Turn Your Love of Health Into Wealth With These Business Ideas

Do you want to genuinely helping people, while also earning great profits? A business in healthcare could be the way to go. You would think that a business in health would mean you need to be a doctor, nurse or other professional in health or medicine, however any experience in the field can be utilised. There are actually many health businesses you can set up without any medical knowledge- some just require you to apply for certain permits or licenses. If you’re planning on setting up, here are some pointers to bear in mind

Become a Medical Billing Company

Medical billing is a payment practice used by the US health system. It involves a healthcare provider submitting (and then following up on) claims to health insurance companies to receive payment from them, this could be anything from treatments to x-rays, investigations and other expenses. It costs around three thousand dollars to launch a medical billing company so is useful for those wanting to set up in the health industry without a lot of money. This will cover the software you will need and other general business essentials- office supplies, business-licensing fees and money for marketing and promotion.

Medical billing company

Sell Herbal Medicines

The alternative medicine and treatment niches are booming in healthcare. More people than ever are turning to non-conventional products and treatments to either supplement their official treatment or to try something other than powerful drugs. There are plenty of safe and legitimate places to buy Chinese herbal medicines, you could then resell for a profit. No medical knowledge is needed, just make sure everything is labelled properly and follows regulations. For example, you can’t make unrealistic claims on these kinds of products such as hailing them miracle cures.

Sell herbal medicines

Sell Medical Books

Any student will be able to tell you how expensive textbooks for college and university are. If you source second hand books you could sell them for a profit while still helping students as prices will be cheaper than them buying new. You could sell online, or even rent a physical store close to a college or university. The close proximity and foot traffic would really go in your favour.

Start a Health and Wellness Blog

There’s a potential to earn a lot of money in blogging, and a blog can most definitely become a business within itself. You don’t need any money or special equipment to start, just a computer and an internet connection (which you are likely to have already!) along with a passion and knowledge of health and wellness. Research and writing blog posts and you can provide people with a valuable source of information and over time will attract sponsors. These are companies which will pay you to include links and ads on your site. You could also go down the route of affiliate marketing and display ads from Google Adsense.

Are you interested in setting up a business in the health industry? What route would you take if you did?


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