10 Absolute Essentials for Starting An Online Business

I’ve recently had a few people ask me similar questions on the topic of what do you need for an online business.

So this post will be focused on all the main things you will need in order to succeed online. These are absolute necessities for me and I believe all online marketers need these things.

essentials what do you need for an online business

The Right Attitude for starting an Online Business

This the first step and the most important. Do you have what it takes?

I am not talking about skills or intelligence here. I am referring to other really important qualities such as determination, willingness to learn and willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

Willingness to put in loads of work initially to lay down the foundation of your business without immediate financial returns. Yes I said it, it will take time to build your online business just like it will take time with any other offline business you start too.

The people that fail at an online business are the ones that are not willing to put the work in now and wait for the reward later.

The people that fail are the ones looking for a quick fix.

Please also read my article on getting rich, NOW on autopilot and you will understand better what I am talking about.

Most businesses ventures fail, just like online marketing.. and the number one reason for failing at online marketing is giving up before the miracle happens.

If you just don’t have the tenacity to put in what it takes to succeed don’t bother starting.

An internet Connection

This is quite obvious, but I had to list it. Without a decent internet connection you don’t stand a chance with an online business.

A Laptop or Desktop Computer

Once again, obvious but it must be listed.

A Place to Learn, Get Support and Network with other Online Marketers

I consider this to be absolutely vital to your success.

There are scams all over, people trying to trick you into a get rich quick fix… and if you follow that you will fail.

And until you find a place that teaches you how to do online marketing the right way you will continue to fail. You need to find a place that teaches you the right way, step by step, supporting you every step of the way.

My #1 Recommendation for this is Wealthy Affiliate University. You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate University here.

You can have a free membership account but I really recommend the Premium account simply because you will have access to so much more. You will be able to build your business so much faster!

There are other places I also recommend too, take a browse through  my list of online business opportunities in the top menu bar of my website.

A Website

If you want to work online you need a website, this is not negotiable really.

For example some people want to work from a Facebook page… well that is not your website, that is Facebook’s website and you are limiting yourself so much.

You can build a Siterubix website for free and have it hosted for free at Wealthy Affiliate University. This is one of the many reasons I love them so much. They give you so much for free.

It is quick and it is easy to do, just watch this video to see how you can have your own free website set up in seconds!


Do you want your own website? Well get it right here, right now!


A Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is absolutely vital to your online business. It all starts with a good keyword.

How are people going to find you?

I’m talking about the easy way where you don’t have to pay a cent ever for advertising or spend hours posting to social networks in the hopes that someone clicks on your ad?

The best way is organic search, where people find you on Google.

The only way to get this right is to do proper keyword research… and of course learn how to use these keywords properly and optimize your website. Once again the emphasis is on learning which you can do at Wealth Affiliate.

The best recommendation I have here is to use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, read my Jaaxy review here. It is the best keyword tool you will ever find and I use it every single day.

You get 30 free searches to try it out, so have some fun right now with this powerful tool.

An Email Autoresponder

Email marketing is a vital part of online marketing.

So you get traffic to your website and you are ranking well… great!

But once that person has found your website today, what will bring your reader back tomorrow?

The answer lies in email marketing. Please read my article on why you are losing money if you are not doing email marketing.

There are load of email auto responders you can choose from, the one I use and therefore the one that I recommend because it is simply the best is aWeber. I still have to get around to writing a review on their services, but if you read my article about starting email marketing you will get an idea of what they offer.

They offer a 30 day free trial to try out their services.

r free for 30 days! – AWeber CommunicA Social Network Marketing Tool

Social network marketing is also a vital part of online marketing.

Not only can you drive unlimited traffic to your website with social networks but it also helps to build the strength of your website when you have the main social networks associated with your website.

Social network marketing will be tedious and time consuming without any tools to help you.

Mass Planner will do everything for you. It will schedule posts for you, grow your followers, send out highly targeted marketing campaigns and so much more.

I have tried loads of tools to help me with social media and even combining all the other tools I have used in the past they don’t match the sheer power of Mass Planner.

Read my review of Mass Planner here.

Mass Planner

A Tool for Designing Images

I am not a graphic designer and I tried my hand at Photoshop.. it ended in tears and frustration.

Images are a really important part of online marketing. From adding images to your website to creating ads… well you just can’t go without it.

I use Canva and it is great. Not only is it free but it is simple and easy to use.

I have not yet done a tutorial on this website on how to use it, but if you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate University for free you will have access to all the training I publish there, including the training video I published on how to use Canva.

You can search around for other tools, some are free and others have a cost but for me at this stage this is more than adequate for my needs and my skills.

Free Images that you have Full Rights to Use

This is a biggie. You can’t just take images from wherever you want to on the internet and use them on your website. You can get into a lot of trouble.

You need to find free images that you have full rights to use on your website, on your ads and anywhere else you might like to use them.

I currently use Pixabay and they are more than sufficient for my needs. They have loads of lovely free images that you can use.

Free High Quality Images



There are plenty more tools and things I use on a daily basis for my online marketing.

The items on this list are things that I consider to be absolutely essential to online marketing, these are the things that you just must have in order to get started and succeed with an online business.

After writing this post I had a lot of readers asking if there are any free options available and what the cost is to start an online business, so here is a post I wrote on how much money do you need to start an online business.

What do you consider to be essential to starting an online business?


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Great tips here. I always advise that there are a few varying choices, and the best choice to start will largely depend on your specific business, and the product you have chosen to sell ( eCommerce site, Etsy store, and so on, and so on…). What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree?

    • Hi Chris

      Yes there are always different companies to choose from, and I’ve shared the ones that I use because well obviously I consider those the best 🙂 But there are other options and with a little online research those can be found.

      However the essentials still remain the same no matter what company you use, so if you choose not to use aWeber for example… that’s great but find an email autoresponder to use!

  2. Hi Lynne, I visited your page to make sure I have all the tools necessary for my online business. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I use all tools that you mentioned, I create my website with Siterubix and I also use jaaxy for keyword. I have to say they are the best tools with an exceptional value for money.

    I also use canva and I have one suggestion here for editing. Snag it is an awesome tool for editing!

    I still need to install an auto responder though, I think it’s really important.

    All the best Lynne! I am Looking forward to your next post!

    • Hi Stefan

      Oh yes, an email auto responder like aWeber is incredible!

      Snag.. interesting. Never heard of it but I will most definitely have search for that and see what it does. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Hi Lynne,

    Noble article for newbies and more experienced players in the online business. I haven’t read before about Canva and I see that is an amazing tool for free photos. Just added it to favourites. I like our community as there are always new things to learn.
    Keep a great work and good luck!

    • Hi Simon

      Oh Canva is lovely, if you are with Wealthy Affiliate you can check my training for using Canva. Trust me it is easy, if I can work it a 5 year old can.

      Happy to help you get some more tools! There are other free editing tools but this is the one that works best for me.

  4. Awesome article Lynne.

    I’m trying to work out new things for my online business and I think that I can take good things out from here. Thanks for putting all these tools together in one place.

    About Jaxxy – is this the best tool in the industry? Are there any others out there that are helpful?

    Hope you can get back to me 🙂


  5. I’ve been wanting to start a business online. I didn’t even think about making sure that I have good internet! It only makes sense that I would want to have good internet while running an online business. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Braden

      Oh yes and if you have slow internet and you are working online all day trust me when I say it will drive you crazy! I had a terrible internet connection a while back and it drove me to tears some days.

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