The Millionaire in PJs Review – what a gamble!

The Millionaire in PJs Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: free to sign up, minimum $200 to start trading, various paid memberships
Website: www.themillionaireinpjs.com

Introduction: What is The Millionaire in PJs?

The Millionaire in PJs claims to be a binary trading options software. You can make money on complete autopilot (oh dear this claim again?) and within as fast as 60 seconds!

This software is completely free to use…. except of course the fact that you have to first deposit some money to trade with.

What is the millionaire in pjs

So what is this really about and can you make money from it? Well firstly when you arrive at The Millionaire in PJs website the only information you are given is the shown in the screenshot above. There are links to their privacy policy, terms & conditions and earnings disclaimer but other than that no other information.

So I enter my email address and I am sent to another form where I must enter my name, email address, country and my phone number. This page shows me that it is a 4 step process of signing up, creating my account, accessing the software and then making money. Seems easy enough.

The Millionaire in PJs free account

The next step of accessing the free software takes you to the EZTradingbot.com and it turns out that the minimum amount to deposit into your trading account to get started is $200.

The Millionaire in PJs minimum deposit


Of course I am not spending $200 on something like this so I go and have a look around their website.

There are different types of accounts too so the more you spend the more benefits and features you will have. And yes I’m not sure if you noticed either but a $200 dollar account is not shown on this list so now I wonder what benefits you get for that?


The Millionaire in PJs accounts


Let me just share with you too a very amusing phone call I got from them today, yes they called me. I was at home with my 2 rowdy kids when a man with an american accent calls me and wants to know why I never “completed my account setup”… ie why I never deposited $200. I explained that I entered my details to find out what it was about because there was no information on the website. When I saw that it claimed to be an automated system to make money with trading I lost interest. I told him I don’t believe in automated systems that make money and I know nothing about foreign exchange.

His response to that was that I can have an advisor. Now I thought this was very amusing. Why would I need an advisor for a completely automated system that makes me money? I was also wondering how much extra that would cost. I told him thanks, but no thanks I wasn’t interested.

He thanked me for my time and asked me if he could ask me just one more question. Do I not want to make some extra money? Umm yes, but not with this system thank you.

I was just sorely disappointed that he caught me at a bad time with my kids crawling all over me wanting to talk to him too. I would have loved to have received that phone call in peace and quiet with a note pad on hand so I could ask him lots of questions and take notes.

Is The Millionaire in PJs a scam?

In my opinion yes. The first sign of a scam is their name, this alone implies that you can be wealthy and lazy…. lie around the house or maybe not even get out of bed to make money.

The next scam indicator is the website with no concrete information on how you will make money, just asking for your details. Once again promises of a free system, yet suddenly a minimum amount of $200 must be paid.

The biggest scam sign for me is claiming that this is a completely automated system that will make you money, remember the rule… if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

But this part really had me giggling, I thought this was a trading website right? So why then in their earnings disclaimer are they talking about gambling? Surely only a gambling website would mention  gambling in their earnings disclaimer?

is The Millionaire in PJs a scam

My Verdict for The Millionaire in PJs

I recommend you avoid this. Maybe you can make money and maybe you will lose money. Yes just like gambling, they mention it in their disclaimer and I think it is for a very good reason. This is not an automated money making system it is just a gamble. If you want to gamble I would recommend just going to a casino, I expect this would be a lot more fun. Go with some friends and have some drinks too. Why not? It sounds a lot more fun than giving your money into an automated system, going to bed and waking up to finding out it is all gone right?

Foreign exchange is not something I understand and not something I would get involved in. This is not because I believe it is a scam, it is purely because it holds no interest for me and also very importantly because I believe it is high risk. I also know nothing about it.

This is not to say that money cannot be made with Forex. I am sure that there are people with lots of knowledge and experience with Forex that make a lot of money this way. However I doubt these people use any system like The Millionaire in PJs!

Have you had any experience with The Millionaire in PJs? Please let us know what you opinion about them is in the comments.

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The Millionaire in PJs Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: free to sign up, minimum $200 to start trading, various paid memberships
Website: www.themillionaireinpjs.com



Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Nice article Lynne!

    Just glad you didn’t end up paying out the nose for a program that doesn’t work (Like I did). Being at WA, and seeing how amazing it is, truly makes me cringe at the stuff I fell for in the past.

