Tips to Optimize Your Dealership Website’s Architecture for Your Audience

Just like an impressively designed car lures the customer into purchasing it, a well-designed website to draws the attention of an audience. According to a survey conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a first-time website visitor to judge a company’s website. Further, in the next 2.6 seconds, the visitor reinforces their first impression.

tips to optimize your dealership websites architecture for your audience

No matter how great and focused your SEO and PPC efforts are if your visitor finds your site to be uninteresting once they land on your website, they will hardly purchase from you. Hence, good website architecture should be an integral part of all your digital marketing strategies. This article intends to explain at length useful tips for this purpose.

Create a User-Friendly Interface

An easy-to-navigate and uncluttered website enhances the user experience. Navigation is the primary aspect of website design, as it is the element which gives an idea about the products/services you render to the visitor and also helps the visitor to get to the information they want quickly. Having prominently visible links and easily understandable terminology in navigation menus helps the audience easily navigate through the pages. Also, avoid filling home or web pages with unnecessary information and graphics. Be selective about the elements and content that you intend to put on web pages. Further, organize the site in a clear, logical and uncluttered fashion.

Have Good Content – Create Pages That are Specific and Not Generic

Have material that is relevant to your business. Ensure that the content has the message you want to convey and it is loud and clear. Don’t stuff your web pages with unnecessary information; instead, include engaging content that is as precise and short as possible. The content can include fresh information like news on new products launched and functional information such as buyers’ opinion/advice, articles furnishing quality of products/services, etc.

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Important Items Above the Fold

‘Above the fold’ implies the portion of your web page visible when one visits the site. Keep all the essential things like a search box, navigation menu, about us, contact us and other essential features above the fold. Decide the crucial items that are to be viewed by the visitor and keep them distinctly above the fold, as the visitor usually gets irked if they have to scroll down to find the needed details hidden somewhere in the page.

Do Not use Flash

It is essential to make navigation simple for the customers. The use of flash can drastically reduce the speed of browsing and website upload time. The graphics therein also tend to drive away the customers’ attention from the main item. Further, the usage of heavy graphics and higher versions of flash to display animated auto models might not be convenient for web browsers in general, unless they have it loaded in their computers as it is not compatible with all operating systems. Instead of using flash use a simple, yet informative video.

Use Breadcrumbs for Listing Site inks

Build breadcrumbs on your website. Breadcrumbs help browsers know how they have navigated from one link to another, and where exactly they are on the website. Usage of breadcrumbs will help browsers not get confused with the models and categories, and help them be clear on the things they are looking into.

Include Social Plug-Ins

Having your website linked to a social media website can be very helpful. Customers who are social networking buffs first look for social plug-ins, as they associate this with good popularity and the reliability of the website. Additionally, social plug-ins also help the audience have a look at the reviews on your business’ social media page.

Customized Navigation

The purpose of easy navigation is not just for the secure surfing of your website, but it can be tailored as per the call to action. For instance, if a browser is checking the price of an auto model/service and wants to buy it, provide a ‘your cart’ option just below the price details. In case your business objective is to increase your sales through a new offer, give a link to the offer page in the pages that have details of the related services/products and on the homepage.

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Address and Contact Information

Give your contact details like your dealership’s e-mail, customer care e-mail, customer care telephone number, a toll-free number with 24 X 7 service, etc. Also, give your postal address for physical communication. It will enhance the authenticity of your website.

Include Reviews of Your Business
Collect reviews from your customers and include them in your website (along with the customer details like name and place). A visitor, intended to make a purchase, will give the customer reviews the topmost priority so that they are assured that the decision they made was worthwhile. Your website is the interface between your business and the visitor. Hence, it is suggested not to design a website for developing sake; instead, create a design inspired by the customers’ needs and habits.

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