The Dos and Dont’s of Small Business SEO

Having a good SEO strategy in place is key to getting your small business website noticed, and therefore, making your first sales. This is something that can be difficult to get right not only because what constitutes good SEO can change quite rapidly, but also because few business people know anything but the basics of SEO. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to learn what you should and should not be doing.

Here are some good examples of good and bad SEO practices to help you get it right…

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Do Create Unique Content Regularly

A website that is updated with unique content on a very regular basis provides search engines like Google with fresh content, and they like that because they like to give their users the most up to date information. So, it really is imperative, if you want to rank well and increase your traffic, that you do this consistently as long as your business, and its website, are in operation.

Do Create a Good User Experience

If your website is slow to load and difficult to use, then it isn’t going to rank well on Google, and anyone who does happen to come across it is surely going to be put off by its clunky nature, resulting in fewer conversions for you. If you want your small business website to be successful, it needs to be clean, clear and fast to load.

Do Consider Local Searches

If you want to get ahead of the competition, take the time to focus much of your SEO on your local market. This is particularly important if you provide services locally, but even if you don’t, it can help you to rank higher with people living locally, simply because local businesses tend to do better in mobile searches than those further away.

Do Use Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website is an extremely good idea because it will show you which keywords are working well for you and which are not, enabling you to make changes and truly optimize your site for better performance. If you don’t do this, you could end up using bad keywords for so long that you never get much traffic.

Don’t Wait to SEO Your Site

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Ideally, you should implement search engine optimization techniques on your site immediately. In fact, you shouldn’t launch your site until you have at least ten pieces of content, fully optimized, ready to publish. Why? Because your website will start working for you immediately, and anyone who does find it will not be confronted with an empty website that they’ll instantly dismiss and quite possibly never come back to again.

Don’t be a Blackhat

Blackhat SEO practitioners are people who use sneaky and underhand methods to boost their website’s’ rankings. They do this by spamming forums and using keyword stuffing, for example. They might get good results for a short while, but pretty soon they’ll be found out and penalized by the search engines, sending them into obscurity. So, basically, don’t do what they do.

Don’t Use Too Many Backlinks

These days, you have to be careful with anchor text use on your site and other sites around the web. They are an essential tool for building backlinks, but you should use them fairly sparingly, so that they make up no more than 1 percent of a piece of content maximum if it doesn’t want to look like you’re trying to game the system.

Don’t Make Your Site Uncrawlable

There is absolutely no point taking the time to set up and create content for your website, let alone search engine optimize it if you then make it uncrawlable by using the wrong robots.txt file or making it an all AJAX site, for example. If you do this, then the search engines won’t be able to access your content, and that means that no one who you didn’t specifically send there will be able to find it.

Don’t Target Generalized Keywords

It’s foolish to target a general keyword like ‘real estate’, for example, because you will be competing with literally thousands, possibly millions of other people doing the same, which means you’ll probably get lost in the noise. What you want to do is target more specific keywords like ‘affordable condo in Florida’ instead.

If you bear these dos and don’ts in mind when you’re creating your next small business website, chances are you’ll see a lot more high-quality traffic a lot quicker than you have in the past. You’ll surely see a lot more conversions too!


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