Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting

Building websites is very easy nowadays and anyone can create one, but a website without a web hosting is not visible due to the fact customers will not be able to see or locate your website on the internet. Houston web design specialists ensure that your web hosting is reliable to ensure that your website is visible online. 

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a space allocated on the web server that is purchased to store files or information of a website. Web hosting is what makes your websites seen to be active and visible on the internet. Web design Houston companies and specialists are making its utmost best to make sure that your business websites will get the most of it. 

Web Hosting

How Web Hosting Works

Websites are hosted on web servers, a web server is a device that handles the hosting of websites. It’s a computer program that requisitions web pages and distributes them as needed. The web server’s primary goal is to store, process, and distribute web pages to users. Web hosting provides a home or shelter for the website. As a Houston website design professional, we prepare a list of guidelines for your website.

Choose The Type Of Web Hosting Required

There are different types of web hosting that most Houston website design specialists are using, you will have to choose from the different types of web hosting that will suit and effectively run your website for your audiences. These are some types of web hosting:

Shared Hosting: Is the most cost effective, less expensive and least powerful of all the types of web hosting. In shared hosting the same computer is shared by many web hosting customers. All of the various accounts’ websites are stored on the same hard disk, processed by the same CPU, and supported by the same web server. Also the traffic on the website will be low because it has been shared with another site.

Dedicated Server Hosting: It is a more expensive and complicated web hosting. When you use dedicated server hosting, you have total control over an entire server. Your website will generate more traffic. You have full and complete access to the server that hosts your website, security and you can install any niche program you want.

Virtual private server VPS: Gives a better performance and more expensive than shared hosting.  It attracts a little more traffic to your website. In a virtual private server a dedicated server is assigned to your website which is a virtual machine, virtual private server runs complete control of your environment, it is useful for developing applications.

Managed hosting: The website provider manages your server { operation, security etc}  for you. It is good for businesses that do not hire anyone for their technical operation services. it covers a lot of different types of plan but they commonly host website company provide proactive technical support

Cloud-based hosting: it is the latest in the world of web hosting, it increases traffic on websites, allows many different services to work together as one large server. It is basically pay as you use that is pay for your space on the cloud at any given time you use it.  The cloud is a sort of marketing fiction where large numbers of computers are clustered together and applications running on them can make use of their combined computing resources.

Identify Type Of Website To Create

Before creating a website for your business, you need to make a decision on what kind of business you want to do,  who is the website for?, the reason for the website creation. After your decision on the business the website requires to be created. Here are some common websites created by people e.g online store website, e-commerce store,  business website, blog website, individual website etc. The website can be a static website with one or more web pages or dynamic website containing information that changes, depending on the time of day.


Growth is an integral part of every company, every business-oriented person, and plans to grow its business from small to mighty. By  doing so a lot of technicalities and forecasting are being put in place to achieve these continuous growth. As your business grows, so also, would you need to totally change, diversify or update your operating system, depending on the nature of the type of business. It is always better to choose a web hosting provider that will offer you the opportunity to upgrade at any level of your business development.

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Technical; Support

Be conversant with the terminologies and all the rudiments of a web hosting company.  Make sure you carry out a proper research on various website companies in Houston and understand properly their model of operandus. There are various hosting providers that give different types of technical support such as installation, maintenance, security to offer you the right decision for your company. Determine your company size, expected traffic on the website to know the web hosting support you acquire. It’s advisable to always go for a web hosting company with integrity, with quality products and render good services. Such services must include uninterrupted technical support will facilitate to make calls, live chats,  email, analytics backups etc, features which are of very good standard


Having done a thorough investigation into different web hosting service companies, you are now set to make a choice as to what best suits your company budget, based on the cost, the bandwidth available for transmission ,security protection that are put in place, the payment options available by the web hosting company. This could be either monthly or annually 

Website hosting services


This is a very important option, a standard and quality web company must include in its package for their customers. Backup of files must run systematically with application usage, to safeguard data from corrupted files viruses and hackers.

Having known about some guidelines on web hosting, Houston website design companies like Deo Marketing Solutions ensure to provide the best and most efficient web hosting for your website. You may check out their website to get a full overview of the products and services they are offering.


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