Top Online Tools To Generate New Content Ideas

So you know what your website or blog is going to be about. Great! Now the next part is to create great content for it that. Content that targets specific keywords. And any good writer or blogger worth their salt will tell you that, at first, coming up with keywords to target was the hardest part of it!

Well I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be hard. Why? Because I’m going to reveal to you several cool websites and tools you can use to generate amazing content ideas and keywords to target in your blog posts. These sites and tools give you tons of great topics to write about & keywords to target!

Now if you want to publish posts to your blog more or less every day, then you may find it hard to know what to write about. You may have already learned all the basics about blogging, and even got more advanced with it. You may have already posted some great things to it but are now thinking, what now?

Well that’s just something every good blogger asks, or has asked his/herself at one time. And when you have already finished writing about tons of things, you’ll probably end up scratching your head and wondering, what can I write and post about next? Does that sound familiar? I know, I know!

Fortunately for you, I am here to reveal the tricks our the blogging trade and share some amazing free sites and tools with you which will help you get out of writers block (yeah everyone gets that from time to time). And give you so many great topics to write about on your blog you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Top Online Tools To Generate New Content Ideas

My Top Tools for Generating Content Ideas & Keywords

Here we are going to talk about 10 different sites and tools you can use to help you to come up with some cool topic ideas and keywords to target. I’ve broken this down into two sections for you. The first will list of specific tools that can be used to generate content ideas. And the second will list out some other websites and platforms that you can use to get really creative with and help you come up with more ideas from.

Content Idea Generators

  • HubSpot Topic Generator
    The HubSpot Topic Generator is going number 1 on this list as it’s one of my favorite, preferred, go-to topic generators! Especially when you just need some quick topic ideas! To use it all you need to do is place a keyword or several keywords (such as those related to your blog) into the fields and hit submit. Within a couple seconds it will start putting out some great topic titles for you related to those keywords.
  • Content Ideator
    Content Ideator works very similar to Hubspots Topic Generator but apart from you putting in different keywords or phrases, you just put in one and you’ll get a much longer list of topic title ideas. The only thing is, Content Ideator isn’t free anymore, but you can still request a demo. If you like it, (and I’m sure you will) you’ll probably end up using it all the time!
  • The Portent Idea Generator
    Portent’s Idea Generator is also very similar to these two above but a bit more advanced. You’ll still have to put in a keyword or phrase or two, but you’ll then be given a list of topic ideas that can make your content better than just using the first two sites. As an example of what I mean, you’ll be given external sources and writing tips which can help to strengthen and improve the credibility of your blog posts. However, IMHO, most of the tips given to you are not extremely helpful. Not if you’re already an advanced blogger and author anyway. Although they are still nice to get a refresher for ways you can improve the SEO of your blog posts.
    Tip: Each page only gives you about 20 title ideas. But you can just hit refresh to get more ideas and writing tips!
  • WP Swipe & Deploy
    With WP Swipe & Deploy you can effortlessly write high-converting titles and headlines. Now this WordPress plugin isn’t free. But because it’s a WordPress plugin, if you’re running a WordPress blog, you can generate as many topic titles as you want, right from within the post you’re writing! And if you don’t like a topic idea? Just hit the refresh button until you see one that piques your interest!

Other Content Topic Title Generation Methods

  • Quora
    Quora is basically a social networking question asking and answering site. You can ask questions and answer other people’s questions. The best answers are voted as the best answers and float to the top. On Quora you can do things like follow people or topics and reply to the answers people have placed. But Quora can also be useful for content generation purposes too. And if you want to be creative, you can find some great ideas on Quora! You could just ask a question regarding something in your niche or that you’re interested in. And then look to see if any of the responses and answers given inspire you. Another good way to use Quora for this purpose is to just search the site for things related to what you’re blogging about or is about. If people are asking about it on Quora then writing about it on your blog is a great way to drive traffic back to it by linking back to the answer in Quora itself.
  • Evernote
    Evernote is more than an organisation tool than anything else. Letting you save content you like online to use later on. Letting you take notes about it etc. But it can be used for content generation ideas too. By saving notes to the things you save and then going back through them later on, you can probably find some nice things from it to string an article together from it. Using Evernote might take some extra work on your behalf but it’s worth it in the long run. Especially if you’re the type that likes to take notes!
  • SocialMention
    SocialMention is more of a social media monitoring tool that lets you search for things, terms that are relevant to you and then see what’s being said about them. This is great for if you’re wanting to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in your niche / industry. It’s kind of like Google Alerts in a way in that you can limit what you want to see to questions only and then subscribe to email updates when new things are discovered which can be really inspiring!
  • Google Polls and Surveys
    If you would rather someone else does all the writing work for you. Then any kind of poll or survey even is an excellent way to get content from. Not to mention content ideas. Hey, when everything else has failed you, using something like Google Consumer Surveys is a great way to not only get your audience talking to you but learning more about them and also getting content generated for you too.

New Content Ideas

Conclusion & Takeaway

There’s no exact science to coming up with topic title and content ideas. You just have to remember that it’s just an idea at the end of the day. But the good thing is you don’t need to think about writing the article itself, doing SEO on it etc. The first thing is to just get those ideas for topics flowing! Sometimes just getting a good topic idea is the hardest part of all. But once you have that, the rest is maybe just a bit of research and banging the article out!

Whatever way you go, I’m sure you’ll find these topic and title and content generator tools and ideas useful to you and I hope that you do!

Do you use any of these sites and tools for this reasons?

What other topic or content generation sites & tools do you know of?


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  1. Already have Evernote on my phone so going to start utilising that in the meantime. Will look into the ithers too.
    Thanks for the insight Lynne!

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