Traffic Monsoon Review – Charles Scoville at it Again?

We’ve all come across PTC websites and a very popular one that is being promoted all over the web is Traffic Monsoon… so let’s have a look and find out what is Traffic Monsoon about? Are they legit or scam, time waster or worth looking at?

Traffic Monsoon Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free membership, Traffic Packages from $5  to $600, various paid adpacks
Owner: Charles Scoville
Website: www.trafficmonsoon.com

Introduction: What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a website that offers pay to click income, traffic exchange and revenue sharing income.

You can sign up for free to be paid to click on ads. You can also sign up for free and click on ads in exchange for traffic to your website. You can also buy traffic and/ or advertising packages.

what is traffic monsoon about

About Charles Scoville, the owner of Traffic Monsoon

About Charles Scoville serial scammerIf you haven’t heard of Charles Scoville before that is maybe a good thing, it means you probably haven’t been scammed by him before. He is well known online and his reputation is terrible! If you want to know what serial scammer looks like have a look at Charles Scoville.

Before I give my review of Traffic Monsoon I want you to look below at this list of websites that were owned by Charles Scoville.

These are all websites he built and that were shut down without paying out members what was due to them. Each one just suddenly disappeared, gone… and a new website appears by Charles Scoville! Does this sound like someone you can trust?












Does Traffic Monsoon work? What was my personal experience?

I signed up easily and started clicking on the Cash Links to try and see if how it works to be paid to click. The price per click varied from $0.01 to $0.05 so of course I clicked on the ones marked $0.05 first, like I am sure most people would. When those were all gone I started on the $0.02 and $0.01 ads.

I must have clicked on at least 5 ads that were $0.05 and a lot more ads for $0.02 and $0.01. You must stay on each website for 30 seconds before you earn your money. After I about 20 minutes of clicking on ads I went to my profile to check how much money I had made so far and was shocked to see only $0.05. Something stinks here already.

Can you make money with Traffic Monsoon

I decide to see how I can earn clicks through to my website with the traffic exchange. I click on 40 ads which should have earned me 20 clicks to my website in the traffic exchange and for some strange reason I only have 11? I am not surprised at all. I enter in my website details to see how this all works out, I should get 11 visitors that each stay on my website for 30 seconds.

In the meantime I thought I would see if I can up my “income” a bit. Here’s where I laughed out loud! I have been banned from Traffic Monsoon for being what they call a “click cheater”! I’m not sure what rule I have broken to be a click cheater? The only person that has been cheated here is me, not only has Traffic Monsoon stolen 9 website views that are due to me, they have then stolen $0.35 that should have been allocated to my account. Now they kick me out completely stealing my pitiful $0.05 and my 9 website views!

Charles Scoville Scam

So this platform stinks already. Maybe they knew I wasn’t interested in spending any money and banned me for that? Who knows but this is not a platform that excites me anyway. I do feel a little bit insulted though, I am called a Click Cheater by a scam website, kinda ironic huh?

What gets me here is not the fact that I am conned out of website views or a stupid $0.05… this is my time and my energy they have stolen. Wafting through 40 websites took a lot of time and it was really annoying to do! Looking at 40 (mostly scam) websites for 30 seconds each is not a nice task.

Can you make money with Traffic Monsoon?

Well I find the whole thing quite confusing to be honest. You can make money clicking on ads? Well no, not likely and even if you do make a few cents they will probably steal those.

You can get free traffic to your website from clicking on ads. Well this didn’t work for me, but maybe it does for other people. But what does this traffic mean? Traffic Monsoon claims it is quality traffic. Quality traffic for me are visitors that are interested in my website content, visitors that will read it and take action. Lets just say it exactly how it is: visitors from Traffic Monsoon don’t give a shit about my website, they are just trying to earn $0.01. How it this quality?

Not just that but the websites I clicked on were almost all scams, in fact many of them I have reviewed here and given a big fat zero! I don’t want my website associated with all of the other websites on Traffic Monsoon!

You can then buy traffic exchange credits if you don’t want to waste your time surfing to get visitors. You can also buy traffic packages which claim your traffic comes from advertising websites. Really? Placing a banner on a website can guarantee you exactly 1000 visitors? What “advertising websites” are these? Perhaps Traffic Monsoon can share where your ads really go?

