Tools and Resources for Online Marketing

Have you been searching for free online marketing tools and resources? That is something that I really struggled with when I first started working online, finding one place that could teach me everything about working online. A nice solid list of “how to’s” so here are some of the posts I have written that I hope you will find helpful. So have a scroll down and see if something catches your eye.

Free online marketing tools and resources

Is there something you are really struggling with and would like some guidance on? Let me know in the comments. I will try and help you out, plus it will give me an idea of what you are wanting to know so I know what I can write about next.

Free Online Marketing Tools and Resources List

Here is the training I have published at Wealthy Affiliate University:

Oh and check out the Best Online Marketing Training Program post, this is the most comprehensive and amazing platform I have come across. Don’t believe me? Read the post for an insiders view of what they have to offer and see for yourself!

Once again, I hope you have found this helpful and please let me know in the comments what you are interested in knowing more about and I will happily add that to this list. If you have a specific question also feel free to pop it in the comments and I will come back to you soonest.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Definitely great tools you have listed. I’ve bookmarked this page to come back and go through it one by one. I’ve been doing this online business about 6 months now through Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve finished all the basic course but I haven’t furthered my education besides focusing on creating contents. I think it’s about time I start furthering my education and these look like some good sources I can look into.

    • Hi Joon

      If you are with Wealthy Affiliate you can’t go wrong! If you have finished the online entrepreneur certification course lessons I suggest you then move onto Jay’s webinars (user name Magistudios) at Wealthy Affiliate. He really gives some incredible training there that will give you some more insight into how everything works. I’ve given some links in my post about the best online training platform to some of his great Webinars that I think everyone needs to watch.

  2. Excellent post, as always Lynne. You are becoming an authority on this topic as the days go by and I am so happy for you! If I were to ask you what were the THREE tools you found to be priceless in your journey so far, what would they be? No, you can’t include Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  3. This is such a helpful post. Putting all the tools and resources for online marketing in one easy to read list is inspired. I like the ease with which I can focus on one question at a time without experiencing information overload.
    Working through each section means that absolutely everything I need to know about online marketing is covered. Thank you.

    • Hi Charlotte

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I am going to be adding lots of great posts to this soon!

  4. Wow, what an amazing list of very useful information. This is something that although will take quite a long time to read, is well worth looking at. Every internet marketer or website builder needs to take a look at this!
    I especially like the backlinks section and the part that explain blackhat techniques, since this is something that newcomers tend to fall for. Thanks.

    • Hi Andrew

      Yes those posts you mentioned were inspired by mistakes I made when I first started working online. There are so many people saying that was the way to go and promoting black hat methods and I had no idea. It is very hard to learn the right way to do things when you are a newbie!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    What a comprehensive resource you’ve put together, very impressive!
    I’m struggling with the best way to use social media to promote my website. I sort of throw a new post up on Pinterest or Twitter but I don’t really know what I’m doing and I don’t get a lot of engagement…
    Do you have any tips to get better at the whole social media thing or would I be better off just concentrating on content creation and SEO? (which I enjoy more)
    – Luke

    • Hey Luke

      That’s a great question. I would for sure put most of your effort into new content and on SEO. I find social networks are great… and terrible. They can be a massive time waster if you get distracted but they are also a nice source of traffic for your site.

      Remember that getting social shares can also help your website and posts to rank higher. I would go with the 5 most popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

      Yes in the beginning there won’t be to much engagement but this will come with time. Each time you publish a new post share it to all your social networks. Just do that for now and concentrate on getting your content up.

      I will be sharing on social network marketing soon so keep your eyes open for that.

  6. Hi Lynne. You’ve been very busy putting this great list together of tools to help an online marketing business. It’s virtually a one stop list that covers just about everything. I actually trained with Wealthy Affiliate as well. I’ve been a member there for just over a year now and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

  7. Hi Lynne,
    Wow! what a list you have here. I have bookmarked for future reference and I will definitely comment on each as I visit. You obviously have a lot of experience in online marketing so I am looking forward to checking out your resources and recommendations. Thanks heaps!!!
    Cheers Sharon

    • Sharon I am so glad you have found this helpful 🙂 I’ve actually done a lot more tutorials but I haven’t had a chance to update this page, so just have a search through my website and if you have any questions just shout, I might just know the answer 🙂

  8. Wow Lynne your whole site is amazing, I have saved it for reference, have been going through it and you are doing an amazing job. Well done keep up the good work. I have recently started with wealthy affiliate

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