The Success with Anthony Review – not even ClickBank will deal with Anthony!

The Success With Anthony Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $67 for Fast Track Sniper (today) prices change!
Owners: Anthony Morrison
Website: www.successwithanthony.com

Introduction: What is Success with Anthony?

Success with Anthony is marketed as the perfect formula to drive traffic to your website. There is software designed and used by Anthony Morrison that will drive masses of traffic to your website with you hardly having to do a thing.

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah it does, check out my article on Ways to Avoid Scams Online.

What is Success with Anthony

There is a long drawn out video on his website that takes you through how much money he makes and how he generates masses of traffic to his websites very easily with the software he has designed. He even shows you how he helps other people make money with their surprised faces when they see how much money they made in an hour or a day. I found the video long, drawn out and very boring. I couldn’t watch it till the end, not even in the name of research!

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Well there is very mixed information about him online. Some website claim he is an internet marketing guru that launched his first online business when he was 21 years old and is a now a millionaire. In the boring video I mentioned on his website his father claims he lost everything and Anthony then saved the family by making it big online.

Then you find other websites that say he is a con artist, a scammer and he is notorious for selling your personal details online. If you dig deep online you will find so many complaints about him, one of which is that he wrote numerous blogs about himself and got them ranked online so that anyone searching about him would find positive information and not all the complaints.

The biggest red flag for me is that in 2012 Success with Anthony was removed from Clickbank! So if you know anything about Clickbank you will know that there are some very dubious products being marketed there. The fact that Clickbank banned this product just goes to show how truly bad the product must be.

Who is Anthony Morrison

How much does Success with Anthony cost? $7, $67?

Who really knows! Right at this moment it is $67 for a once off payment or 2 payments of $49.

success with anthony cost

The reason I tell you I don’t know is because the price jumps around. A while ago I was on the website checking it out and the price went all the way down to $7, at other times it is $997

Fast Traffic Sniper Software pricing will never be stable, it will always be bouncing around!

fast traffic sniper software

Is Success with Anthony a Scam?

Yes I believe so. The signs are all there. A product offering to make you money overnight with only a few clicks. A dodgy video with him showing you all his money. A sad story about his family finances and how he saved them all. How he just wants to help everyone by sharing his software. I’m sorry this doesn’t do it for me at all.

is success with anthony a scam

My Verdict for Success with Anthony

This is one dubious product and Anthony Morrison is not to be trusted at all. Stay far away from this because I am sure you will get burned.

Nothing here makes sense to me. Add all the negative reviews online into the mix, the prices jumping up and down if you want to leave his website and the fact that not even Clickbank wants anything to do with him tells me you should run from this!

I certainly won’t take the risk of buying his product to check it out and review it for you!

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The Success With Anthony Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $67 for Fast Track Sniper (today) prices change!
Owners: Anthony Morrison
Website: www.successwithanthony.com


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. hi Lynne
    well doesn’t Success with Anthony look like a nice little scam! I am with you on that type of videos. Hate them. It is the kind that you watch and at the end, you are left scratching your head as you then have more questions than answers. They remain vague, do not tell you anything and try to flash big numbers to blind you. With fake testimonials. And the fact that the price keeps changing is a big indicator that something is not right at all!

    • Hi Emily, I’m glad you are with me on that one! I never understand how those videos work. To me it is blatant BS, fake testimonials, fake checks, fake everything. There is no concrete facts or evidence and no real explanation how you will make money.

  2. Hi Lynne, As someone in the process of starting my own online business, it is really good to have a pointer concerning the con artists. It can often seem like a great shortcut to success, but rarely/never is.
    kind regards, Alexandra

    • Hi Alexandra, that is the sad part. People new to the industry that are ready to invest in starting their business can easily be suckered. Always research and review any opportunity you find. Also bear in mind that lots of dubious online marketers will write a glowing review on anything if they can make a little bit of money being an affiliate for that product!

  3. Another scam! Thank you so much for revealing it! I am sure this will help many people in avoiding this sweet, attractive and expensive trap!

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