Top 10 Surefire eBay Marketing Tips

Listing an item on eBay is the easy part, the challenge is making a sale. So how can you ensure you sell every item you list at decent prices? Can the process be more straightforward so that you sell more stuff on eBay? Below are ten surefire marketing tips worth that may help.

Top 10 Surefire eBay Marketing Tips

  1. Set A Low Yet Attractive Starting Price

You may offer what a consumer wants but fail to make a sale because the price is a bit too high. Use a different strategy; set a low yet attractive starting price that will tempt potential buyers to bid. Avoid place price tags on an item unless you keen on making a quick sale, in which case you will use the ‘Buy It Now’ approach. Start at 99p to temp early bidders, and this will set the ball rolling, increasing the chances of attracting more bidders.

  1. Set A Reserve Price

Use a reserve price to shield your items from selling below its value when bidding ends at a price that is low, and you are not willing to sell. Those bidding will not see the reserve price, therefore, what you set should be a realistic price, which should be the minimum amount you are willing to accept for your goods.

  1. Auction Length

How long should the item be on sale? It has anywhere from one to ten days with the chances of more interest taking a dip after that. So, the trick is to know when to list the product on eBay and a day or two before the weekend is the best time because more people visit eBay on the weekends. Try and push the online auctions to close at the end of the weekend.

  1. Images

Avoid posting standard product images to depict the item you are selling. Buyers will think you are not trustworthy about what you are selling. Therefore, take pictures of the product against a plain background snapping various shots at different angles and zoom settings ensuring the images are very clear.


  1. Turbo Lister

Use a dedicated listing tool (the eBay’s Turbo Lister) if you are making several listings. It will lessen the much you have to do when listing by allowing you to save multiple templates for several ads. Install and set up the tool, click the button that says ‘New’ to set up the first product and enter a brief description. Choose the appropriate category and then set the price and include postage and payment details.

  1. Avoid ‘Poor eBayers.’

Expect to encounter poor eBayers who are good at dishing unreliable bids. eBay has included an option – Change Buyer Requirements – in the listing process that allows you to block people that have negative feedback ratings. You also can use that option to block users do not pay with PayPal from taking part in your auction. It is a restrictive option that reduces the number of bidders, but it also protects you from buyers that have duped sellers in the past.

  1. Insured Delivery

The listed products, big or small, should also have an insured postage option like recorded delivery which transfers the responsibilities of protecting the purchased item to the buyer. You are shielded from the issues that arise if the item goes missing when sending it to the buyer. It also protects you from any damage the product may have when in transit. Buyers can opt out of the extra expenses, but that is their choice, and you should make this explicitly clear to them.

  1. Up Front Payment

Always send out the purchased item after receiving payment. If paid by cheque, wait for it to clear and the money to reflect in your account before sending out the product; make sure that the buyer is aware of this process. Keep in touch with the buyer informing them of each stage of the purchase and delivery process, and you just may sway them to do more business with you and get positive feedback ratings from them.

eBay Marketing

  1. Get Proof Of Postage

Ensure you always get the postage or courier receipt when sending out purchases products. The receipts act as proof that the bought item was dispatched. Failure to provide such evidence may see you processing an unnecessary refund.

  1. Use Trading Assistants

You can enroll the services of a reputable Trading Assistant to handle your auction if you do not find adequate time to do this. eBay start the scheme to help people find others that offer such services for a small fee that includes a percentage of the sales profit. The trading assistant can even pick goods from you. You can find someone by entering your postcode in the Trading Assistant page to find the nearest traders.


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