Apparently their quality traffic will result in loads of sales on your website! A bit of a tall claim isn’t it?

Traffic Monsoon Traffic Exchange


Then you can earn money from being a Traffic Monsoon Affiliate. You will earn 10% commission from every sale one of your referrals make.

Earn from traffic monsoon


You can also earn money from revenue sharing.

traffic monsoon revenue sharing

Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam?

Yes I would say Traffic Monsoon is a scam. Perhaps you can make money from it, but it sure looks to me like a ponzi scheme disguised as a traffic exchange company.

I suppose you now want to know why there are so many positive reviews about Traffic Monsoon and why so many people rave about it? Think about it, if you can write a glowing review about Traffic Monsoon and get a whack of referrals and earn money would you do it?

Well I certainly wouldn’t because I wouldn’t sleep at night! However there are loads of people that will happily do it. They couldn’t care less if they are promoting a scam as long as they make some money from it.

There are also lots of people that are not aware of what a ponzi scheme is and are happily working away thinking they are doing honest work, completely oblivious to the truth.

According to Wikipedia, the PTC business model has been questioned

My Verdict for Traffic Monsoon

Stay far away from this, it’s another stinker! As with any ponzi scheme and as with all of Charles Scoville’s previous websites the money will dry up here. As soon as it does Charles Scoville will do exactly what he has done over and over again. He will shut down his website and leave you with money owing. Another website exactly the same will spring up and he will continue with his unethical business practices.

Oh and the amount of traffic I’ve received for this post for people searching about being banned from Traffic Monsoon for being a click cheater is insane. this just goes to show that this must be a really common problem!

If you want to try out a pay to click website then give Clixsense a go, I’ve been with them for a good while now and they are good as you are going to get when it comes to a a PTC website! I’m making a little bit of pocket money there now much to my surprise!


Traffic Monsoon Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free membership, Traffic Packages from $5  to $600, various paid adpacks
Owner: Charles Scoville
Website: www.trafficmonsoon.com

**Please note this post was originally published 13 October 2015, it has been updated and republished on 09 February 2016**


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Looks like that Charles Scoville with his Traffic Mosoon program is cheating the system and cheating its members as well. I like what you say in your review about quality traffic. You can pay to get a lot of traffic overnight… but will it convert into sales? I have serious doubts about it. Especially if this traffic is from other people who are not really there for the content of your site but just hoping to have traffic and money themselves. I would not go for a program like this at all. Thank for sharing your experience with it. It’s really eye opening.

    • Hi Guy, it is a pleasure. That is exactly it, I can’t see anything of value in Traffic Monsoon even if it is not a scam!

    • Are you yet to find out what happens when they block you and issue a click cheater block too.

      • Hi Owen, nope sorry I haven’t found out what this all means. I cannot access the site at all. I did do a search online and it appears it is a regular thing. I suspect that it is because I was not buying advertising I was just trying to see how the traffic exchange works and how the make money online by clicking on ads works…. they make their money by the paying advertisers. I am most likely going to update this post soon and rate it as a scam. It is starting to look to me like these traffic exchange sites are nothing more than HYIP scams. Just busy with a lot more research before I make a decision.

  2. I’m constantly coming across banners of Traffic Monsoon and I had no real idea what it was about or how you earned money from it. From the sounds of your article – you can’t really earn money from it!
    What a really weird setup – you basically have to pay to earn money right? Have I missed something as it sounds pretty dodgy!

    • Hi Chris, yes that is it. You pay for advertising and then you earn profit share. I honestly can’t really even understand how this works. To me it just sounds plain dodgy!

  3. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for the review of Traffic Monsoon. I really scared if I use website click service like this:

    1. My bounce rate will be very high because they just display my web for some seconds, and

    2. My conversion rate will suffer too because the user only care about getting points for their own use. They don’t care that much about what you sell in your website.

    I will make sure to avoid any of this website that owned by Charles Scoville too. Seems like he cheats his system so anyone can’t really have a good payment from his web.

