Wait, You Can Do WHAT To Save Money In Business?

Trying to save money in business can often feel like an endless mission. And in some ways, it always will be. Because when you do find something that works perfectly for you, you’ll soon find that it’s not so effective anymore, and that you need to work with something new. When you’re a small business, you can be really keen to operate in the most cost-effective way. So whether you’re trying to learn new frugal ways to approach things, or you just want to know what to do to save a bit of money in your business, you’ve come to the right place. Because each of these five things really can save your business money.

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Buy More

When you’re trying to save money, your first thought is often to cut back. After all, if you’re spending less, than you’re saving more, right? And while that is true, it’s also a little misleading too. Because although trying to shop around for the cheapest option is great, you can actually save more by buying more. When you bulk buy, you’ll get each item cheaper. Yes, it costs more upfront, but your cost per item is often significantly cheaper, meaning that you’re going to be saving money in the long run.

Buy more

Buy Refurbished

When something breaks, runs out, or you need to get something that you don’t own, do you automatically buy to buy brand new? If the answers yes, you’re not alone. Most of us will head to a store to get what we need. But, you can often save a lot of money by buying refurbished or second-hand items. Stores such as M Suite that specialize in tech refurbishment are especially handy in particular. So start to think about the way you search for items and where you shop if you want to save money.

Buy Interest Free

If you’re looking at buying something big, you may find that you’re offered the option to buy it interest-free. And always take the option. Not every provider will offer you this. Some will want to charge interest for your purchase, and that’s always going to cost you more. So, instead, you’re going to want to shop around for a store that will give you the interest-free option.



It’s not something that everyone is comfortable with doing, but bartering can work a treat to save you money in business. If you want to ensure that you’re really getting the best deal, don’t accept the first offer. Haggle until you’re happy with the cost.


And finally, why not think about forming a kind of partnership with another company? Say you offer a service, and so do they. Could you both benefit from each other’s services, and are you interested in buying from each other? If that’s the case, then sell them your service for theirs in return. You may find that you can get some of the business services you need for free when you’re working closely with others.


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  1. Any way I can save money, I love the idea. I do a lot of shopping online, and had not really thought about buying refurbished items. I guess I see them as used with potential issues. Have you had good experience with buying anything refurbished? I know that yes, you can save some money doing this. I would love give it a try, just a little nervous I guess!

    • Yes I’ve bought a few second hand furniture for my home and done them up. I’ve enjoyed doing this, plus saved some really good bucks too! 

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