will firstly look better, nobody likes a mywebsite.subdomain.com do they? I assume you would like mywebiste.com instead right? And you your own domain can be much easier to rank for a few reasons. This is not to say a free subdomain website won’t rank….

          It will be easier and quicker to earn money using paid tools.

  17. Hi Lynne,
    A really great article an affiliate marketing and I must agree with you it’s a good business model to get into. I love the fact that you have started websites based on some of your passions, it’s certainly the best way to go. So much easier to provide value or solve a problem when you know first hand about your niche.
    I think one of the misconceptions people may have about affiliate marketing is that it’s easy and they will make money quickly. You point out that they will have to work hard, which is very true, but when compared to a bricks and mortar business for me affiliate marketing wins every time. You can start for almost nothing and if you stick at it the rewards will come.

    • Hi Peter. I am so glad you see what I see! This is the perfect way for anyone wanting to start their own business in something they love. Low start up costs and you can do it in your own time and build it up if you still need to work full time elsewhere until it starts bringing in money!

  18. I’ve always liked the idea of becoming my own boss and loving it! The thought of working for myself for once seems like a dream that’s just out of reach. I love the way you have covered marketing here – so many people ( like myself ) are interested in it but don’t know where to start. Could you recommend a book or education to start with maybe?

  19. The great lesson to learn, a lot of people think about becoming an affiliate marketing is easy. Before, that’s how I think of affiliate marketing just share a link, didn’t go in a proper training is annoying. Thank you for this well explain information.

  20. There certainly is less hurdles to jump over in stating an online business vs bricks and mortar business.

    It is incredible to review your list of start up and ongoing costs that can be avoided by getting into affiliate marketing.

    One question is how much money can a person really make in affiliate marketing? I always heard it was pennies.

    • Hi Marcel, thanks for visiting. It really depending on how you work it. If you do it correctly then you really can make a huge amount of money!

  21. Hello Lynne! This is a wonderful site for starting a business on-line. You’ve answered many questions that would enter my thought. I have a site called cardanddice that could use some pointers for sure. I love the way you did your links, and I see they are well placed allowing people to go and research as well as answered questions. Thank you so much for your help in the business world!

    • Hi Jameset

      I am so glad you enjoyed this article and found it helpful 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions

  22. I used to be skeptical about affiliate marketing but that was after i began doing my research instead of assuming things.
    I have found out many cases already of successful people and decided to try it myself.
    You’ve done a very detailed step by step guide and it is written in a way that is very encouraging for people who read it , to decide to take action and begin their own online bussiness.

    • Hi Alan, thanks for visiting. Yes I agree it is easy to be assume it is a scam! I do think there are a lot of scammy affiliate marketers though and this does give it a terrible name. Like you say it really is important to research for yourself before making a decision.

      I have personally loved my venture into affiliate marketing. I find it exciting and loads of fun.

  23. Hi Lynne,

    I keep reading more and more about affiliate marketing as I research ways to make money online.

    My only hesitation is needing a website. I am not techy at all and trying to make my own website scares me. And there are sooooo many websites out there. How will people every find mine?

    I don’t think affiliate marketing is a scam but I also don’t think it is possible to make a decent income. Kind of like with MLM’s. There are a select few who actually make enough money to replace what they might make at an actual 9-5 job. I have tried MLM and it didn’t work for me. I am afraid the same thing will happen with affiliate marketing.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Simone

      You have brought up some really great questions here.

      I agree with you about MLM, I think it is terribly hard to make money and I think only a select few will make it with this. I also don’t like the way you have to hound people and go for the hard sell with MLM.

      I do agree with you, some people make it with affiliate marketing and some don’t. What makes a huge difference here is knowing the right way to go about affiliate marketing. This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate University, you will get the training, support and community that you need.

      It can be very simple and easy to start with it. You don’t need to be techy to figure out how to make your own website, I am not at all techy! You can have your website set up in minutes with Wealthy Affiliate!

      If you follow the training you can start your affiliate marketing website part time while working else where and build up to making enough to leave your full time job. You will probably be able to leave your full time job within a year.

      This is not quick money and it doesn’t start over night. I think this is often why people fail at it. You might need to work consistently at your online business for 6 months before you even make one sale! A lot of people don’t have the drive to make it that far.

  24. Thanks so much for answering my questions Lynne. This has helped me a lot. I checked out a few reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and all of them were quite positive. I am always afraid to try these online things because I think there are many scams out there.