    Not that it was a complete scam. I did make some money through an MLM called ZNZ, but the program that I lost $300 over was called Little Ticket to Wealth, and is a very similar pyramid scheme to ZNZ. While these programs do pay out, they offer nothing of value, and give marketing a bad name. The methods to get people to sign up for this crap are extremely scammy, and WILL get you banned from various places. I got my account revoked at Blue host because I was using email marketing to people who signed up to receive business opportunities in their mailbox.

    But as for the program, It’s like saying, “hey, sign up for these ridiculous trial periods (that take forever to do), through my affiliate link so I get paid”. Then you can try and convince others to do the same, and you’ll get paid too!

    Why would I ever get excited about that. Lol. But I did because I wanted money.. but at that immature stage in my life I wasn’t interested in helping others. I advise anyone to stay away from MLM’s and stuff like Lynne mentions in this article. There’s no value in it.


    • Hi Stu

      So sorry you had to learn about MLM that way, I agree with you it is a terrible way to try and make money.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    I totally agree to you that it is gambling and very tricky to ask for visitors’ details without providing sufficient information upfront.

    As I know, forex (foreign exchange) is a very high-risk trading as every pip (counting subject to the currency, different calculation method for USD vs JPY) ups or downs could cause get you gaining or losing hundreds or thousands. If to look for an alternate income source or side income ideas, this is definitely “NO” unless someone with capital for investment. It explains why the minimum deposit for Silver (cheapest account) already costs $1,000. The $200 is just a trick to get you trapped first.

    Thanks for your detailed sharing as I just get to their link and dare not proceed further to provide any information to them as am not welcoming their call at all.

    There is no free lunch in this world so-called autopilot without any effort. If planting the money tree is so easy, they need not to market the products.

    • Hi Jan

      My husband knows a little about Forex and has traded online. I asked him to explain it to me briefly and I lost him very quickly and yes I remember him mentioning pips too.

      For this reason Forex is not something I want to get involved in. My hubby used a website that he raved about which I will be reviewing soon with his help.

  3. As I can see from your review of The Millionaire in PJs, the program promises instant success once you’ve completed 4 easy steps. Once you complete the last step you’re done, i.e. start making profit. This is simply amazing. I personally understand it a little differently. Once you’re done means you won’t get your money back and you made the owners of this program $200 richer.

  4. Currenncy trading is what this looks like and money can be make but it is a skill that has to be learned. As strategy has to be mastered.

    Trading online via some magical software is not the way to go. You usually find that these software program are tied to only particular brokers, who erm um…make money when you lose money, and the specialist trading software is set up that way.

    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for your feedback, yes I wouldn’t be surprised if the software were set up to first get someone to make some money really quickly initially and then as soon as they deposit a larger sum then lose it all.

  5. I really appreciate this kind of debunking for money making websites. As someone who grew up on the internet, I am looking for ways to earn some cash off the internet but its never easy. It is worse with all these scam websites running around and encouraging me to try. It really leaves a dent in my plans when it turns out to be false and I am down a couple hundred bucks!

    Thanks for the information!

  6. Wow, a gambling site after all. You gave them a score of 00. You can’;t get any lwoer than that.
    Well, if you gamble online you could win in your pjs. But could you win enough to be a millionaire in your pjs?

    Clearly this site is for dreamers. such people think they can make their dream come true, but instead they get suckered in. Reminds me of that famous British proverb, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    • Hi PJ
      You’ve made giggle here. I’ve played Lotto a few times and last year I won nearly R8000 which was really cool and guess what that ticket cost me? Only R5! And yeah I was in my PJs when that came through for me 🙂 But to pay $200 minimum to gamble? No thanks, that is the equivalent of nearly R25 000 here. Not small bucks!

  7. Oh my goodness I was once involved in a site called trade rush I list over 800 dollars it was the biggest scam of life. I’m so glad you wrote about this to open the eyes of others. I was truly skeptical to join a website called wealthy affiliate. Com but after much research I really saw it wasn’t and the only convenience that would be for me was to work from home.thanks again

  8. Hello

    The biggest scam sign for me is claiming that this is a completely automated system that will make you money, yeah right like if money will grow on the trees! Scam alert activated!
    Thank you for detecting this scam and in the process save so many people of loosing money in something that very likely will only bring them disappointment


    • Ruben, that is exactly it. Anything that claims to be completely automated and will make you loads of money in a short space of time is bound to be a scam!

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