    • Hi Alblue, yes I agree it will be damaging to your website to have low quality visitors like this. I can’t see anything good about using Traffic Monsoon!

  4. Appreciate the heads up. I had not heard of Traffioc Monsoon before, and now if I do run across it will not waste my time even reading the adverts! I really get annoyed at the scams out there, they take time and money and will from people…

    The whole concept seems to match up with other MLM schemes, except in a more blatant manner? In that the real money is to get people to buy into the program and part with their real money, where it can flow back to those at the top of the pyramid….

    I have bookmarked your page, I always want to check out things prior to jumping in, as with this traffic monsoon deal, it pays to check and so that due diligence always! Thanks…

    • Hi Dave, that is exactly it! And what ticks me off even more are all the positive reviews for Traffic Monsoon. So many people online aren’t aware that often reviews are affiliate marketers trying to make commission. Hey that’s what I do too! If I find something great I write a great review and sign up as an affiliate. However if it stinks I won’t try and make money off anyone by promoting it!

  5. Wow. This is interesting. Traffic Monsoon have an overall ranking of 0 marks. I had seen their marketing and some websites really do put up positive review about it.

    From this review I can see why it is gets 0 mark. It is clearly a scam. Thanks for the review and now I have certain that I will not join this program.

    • Hi Lucas, yes I have been told I give a big fat zero too often! However if something stinks I really can’t give it any marks, scams and time wasters drive me crazy. I know there are positive reviews out there, those are people promoting Traffic Monsoon to try and make some commission of you. Don’t fall for it.

  6. Hello again!
    After stumbling on your review a few weeks ago I decided to look into this format….and I have to say I totally agree with your review and views!
    I looked at both My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon. They both have one thing in common – if you don;t pay out you are not going to make much. I hate the idea of paying before earning so I’m gonna avoid these two like a disease!

    • Hi Chris, glad to hear you won’t be going near Traffic Monsoon or My Advertising Pays! I want to review My Advertising Pays soon, but I think it will probably just be a repeat of Traffic Monsoon! Absolute waste of time that type of thing.

  7. I’m not a fan of these pay to click sites. They’re nothing but a waste of time if you ask me. Traffic Monsoon sounds just like the rest of them; ClixSense in particular. All that time spent looking at ads and you’re only making pennies? This sounds like a legitimate business for a six year old. As for the traffic exchange, do you know if it’s targeted traffic?

    Thanks for your review,

    • Hi Diana. I seriously doubt it is targeted, how can it be when it is just other people clicking trying to make money? Or to gain people to visit their website. I agree with you, it really is something more suited to children that want to make some money for weekend sweeties lol.

  8. In fact it seems you can earn money in Traffic Monsoon by buying $50 adpacks. These adpacks expire within 8 weeks and generate a 110% ROI (you then have $55). The more adpacks you buy, the more you earn…if the site doesn’t shut its doors of course! Concerning the quality of the traffic it delivers, it’s not very high because people are interested in earning credits rather than viewing what you’re proposing. Haven’t tried TM and surely won’t. Great article though!

    • Hi David

      LOL exactly you need to spend a crazy amount of money for the possibility of earning money back. I don’t like this idea at all. And it is risky too, like you say sites like these are not trustworthy and can shut their doors at any time leaving you with money owing.

  9. Hi there,
    I have never seen (yet) banners or any other advertisements about Trafic Monsoon, but it is good to know what things are out there. And it is good to know that this one is not trustworthy. You did a good job providing a list that were/are owned by this guy, Charles Scoville. Clearly, not much of a money generating business.
    Thank you for this great review!

    • Hi Zarina

      Thanks for your opinion. Yes it is quite scary seeing what Charles Scoville has been up to! I wold stay away from anything that has his name on it.

  10. Great review on traffic monsoon. I find that so many inexperienced online marketers try paid traffic exchange programs not realizing that they’re only getting clickers.

    Any online business or product needs real people that are really interested in that product, so by creating targeted traffic, you can tap into warm online leads.

    Good job on getting the word out on Traffic Monsoon.


