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If you run your own business it is essential to remember that the safety of your employees while on the clock and performing work tasks is your responsibility. Making sure that your employees have the correct safety gear needs to be a top priority. Choosing the correct workboots is essential to protect your staff, which is why Thorogood boots need to be considered.

Shopping for Thorogood boots means you recognize high-quality protective footwear. The primary issue, however, is to know what to buy exactly.

While you set your eyes on the brand, you have analysis paralysis. It becomes too hard to pick products. Stop worrying about it – Use the ultimate buying guide.

Thorogood work boots come in many shapes and sizes. You have to pick them for the right occasion.

Work Boots

How to Use the Buying Guide

The thing this buying guide can provide you is the way to pick workboots. If you want to see concrete models, skip over to the recommended products section to view the top picks.

Even if you are ready to settle for those products, take a moment to read the guide. Buying protective footwear is more than purchasing a boot with a steel-toe cage.

Buying PPE footwear is more about investing in your safety. Avoid affordable pair of boots so you can get a cheaper bargain.

Look at the bigger picture.

Primary Considerations

Why do you want to buy protective footwear in the first place?

Well, you buy them for your job to get protection from workplace hazards. But, you want to find the proper protection for your specific job and worksite.

Sure, there are a ton of models available. Whether you shop brick and mortar or online, the fact remains. Shop not for the features and benefits of the boot but the specific job.


Thorogood boots usually have composite-toe protection and rough leather. It offers solid protection, so you can also wear them in changing weather.

So, you can wear them for outdoor jobs, as well as indoor jobs. To be more precise, Thorogood boots work best for jobs that require:

  • Moderate protection
  • Have fewer work hazards
  • Require cold resistance
  • Weather-based protection

So, you can wear Thorogood boots for:

  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing jobs
  • Logging
  • Outdoor construction

Of course, there are other uses for the Thorogood workboots. These remain the primary type of use because Thorogood boots offer protection for specific worksite hazards.


The worksite is the primary element to help you decide what type of boots you want to buy. Remember, avoid shopping for features, and instead shop for worksite protection.

When you work outdoor, protection against weather-based hazards is a priority. If you walk through the snow without cold insulation, you risk frostbite. The metal plate in the boot could hurt you and injure you.

But avoid risking protection to get a warmer boot. You want to have it all in a single package. All the more so if you wish to wear the workboots in the indoor worksite.

That is the moment the composite toe boots shine. A composite toe coupled with durable materials may offer more protection than steel toe boots.

Finally, there is another aspect you want to consider.


Workboots require maintenance. The maintenance primarily includes cleaning and oiling.

You clean the boots and then apply the products to increase the lifetime of the work boots. Learning about cleaning and oiling products could double the longevity of the workboots.

Consider all these aspects before you go out and shop for Thorogood boots.

Construction site

Product Considerations

Now, let’s take a look at the workboots. Once you settle down on what the primary considerations are, you want to narrow down the choice.

Then, you look at the individual product features to help you decide what to buy.


First, you want to look at the materials. Primary materials in the work boots are:

  1. Leather (for the outer shell)
  2. Gum and rubber (for the soles)
  3. Neoprene and other material mashes (for the inner shell)

Yet, you can say this is more of a sketch than a complete list. When you read product descriptions you may encounter materials such as:

  • Leather
  • Full grained leather
  • Vibram
  • Fiberglass
  • Rubber
  • Gum
  • Neoprene
  • Steel
  • Composite materials
  • Alloys
  • Waterproof materials

But, what you want to focus is on the following:

  • Materials of the outer shell
  • Materials of the inner shell
  • Steel-toe cage

Pick the models with high-quality materials, and look for additional features such as:

  • Insulation
  • Resistance
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Weather and terrain resistance

By now, you have got a lot of information on what to look for in the work boots.

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Recommended Products

Let’s confirm that with specific products. Information is always available online. The problem with the information is that you have to know how to use it.

So, here are three excellent products you should try.

Thorogood Men’s USA Made American Heritage 8″ Work Boot

The Thorogood American Heritage 8” is a classic workboot. It has an outer shell made of rubber and single-density polyurethane. It has a composite shank but doesn’t offer steel-toe protection.

It’s a soft-toe boot for worksites with moderate hazards. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance. It offers superior comfort, and you can wear them for hours.

Thorogood Men’s USA Made 1957 6″ Moc Safety Toe WP Work Boot

Thorogood 1957 6” is another classic workboot. An interesting thing is that this is another soft-toe boot. However, it’s durable, long-lasting and it uses full-grained leather. Also, it’s waterproof and is slip-resistant.

So, it’s a boot you can wear for work and leisure. It’s highly comfortable, and great to wear. Wear it for outdoor activities.

Thorogood Men’s Infinity FD 17″ WP 800g Rubber Hunt Boot

Thorogood Infinity Hunt Boot is a model specifically for hunting. It’s an anti-fatigue boot with waterproof rubber. It retains 50% more heat and reduces cold. You can walk for miles in all weather conditions during the hunt.

So, Thorogood makes boots that are excellent for outdoor work and activities. While they offer solid protection, comfort and durability are their primary features.

Find Thorogood Boots

In the end, consult the first advice from this guide. Look for the pair of boots for your specific worksite.

Thorogood is a brand that lasts for more than 100 years. They know how to manufacture workboots.

Get the proper protection, and get the protection that lasts longer.


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