Thinking About Taking Your Ecommerce Store Offline? Here’s What You Need to Make it Stand Out

Many new shops now start life as an ecommerce only enterprise. Ecommerce is fantastic. It means more people than ever have the opportunity to start their own business and follow their dreams. Without the need for loans and investments. Running an Ecommerce store gives you a great platform to launch, lets you reach a huge audience without expensive marketing and gives you the freedom of running your business, your way.

Ecommerce store offline

However, at some point, many ecommerce store owners consider branching out and opening a brick and mortar store to complement their online business. A brick and mortar store has many benefits to growing a business. It allows you to reach a new audience, impress with your customer service and build your reputation. But, with so many stores out there, many of which are struggling, how do you set yours apart?

Use Online Influence

You started out as an online enterprise. The internet is a huge part of your story. So, keep using it. Allow free Wi-Fi in your store, and use iPads to enable customers to order online, while in store. People like to shop online for convenience, but they also like the sensory experience of seeing and feeling what they are about to spend money on. Allow them to do both.

Keep it Bright

One problem many stores have is that they look dated. They are full of clutter, old décor, furniture, and accessories. No matter how modern the product is, it will never stand out in a dank and dated atmosphere. Keep your store minimal and bright with some great Commercial lighting. Actually allow your customers to take a good look at the products without overwhelming them. Keep your décor bright and modern and let your products and service shine.

Customer Service

Customer service instore

The two most important ways to stand out as a brick and mortar store are products and service. If you’ve done well online, you should already have a fantastic product or range, which may just need a little tweaking or some updated packaging, as that’s what will get the initial attention.

When it comes to customer service, you may not have much experience if you’ve been solely online before. Fantastic customer service is what will get your store remembered and increase word of mouth marketing. It can be what makes you great. Take the time to speak to the customers. Get to know them, and remember them when they come back. Go above and beyond for them, take an interest in them, and they will keep coming back. Bringing all of their friends with them.

Make it Fun

Shopping is stressful. That’s why people do it online. Finding ways to reduce stress and make the experience fun can be what truly sets you apart. Some great ideas include having a comfortable seating area or a small zone to keep kids occupied while their parents shop or speak to staff. Think about what you hate about going into a shop, then find a solution.

People will always trust people, more than they do online businesses. Giving them both options could see your store go from strength to strength.



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