    • Hi Todd

      Yes I find it strange how many people are raving about traffic exchange and PTC traffic. I my opinion it is such low quality traffic that all it does is mess with my Google Analytics data!

  11. I found your review of Traffic Monsoon very interesting. There are many websites on the internet that are scams. They are very difficult to separate them from the real deal. I have found that many of these traffic exchanges are scams or they are too time consuming to make any reasonable amount of money.

  12. Hello, Lynne. Thanks for this review. I’ve always wanted to see a true and honest Trafficmonsoon review. I thought that it might be scammy, well I didn’t know for sure. Now that I have more details I can tell it’s a scam. Thank you for revealing it to all of us that want more traffic to our websites.

    • Hi Effie

      It is a pleasure as always. I found it very interesting that my experience on this website really goes against everything I read online about them. So many reviews are saying that this is the best PTC website. I am not fond of PTC websites but if I had to choose the best it would be Clixsense.

  13. Great post regarding a great scammer. Your review is an another eye opener for me and others. Thanks for sharing. I always wonder how people take advantage of other people life to ruin their existence.

    • Hi Wilfried

      Yes that is exactly what I wonder. Obviously this Charles Scoville has some skills if he can set up these scams, why not offer something honest and worthwhile?

  14. Hi Lynne,
    I have heard of Charles Scoville before and you are right he has a horrible reputation online. I had actually looked into ultimatepowerboost before, but luckily it shut down before I had a chance to enroll at all. And Traffic Monsoon looks like another example of a scam that he is doing. Working 20 minutes for 5 cents is just a waste of time and Clixsense is a much better PTC.

    • Hi Alex

      Then you just escaped! Lucky you…

      Yes I agree I wouldn’t trust any website set up by him based just by his past behavior. I am enjoying Clixsense, they are legitimate and honest!

  15. Thank you for the honest review.

    As you said the idea of earning by clicking ads is a bit “interesting”. I believe that we can’t earn enough money doing that. Only some little pocket money. Because it’s so easy to do and doesn’t require any efforts. Usually, if we want to earn some real money it requires a lot of efforts that other people don’t want to do. People tend to be lazy. So if we are willing to make sacrifices we will be paid better. That’s my thought.


    • Thanks Roope, yes that is what I believe too. Making big bucks from PTC websites just can’t be possible. Money is made by hard work.

  16. Lynne, I actually read this article back when I first heard about Traffic Monsoon, and your information actually stopped me from joining. Thank you!

    I’m not sure if you are aware, but Traffic Monsoon is now in receivership and was investigated by the SEC and determined to be a Ponzi scheme. They are now being sued by the SEC in the United States District Court for the District of Utah.

    Reportedly, Traffic Monsoon, LLC, and Charles David Scoville allegedly ran a Ponzi scheme that took approximately $207 million from over 162,000 investors.

    If you navigate to the Traffic Monsoon website, you can get more detail son the case, and also a quick search will pull up loads of articles.

    The Traffic Monsoon URL forwards to a page where there you can find all of the information about what is currently happening with the case.

    In my opinion, the whole “revshare” model is always bound to fail, because, just like a Ponzi scheme, they rely on new investors coming in to pay out older investors. Once they can no longer bring in enough new funds to cover older payouts, they start to go under, which generally results in lots of people losing lots of money.

    Great article BTW. I think you probably saved loads of people from losing their money with this post.

    • Hey Chris – yes that was last year already that Traffic Monsoon crashed? I just didn’t have the time to write about it. I have stopped reviewing scams, my heart is not in it anymore because almost everything I see is a scam. I would rather write about ways to do online marketing because that excites me 🙂

      I know I can save lots of people from being scammed, but there are loads of websites sharing about scams and anyone that is wanting to know about an opportunity should really research it properly first. There are ways to see if something is a scam, and everything looks the same to me now, just with a different name. There are a few groups, the revshare scams, the pay to click scams, the online trading scams, the make money on complete autopilot using a “never seen before blueprint” scams, the MLM rubbish, the lead systems rubbish….. oh it really now just bores me to tears.

      I believe there is just one way to go and that is to learn how to set up your very own website and add great content, monetize your website in any way you want and that is it. It really is so simple.

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