Toluna Surveys Reviews: Yes it works, sort of!

Toluna surveys reviewToluna Surveys Reviews
Overall Ranking: 35/100
Price: Free
Owners: Frederik-Charles Petit
Website: www.toluna-group.com

The above website is their main website for Toluna, they have different websites for different countries around the world. I am in South Africa so the website I went to was https://za.toluna.com

Introduction: What is Toluna

Toluna is an international survey company that pays users to take online surveys. They appear to have a very good reputation. For every survey you complete you are rewarded points which can be cash in for gift cards or cash. what is toluna

They also have a community section which doesn’t interest me as I am not interested in socializing, my goal is making money. Perhaps some people would find it fun and entertaining.

toluna surveys

I tried using them a few years ago and stopped. To be honest I can’t remember why I stopped using them but it must have been because it is not an opportunity to earn anything worthwhile. I can’t remember them being a scam.

Looking around their website I found that 40 000 points must be accumulated to cash out, however they don’t state what the value of these points are.

Toluna surey

So I headed over to the Rewards Centre to see if there is any more information on the value of the points. Here the information given is different and varies according to what you want to do with your points. It appears you can buy a Toluna key ring for 10 000 points. No thank you!

You can cash out via Paypal with a minimum of 20 000 points and the value of this is R100. At the current exchange rate that equals $8.06. You can also get gift cards for various stores. Takealot is a great online store in South Africa where I often buy nappies for my baby. However the large box of nappies I buy is usually R299 which means I am probably going to be slogging away to get to use that.

can you make money from toluna

Now remember that I had already registered a long time ago and not bothered coming back, well lucky me! I had 1960 points when I came back. I know they give 500 points for setting up your profile so I must have done a few surveys before I lost interest.

I head on over to the surveys on offer to see what else I can earn and try refresh my memory. The survey tells me I can earn 3000 points. I click on it and I am told I need to answer some screening questions first.ย And they ask where I live, what my age is and my gender.

Then they ask me 3 questions about laundry detergent. I can see these are popular brands and they ask me which I have bought, which I use now and which I would consider using in the future.

I am then kicked out of the survey for not fitting their requirements.

I click on Take Another Survey and get told I am being redirected and then I am asked for my postal code which I put in. I get an error message and can’t continue even though my postal code is correct? Well I can’t do anything about that but I am annoyed.

Toluna Survey postal code

I go to see if there is anything else available for me that I can try. And the all too familiar message from most survey companies pops up. There is nothing available.

There are only a few sections to Toluna and it appears there are only 2 ways to earn here. Through surveys and through product testing. Since there are no surveys available for me I check out product testing. There is nothing available here.

I left it for the day since there was nothing else I could do. I spent about an hour fiddling around and trying to find something that would give me points, but had no luck. The next day I went onto the website to see if there was anything available.

There were still no products available for testing, but there was a Lifestyle Survey where I could earn up to 3000 points. The survey took me through 13 questions which where based around my age, gender, what industry I work in and what facilities I have at my home. Here is an screenshot of one of the questions.

Toluna Lifestyle Survey

After answering these questions I was once again told that I don’t fit the criteria for this survey and that there are no more surveys available. A pop up window came up saying I can earn 100 points by updating some items on my profile. I fill this in.

Toluna update profile

I then go and check out what my points are. I now have 2190 points, so they have given me the 100 points for the above profile update and 30 points for today’s survey that I don’t qualify for. So I have made R0.77 which at the current exchange rate is $0.06.

can you make money with toluna

I pop in a day later and the day after that. There is nothing available for me. The following day there is a survey available to do with work Lifestyle and I can earn up to 3000 points. I answer 7 questions and then I am told once again I don’t qualify.

Once again a pop up window comes up telling me I can earn 100 points immediately by updating profile questions. i find this strange as my profile is 97% complete and the only thing I have decided not to do is sign up for sms notifications of surveys. I answer the questions and then go check out my points. I now have 2320 points so once again I have made the 100 points for updating my profile and another 30 points for the survey I didn’t qualify for.

is toluna a scam

I decide to once again not bother with Toluna.