    • Hi Simone
      It is a pleasure, and I am really not surprised you are nervous to try these things out! There are so many scams out there, as well as websites that just waste your time which really irritates me more than downright scams. The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can have a look at it for free and check out the program before you put any work or effort in, and no need to pay anything either. There is no hidden agenda or secrecy.

  25. Great article on affiliate marketing. If anybody was in doubt or had questions about affiliate marketing, I think you have cleared it up for them.

    I agree with you that you do need a website to do this, otherwise you don’t have your own ‘shop’ to sell from and it can be extremely difficult.

    Keep the great articles coming.

    • Hi Michel

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes a website is important, otherwise I think it would just be spamming people on social networks and via email with your affiliate links… so not cool!

  26. Hi Lynne

    When I first started with affiliate marketing I thought that I was going to sell Viagra pills and memberships for casino games. I was wrong to think that and it gave me a narrow vision. Only after a while I realised that there are more to affiliate marketing that meets the eye.

    The best thing for me about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to own a product in order to sell it.

  27. Hi Lynne – Im getting information overloaded. Are the free training resources on your website the same as the free 7 day membership offered on the WA website? Should i work my way through all the info on your site or go straight to the 7 day programme?

    • LOL Jane… you are asking a lot of very good questions here. I think the best would be for you to sms me your contact number so I can call you in person! Not that questions are a bad thing, you must ask them! But perhaps talking in person will help you understand some of the concepts easier? My cell is 084 990 3518 and my landline is 022 714 0268 🙂 Or you can email your phone number to lynne@smallonlinebusinessopportunity.com and I will call you.

  28. Affiliate marketing is an almost perfect business model. From the company’s point of view, it works really well because they only have to pay their marketers on the results they get. If they get a sale for the company, they get paid. If they don’t, it hasn’t cost the company any money. But also, from the perspective of the marketer it works out well too. No need to deal with customers if anything goes wrong. No need to hold any stock. All you need to do is get people to click through to the website and buy something.

    Take eBay, for example. A lot of people probably think that the only way to earn money on eBay is to actually be a seller yourself. Not true. You can be an affiliate of eBay and earn money selling other people’s products. Again, no need to keep any products or deal with offering refunds if anything breaks or if the customer is not satisfied. Just get people clicking through and buying and you’re done.

    • Hi Marcus

      Thank you for adding that little different perspective, yes it is a lovely business model. So it is a great idea for anyone with their own product website to have affiliates too. It will really help to get your product and your name out there 🙂

  29. Lynne what a beautiful soul you are. I love that you are writing about the things closest to your heart. A true survivor and now look at what you have been able to achieve to date. Amazing!

    As for Affiliate Marketing it would have to be the most lucrative venture in my life. Since I started on this industry I have never looked back. Thanks for the great read, I have bookmarked your site.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Michelle

      Thank you for sharing your experience with affiliate marketing, yes I feel the same way. It is an incredible way to make an income 🙂

  30. More Than $1 Million Commissions Paid To Affiliates! Up To 25% Conversion Rate, $2 Epc! $10,000 Cash Prizes! Join The Elite Affiliates Now! Converts For All Type Of Traffic! Swipes & Banners

    ***Link Removed***

    • Oh My Eril, this is exactly the kind of rubbish I am trying to keep away from on my website. What a scam you have just spammed here. I have removed your link.

  31. Hi Lynne,
    I love that affiliate marketing has a low cost of entry. And that affiliate marketers can continue to keep their business costs low for the duration of their business if they want to. Really, it looks like you can start affiliate marketing on a shoe string budget. We are planning on living a rather mobile lifestyle in about a year or two, so the idea of being free to make money without ties to inventory or a physical location is really appealing to me. You definitely make the argument for affiliate marketing. I’ve Google + and Facebook Liked your article in the hopes that friends and family will take an interest, too 🙂

    • Hi Alyssa

      Oh yes, affiliate marketing will be the perfect mobile career! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection 🙂

      Thank you for sharing this post. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

  32. Lynne, It appears WA is trying to discourage or make it hard for me to rejoin since I was premium when I dropped out. I would have to come back in at the Premium and Jaaxy would not let me do a trial account. What do you say?

    • Hi Luther

      Yes I believe that once you have been premium that you no longer are able to access the starter account. You would have to chat to Kyle about that. I do understand that since you have had access to everything that you then cannot come back and make use of all the free information.

    • Sorry I didn’t answer your query about Jaaxy… are you sure you never tried the free trial? It does sound odd that you cannot access that? Once again you would need to chat to Kyle about it.

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