The Qualities Of Truly Unforgettable Marketing

For a business to succeed with its marketing, there needs to be a clear mission plan. Without this central goal, it will be very difficult indeed for the marketing to do what it needs to do. If your business is lacking in this goal or purpose, then you might need to spend some time on getting that right first and foremost. Then it will hopefully be a matter of applying the following tips to your marketing campaign in the hopes of bringing in many more customers. Done right, marketing can be extremely effective, and for that it needs to be as memorable as possible. Let’s look at some of the ways you can ensure that your marketing is much more memorable.

Unforgettable marketing

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Strong Stories

One of the central tenets of marketing which it might be helpful to understand is that it’s all about stories. You are essentially selling a certain story to your audience, in the hopes that they find it compelling enough to want to learn more. So the question then is how to build and tell such strong stories, and how you can be sure that you are telling the right ones? The truth is that you will probably need the help of professionals like Mighty 8th Media, people who tell these stories for a living and have an intuitive sense of what works and what is likely to fall flat instead. With their assistance, it should be a walk in the park to tell the right stories to the right people, and so bring about truly unforgettable marketing sooner.

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Good marketing campaigns have certain rhythms to them. You might start off with a teasing drip campaign and then follow it with an all-out burst campaign, for example. You could even do the exact opposite, depending on what you are trying to sell and what it might achieve. The important thing is that there is an overarching rhythm to the marketing you are putting out. In this way, you can hope to entice people in much more effectively, and that will be the first step in ensuring that your marketing is really working as marketing, and not just being good to look at. With a good sense of rhythm, a marketing campaign can suddenly be lifted out of the ordinary and take a real place in people’s lives. Achieve this, and you are well on the way to fantastic marketing.

Symbols & Anchors

In order for the marketing to latch onto the mind and stick, you need to create some symbols that are instantly recognisable and easily memorable. One such symbol of course is your brand itself. The logo plays this role too, as does the font type you use, and so on. When you consistently use the same symbols, they act as anchors in the mind, ensuring that the content is remembered much more readily by those who saw it. It’s worth focusing on this if you want our marketing to really work.


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  1. The world of marketing is such a mystery to me. Thanks for enlighting me on it. I’ve never realized that marketers were detailed to the point of thinking of a rhythm.

    There’s a lot to think about when deciding on selling a product.
    What would you recommend to a newbie like me, in terms of marketing an health ebook?

    • There are loads of ways to promote your ebook, here are a few ideas for you. 

      Firstly I would highly recommend giving away a free preview of your ebook, in this way your readers can get an idea of the quality of your ebook and why they would want to buy it. You can send this out to your subscribers via newsletter. I would then put in a discount coupon into the free preview to entice your readers to buy it. 

      You can marketing on social networks. Create infographics for the main points in the ebook and share it on image sharing sites like Pinterest. 

      Set up an affiliate program for your ebook sales and let online influencers and affiliate marketers do the work for you. Send your ebook to online influencers and ask them to write a review, you can pay them to write a review and/ or let them know about the affiliate program. 

      Those are just a few ideas, but there are plenty more. 

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