Is Toluna a Scam?

No, I don’t think Toluna is a scam.

Can you make money with Toluna?

In one week I earned a total of 260 points checking in daily. This is R1.54 ($0.12) and not something I see worth my time. This is also the second time I tried Toluna.

My Verdict for Toluna

I think it will take months so make the payout threshold with Toluna. If you look at the last screenshot it appears the members can make polls and answer them as well as get involved in discussions. There is no way to make money from that, it is a social thing which I have no interest in. There are sweepstakes where you can trade in points to be entered into a draw to win prizes. I have no interest in trading points in the hopes I will win a prize.

My goal is always to try and see if I can make money. This is not the way for me!

Have you had any experience with Toluna? Please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Toluna Surveys Reviews
Overall Ranking: 35/100
Price: Free
Owners: Frederik-Charles Petit
Website: www.toluna-group.com


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. i am not so much a fan of taking survey online for cash as so many of them have payment problems from time to time, but you have a good review. but do you really think its worth it signing up for the toluna surveys ? i just feel like its so much time spent on each and every survey when you can set up or work on something else.

    • Hi Cedric

      My personal opinion is that taking surveys for cash is a waste of my time and energy. I don’t find it fulfilling in any way and the majority of them are just time wasting exercises. I totally agree with you, but for the purpose of this website I like to have a look around and do reviews.

      There are a lot of people that enjoy doing them for a little extra money… but for me, well I don’t like to work for peanuts!

      Kind Regards


  2. Hello Lynne, Thank you for this review, I haven’t had any experience with Toluna but I ‘ve had it with similar companies. I’ve found that these companies are not scams but you spend a lot of time trying to gain some points and finally you earn few cents. It would be better to invest your time and energy in something that you will be able to gain proportional to what you invested in. yes Wealth affiliate is a good example.

    • Hi Charlotte

      Thanks for visiting. I totally agree, they all seem the same. Either a scam or a time wasting exercise. But I know lots of people enjoy doing surveys for some extra money. Not me of course!

      Kind Regards


  3. Hello there !!

    You know I’ve tried everything to make money online but never succeeded to do so. Paid surveys is a waste of time and I’ve tried Toluna as well and I was never selected to do the surveys. I made 2 or 3 surveys and I gave up on taking surveys.

    I heard also about this famous paid surveys online that pay you well but I saw a review that made me think it’s exactly the same even if you have to pay for premium membership.

    The only legitimate manner to make money online is to settle down your own website and make a keyword search and add content.

    Everyone should stop these surveys.

    Cheers Youba

    • Hi Youba

      I totally agree! I have found one survey company that emails when surveys are available and I almost always qualify. However the earnings are nothing to get excited about and the surveys are few and far between. The rest of the survey companies I have come across are just terrible.

      Kind Regards


  4. Thank you for giving such a detailed review on the Toluna Surveys. I see now how surveys decide who gets certain surveys and products to test. I personally don’t like to give out that much information about myself. I have never had any experience with Toluna. My wife likes to fill out surveys as a hobby. She earns points that can be exchanged for products or used towards getting a free night at certain hotels. I can see why you would not want to spend any more time on this site. Even though you say they are not a scam, earning only $0.12 seems ridiculous to me for the time you had to spend. You gave them too generous of a rating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rick

      Perhaps I did give Toluna too much of a good rating! For someone wanting to earn a little extra money I suppose it could be beneficial.

      I totally agree with the personal information aspect. For me it is just so much effort for such a little money, plus the risk of your personal information all over the place…. not for me certainly.

      Kind Regards


  5. This is a great review. I have tried getting into these online survey programs in the past but didn’t really benefit from it as I didn’t qualify for most surveys because of my geographic location.

    I know you don’t really recommend this program but mind giving me an idea of what the qualification requirements are?

    • Hi Fidel

      There are no qualification requirements as far as I know, just register and give it a go. I personally don’t recommend doing surveys for money because contrary to what they often say on their websites you can’t possibly make much money. I am more focused on how to build an online business and make good money.

