The Tradeshow Showdown: Reason to Go, and How To Be A Success

Freebies, solutions, and networking, that is what tradeshow are all about, and such things can really help your business stick in the mind of potential customers. They are also great places to check out the latest developments in your industry, take a peek at what the competition is doing, as well as gather contacts for warm lead follow-ups after the show. However, you do need to make sure that you exhibit right to get the best return from tradeshows, and to find out how to do this read the tactics below.

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Tradeshow tactics for success 1: Professionalism

Professionalism is an absolute essential for success at a trade shows, as the post at https://www.entrepreneur.com suggests. This relates to both the materials that you have on offer, as well as your staff’s approach to the day. Remind your employees that it’s not a day off. Actually, it’s one of the hardest days work they will ever do! The reason for this is that it is a short window of time to make the biggest and best impression on a targeted group of people that are likely to make up your customer base for the next year!

You also need to make sure that the exhibits and the materials that you display are as professional as possible. If you need some help with producing banners, booths, and other materials you can use companies like http://www.mooseexhibits.com to help you design and manufacture them. Something that will give you the professional, polished look that you are after.

Tradeshow tactics for success 2: Gift bags

Gift bags are so important at trade shows. I know it sounds a little silly, I mean what grown man or woman would be excited about receiving a carrier bag with pens, magnet and office supplies in? The truth of the matter is though that secretly everyone loves getting free stuff, whether it’s so, they can give it to their kids when they get home, because it contains something that is useful around the office, or it’s just the thrill of getting something for free.

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That means by giving out gift bags you have instantly created a positive association between you and that potential customer. An association that will be further reinforced when using the frees gifts as they will have your logo emblazoned on the side making it a tradeshow marketing opportunity too good to miss.

Tradeshow tactics for success 3: Data capture

With the generation of warm leads being one of the most essential aims of attending a tradeshow, it is crucial that you have a way of capturing these. The traditional employee with a clipboard can work some of the time, although in today’s market going down the tech route with the platforms mentioned at http://www.realitytechnologies.com, may be more effective.

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That means using interactive tech like tablets, AR, and VR to get people’s attention and encourage them to share their work contact information with you. You can, as the post at http://smallbusiness.chron.com discusses, follow up on these and build upon this positive association you have created for with them, making interactive data gathering a huge part of a successful trade show strategy.


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