The Role Of Master Data Management In Your Small Business

Every business, including small businesses, collects data from various sources when it goes about its day to day business activities. In many cases a large part of this data goes completely unused even though it may be incredibly useful for business owners.

Managing important data and preparing it for analysis is a time consuming process that many small business owners are not in a position to accommodate.

Here’s the role that Master Data Management plays in your Small Business:

The Role Of Master Data Management In Your Small Business

What Exactly Is Master Data Management?

Master data management is the process of creating the best version of the data that is available. With all the many versions of the same data available this is a crucial first step.

Once this first step has been achieved data needs to be standardized, so that all the data is formatted in the same way and there are no discrepancies.

The third step is data governance whereby the data’s domain is specified. In other words it is important to know where the information¬† is coming from. There is transactional data, customer data, product data and many more sources.

The final step involved in master data management is data distribution, whereby the data is ready for distribution and integration across the business.

Master Data Management Software

For many small business owners running their own business the process outlined above can be a painful process. Business owners need to be able to focus on the management of their business and have all of this information easily accessible.

This is where master data management software comes in handy.

This software will collect, consolidate and store all the company data in a master file. This master file will then be the primary source for all business activities. Business processes are streamlined and data is managed in a consistent way.

The various features of the master data management software will ensure the security and integrity of the data is upheld at all times.

Due to the fact that most software available will store your data in the cloud you will be able to access your company date remotely and safely from any location. Many tools include mobile data which provides your business with comprehensive data assessment.

Business data

Big Data

Big data refers to the bulk of your business’s data – which is mostly unstructured data, which means it cannot be accumulated, processed or analyzed in a conventional way. Examples of unstructured data includes audio files, video files, text files and more.

If the bulk of a business’s data is unstructured it means that the business is drawing it’s insight from the minority of it’s data.

The process of managing and locating all this data an become overwhelming for a business.

Making use of Master Data Management Software provides a solution for businesses to use as a part of a planning strategy. It can facilitate more accurate and efficient information . This will reduce the operational costs of the business, increase usability, ensure there is consistency and improve customer satisfaction, as well as customer engagement.


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  1. Most small and medium scale enterprise fail to understand the impact of effective data management and data collection. It is especially useful, to enable the company make realistic forecast and set realistic goals. As a small business owner, I will like to know how this software would help me collate my data, especially seeing that my business is mainly offline.

    Expecting to hear from you soon,


  2. Thanks for writing this article on the role of master data management in business.but small and big scale business need effective data management in other to make crucial decision and good management of resources. Keeping a master data management in business allow you to see loophole on when you are doing it right and also doing it wrong by comparing previous outcome of your business with present outcome

  3. Yes, large parts of these collated data goes unused and unintentionally or sometimes intentionally ignored. Many of these data that would probably have helped in decision making, problem pointing or mapping or determining solution. Unstructured data especially. I hope as it is on the article that the Master data management software does the magic in helping the business man conveniently access and utilize these data

  4. Thank you for this article. It has opened my mind to great benefits of master data management plays in businesses likewise small businesses. Master data management (MDM) is actually a major process used to manage, centralize, organize, categorize, localize, synchronize and enrich master data according to the business rules of the sales, marketing and operational strategies of the business. 

    More so, it supports your business initiatives through identification, linking, and syndication of information across products, customers, stores/locations, employees, suppliers, digital assets and more.

    The master data management software is worth trying out and from this analysis, looks promising and well worth every indulgence.

  5. Excellent article and very helpful for those who are looking for business data management techniques and their advantages.

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