      There are lots of people that rave about online surveys and also about Toluna Surveys even though I found them terrible. I suppose each person has different goals in life and something that suits one person doesn’t suit the next.

      Unfortunately your area can affect how many surveys you qualify for ๐Ÿ™

      Kind Regards


  6. Nice review, never used Toluna, but I know from experience that online surveys can be time consuming. In the past I’ve used (Opinion Outpost) and (My Points) to earn extra money and it worked. In the end it all depends on the person and what they’re willing to learn, because I know a few good survey sites, but I chose to put my time into learning affiliate marketing, so now I have a website to tend to.

    • Hi Ceed

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ll have a look at Opinion Outpost and My Points to review. Hopefully I have a good experience with those survey companies and can share it with everyone!

      Kind Regards

  7. Hi there, thank you for this information. I have now read a few reviews of these survey websites and they all seem to unanimously not be worth your time. I was wondering when you factor in creating a profile, time wasted when no surveys are available and getting kicked out of surveys how much time do think you would need to spend in order to get a payout?

  8. Perhaps it is my computer, but I was unable to read the the last word of each line in your article. I was able to make an educated guess and got through the content, but maybe double check your formatting?

    I haven’t tried surveys from Toluna , but the ones I have completed for other companies have you earn $ that can be traded in for gift cards with specific companies, for example Amazon. Based on your review of Toluna, I would not sign up with that company. The company I currently use provides me with multiple survey opportunities a day. While I may not qualify to complete each survey, it does not take long to earn a partial credit for the screening process.

    I think it is also important that the surveys themselves are evaluated by the users, to indicate when the time taken to complete the survey did not meet expectations based on compensation.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Sarah

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ll check my formatting ๐Ÿ™‚

      I agree with you, it should be simple and easy to complete surveys. One should not be given the run around in my opinion. It is simple, it is a job. If you go into the website you should be able to quickly either do or not do a survey. I don’t like being messed around. I’m glad you have found a website that works for you!

      Kind Regards


  9. Excellent content and page. Very easy to follow and i actually picked up alot of tips to help with what I’m doing. Very organized and to the point. Also gives great insight on scams and what to look out for. I use to do the surveys for money. I always ran into scams and it was a big waste of time. This a great webiste for those who want to go the legit route and have a successful online business.

  10. Wow Lynne. Another Online Website which is not worthwhile. For the work you do, you do not get anywhere with it. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. I was told to try this program out from a friend in Africa but upon hearing that you also are from Africa and have tried it out, I can honestly after that it is a complete waste of time. Have you tried Usertesting or WhatsUsersDo websites before?

    From what I was able to gather, User testing was a waste if time also. I never qualify for their online surveys at all no matter how many times I check daily. It is said you get paid $10 per survey but hard to find evidence how people actually qualify to take them.
    I hope many people see your Review and avoid wasting their time with Toluna and get in on the action with your #2 Recommendation instead.

    I am so glad you mentioned your number 1 Recommendation here since it is the best place where I can honestly say is never a waste if time as you see actual results and progress made based on your own efforts.

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hi Angel

      Thanks for visiting and I am glad you have enjoyed my Toluna Surveys review.

      I haven’t had any experience with Usertesting or WhatsUsersDo before but I will check them out too.

      Kind Regards


  11. Hi Lynne!
    I learned big time on your Toluna Surveys review. Actually I have also tried several online surveys. It was definitely legit but the time of getting a payout is tremendously long. And even though I work hard for a day, the payout is not that big though. That’s why I get tired about it and searched other online business. Good thing I bumped into Wealthy affiliate. Its been a month now and I already learned so many things including making my own website.
    By the way, can anyone join wealthy affiliate?


    • Hi John
      I am glad you enjoyed my review.

      Yes anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate as far as I know, however I understand the free Starter membership is not available in all countries. It is a wonderful small online business opportunity that I highly recommend.

