The Foundations Of A Good Website

Creating a website might not seem like a hard task on the surface. But when you start peeling back the layers you soon realise that there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into it. A website is everything to a business. It is the foundations of a solid business, and is most likely where the majority of all sales are done. So what should always be at the front of your mind when making one? The customer. Pleasing them and making this as easy as possible for them should always be your main priority. If you follow our tips on what the foundations of a good website are, you won’t go wrong. Read on to find out more.

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The design is the main part. It’s what will draw your users in. But it isn’t always the easiest to get right. If you’ve ever been on a website with a really poor design, you’ll know how off putting they are. Having some form of vision is important. You need to know what colours you want, what your head should look like, and what categories you want etc. As long as you know the basics of the website design like this, a web developer will be able to put it all into motion for you. You can’t really build a business website by yourself, at least not a good one. Find someone who has the knowledge to put your idea into a marvellous creation. One of the main things you need to try and not do is clump everything together. A simplistic website is often a better one!


Now this is what your customers are going to be focusing the most on. They’re going to want to click through your website without any issues. So the first place you need to be looking is your categories. They need to be clear, and be showing everything your customer could be looking for. A lot of people always forget this, but a contact and about button is so important on the home page. For one, new customers are going to want to know a bit about the company they’re about to use. A lot of people will be coming to your website with questions, so the contact page also needs to be clearly visible. Make sure the categories are organised and even have sub categories if needed. Finally, any payment process should be smooth and simple to use. You don’t want people being put off your website because of a glitched payment method.

Key Features

The main features your website should have are as followed. Preferably a login area for your customer to view past orders or change contact details etc. A display of all your best deals, usually found on the home page. You want to draw the customer in with a bargain, so make it as noticeable as possible. Just making sure the website is generally organised and kept up to date is good practice. If you know you’re out of stock of one item, make it clearly known to reduce any aggravation.



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