Three Fantastic Ways To Get Your Business Name Out There

Coming up with a great business idea is difficult. Not to mention securing the funding, finding premises, hiring the staff and everything else. The problem is, all of that is in vain if you don’t get your business out there to the right people. Customers and clients need to know you exist in order to start shopping with you. Here are three ideas for getting your name out there.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is crucial when it comes to business and is definitely not an element to be overlooked. It can help companies to connect with customers, build up loyalty and trust and helps to show that they are a legitimate business. Getting people to shop with new companies is tricky, but if they can see the business has active social accounts, it can give them the push they need and show that you’re legitimate. It’s been shown to have a higher conversion rates than most other kinds of marketing so is more effective too. When you are having your website built, be sure there are clear links to all of your social media accounts visible. Setting up social accounts is free, and it’s an easy way to advertise and promote to a vast range of potential customers


Business Expos

Attending a business event such as an expo and setting up your own stall is a fantastic chance to get your business out there. It allows you to network with other businesses and customers, as well as snag yourself new customers and clients where you’re getting your name out there to the right people. These are often large events with lots of stalls, so customers will never be able to visit them all- therefore you need to make yours look as appealing as possible. Don’t go with the same old dull boilerplate display and presentations that many others will be using. Aim to create something exciting and dynamic- you can use things like cut to size high impact polystyrene to make signs and cool visual displays. Plus if you include games, competitions, challenges and live demonstrations, they’re much more interactive and will draw the attention of the audience or clients walking past.

Gain Customer Reviews

Customers can be dubious shopping with businesses they don’t know, and rightly so. There are many scams and fraudulent sites out there, so people tend to stick with places they know. So to persuade them to put faith in you and order from you, one thing you can do is build up your customer reviews. That way potential customers can see with their own eyes the experiences past customers have had with you. Ask any customers who have already shopped with you to leave a review, most will be happy to do this especially if the service you provided was good. You could send a polite follow-up email after your customer’s transaction asking them to review you, it could be on your website social pages or even on a third party review sites like Reevoo and Trustpilot. You can’t offer any kind of rewards or incentive in return for a positive review, but you can simply ask nicely.


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