      Kind Regards

  12. Hello!

    I remember trying to do some work with surveys a few years back. It didn`t last long. I quickly realized that it`s going nowhere. Too much hassle for almost nothing. I haven`t heard of Toluna before but I am not surprised by your evaluation of it. 35/100 seems accurate rate, after reading your review of it.

    I need to ask you just of curiosity; do you know of any survey deal that is worth the effort?


    • Hi Igor

      I think the difficulty here is that everyone’s version of “worth it” is different! I have lots of people tell me I rate things too low and they have enjoyed certain sites like Toluna Surveys. I rate it according to what I believe is worth it. For each review I base my rating on whether I can consider it a career, whether I can earn money from it full time, is it honest and is it legitimate. I want to show everyone what they can earn a decent amount of income from, and quite frankly I don’t believe you can ever earn a decent amount of income from taking online surveys.

      The best survey companies I have found are from Opinion Outpost and Answered Insight, so if you are keen have a look at those. You won’t earn much but at least they are honest and don’t waste your time!

      Kind Regards


  13. I have been trying to start my own business online for sometime now. I have even looked into just doing surveys but have come to find out there just a waste of time for me..

    Your review on it I though was spot on, thank you for your insight, looking forward to seeing more


    • Hey Chris, yeah Toluna was quite a disappointment for me, but lots of people say they are really great which I found a little confusing. This is why I included so many screenshots to show what my experience was like.

      If you want to try online surveys don’t waste your time with Toluna or Mintvine, rather give Opinion Outpost a go. You won’t make much at Opinion Outpost, but you also won’t be messed around which makes a huge difference. Over time your earnings can add up a little.

      If you really want to start an online business don’t waste your time with online surveys. rather join an online community that will teach you how to start your own online business. Be careful here, because there are a lot of scams and dubious websites out there!

      Here are 3 great websites I personally reviewed which I recommend you try, check out my reviews:

      1. Wealthy Affiliate University

      2. Affilorama

      3. Chris Farrell Membership

  14. Hi, Lynne. Thanks for great site and you have excellent written. I am not big fan of taking a survey, and before reading your site, I was thinking about taking a survey is a good way to make money online. Now. after reading your post, I know taking a survey is not bad at all but it spends a lot of time to make money online. Thanks for detailed reviews. You save my time

    • Hi Christian, thanks for visiting and for sharing your opinion. If you are interested in taking surveys online Toluna is not one of the companies I would personally recommend! Rather give Opinion Outpost a go, click here to read my review.

      I honestly don’t feel surveys are worth the time because the earning potential is so low, however lots of people enjoy doing surveys to supplement their income and feel it is a wonderful opportunity! Your choice, but really don’t base your opinion of online surveys on Toluna!

  15. Hey, this is a really nice website with a lot of really helpful information. It looks very professional too.

    I never really was a big fan of surveys. It seems like a of work and so boring and the payoff never seemed high enough to justify doing them.

    However, if you are going to do surveys this seems like a pretty decent place to do it.

    Thanks for information. I’ll consider signing up make a few extra bucks.

  16. Based upon your review, Toluna sounds like it’s incredibly frustrating to use! I have not used this particular survey website but have tried others like it with little success.

    Surveys really do sound like an incredible waste of time because you will never make enough money to make it worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this in as much detail as you did. Great review!


  17. I have learned from experience that surveys take a lot of time to complete and the companies pay very little. I will rather spend that time on affiliate marketing. Usually they try to find out if you can become a customer. If your answer to their questions show that you do not have any of their products and do not plan on getting any, they kick you out.

  18. Never heard of this survey company and seems like it’s not worth the hassle. I hate giving out personal information and would never do it just for pennies. There are far better survey sites but there are also scammy ones. To make any decent money with surveys you really have to spend a couple of hours each day but honestly, you are far better off spending your time building an online business than wasting your time on surveys.

    • I just could not agree with you more on that Minhaj ๐Ÿ™‚ I have found that when I join these survey companies suddenly my personal information is all over the place.ย I don’t like that at all.ย 

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