The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

The Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewThe Coffee Shop Millionaire Review
Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: $37 per month plus loads of upsells
Owners: Anthony Trister
Website: coffeeshopmillionaire.com


Introduction: What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire program apparently teaches you internet marketing. There is not much information on their website except a long drawn out video of Anthony Trister claiming that through his amazing program you can sit in a coffee shop and make millions which seems rather unrealistic.

The fact that the Coffee Shop Millionaire website does not provide much information and only a video clip making unrealistic claims makes me think this could very likely be a scam. Another danger sign is that there is a count down on the website saying it is a limited offer for $37. It is always $37. This is a dubious technique.

what is the coffee shop millionaireAnd when trying to leave the Coffee Shop Millionaire website a pop up window came up offering me a $10 discount. How can this be when the $37 fee was only valid for another 26 minutes and now they will give me the $37 less another $10?

Dubious practices already!

Is the coffee shop millionaire a scam

Pros & Cons


  • Low getting started costs


  • Lots of upsells
  • Lots of additional expenses that were not made clear when registering
  • Unrealistic claims of earning potential
  • Support and mentoring is virtually non-existent
  • The training is out of date and not adequate

Who is this suitable for?

Coffee Shop Millionaires is aimed at internet marketers of every level, there are various training courses aimed at different levels of knowledge. The training can be reviewed again which is nice so you can go back and refresh your memory at any time.

Training/ Tools Overview

There are 12 training modules and additional videos on various topics. They cover very relevant marketing topics, however a lot of the training does not adequately cover the subject completely. The training is too vague to give real value. A lot of the training is outdated and will not be relevant to current marketing techniques.


They offer support via email and phone as well as claim to have an active community. However you will struggle to get hold of them and you will usually not get a response. The “active” community is far from active and you will struggle to get any response to any queries or questions.


$37 per month a lot of expensive upsells such as the Six Figure Success Club for an additional $297  per month.
Not included in the above rates are costs such as creating your website, domain name or hosting.

My Verdict for The Coffee Shop Millionaire

 This program is not a bad program, however they have dubious marketing techniques and they are not upfront about all the costs involved and once you are in they try and get you to pay more. The training is outdated and not adequate. The support is virtually non-existent.
If you search online you will find loads of positive reviews, however due to the fact that they offer an affiliate program this is not surprising. Most of these reviews will take you to the long drawn out video clip of Anthony Trister that is shown on the Coffee Shop Millionaire website.
To me personally this seems like a borderline scam, especially the way their website just shows a video clip and hardly gives any concrete information. If you can’t see what you are buying, don’t buy it! I would not recommend this program.
What is your experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire? Please leave a comment below.
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The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Overall Ranking: 15/100
Price: $37 per month plus loads of upsells
Owners: Anthony Trister
Website: coffeeshopmillionaire.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Well written content! Multiple reviews of online businesses and why you did not like them. Truly indepth reviews that offer a reason to find a real online business opportunity.

    Your website shows your experience in building an online business and makes people want to stay on your site. Lots of interaction via comments.

    • Thanks Jane!

      I try my best to guide people on the best way to find a small online business opportunity! It is also important to help everyone see the scams and time wasting “opportunities” for what they are.

      Kind Regards


  2. Great solid review. I know exactly the type just based from your descriptions. When there is no community, no support. It pretty much is a scam. It does sound too good to be true as well.

    • Hi Drew

      Exactly! If you read my post on Ways to Avoid Scams Online, you will see that the video clip thing is a warning, the countdown is a warning, the offering discount when I try and leave the website is a warning too. And the biggest on that you mentioned: if it is too good to be true it probably is a scam!

      Kind Regards

  3. I love reading these insight posts. If everybody did these and published their findings, we would eventually get rid of all the scam and money draining sites.
    I always search online before making my decision to part with my money and you are right, the sites that offer marketing as their product, seem to know how to flood the front pages of your search, so all you see are positive reviews. So thank you for your post and review.

    • Hi Paul

      It is a pleasure.

      If you want a great example of this you can read my Mintvine review! I had the most awful experience and it was quite shocking because I literally could not find one negative thing online about them. Then I noticed they have an affiliate program too! This makes it so hard for people searching online to make an educated decision based on reviews.

      It is very sad that people might fall for something just because there are “good” reviews out there posted by affiliate marketers. There are good opportunities out there with affiliate programs, why not give an honest review and market products that are honest and legitimate.

      Kind Regards


  4. The coffee shop millionaire program sounds rough. I feel like most of the time the point of getting into internet business is because there’s a need to more money on top of the full time job you already likely have. So having a lot of costs built into a program like this doesn’t seem beneficial for the end user. It just seems like a hard gamble that might not pay off.

    • Hi Devin

      Nicely put, it is a gamble going for an offer like this. For someone looking for an online business opportunity there should be more information readily available and everything upfront and open. If there you are left wondering that it is you will be paying for I suggest not to go for it at all.

      Kind Regards


  5. Hi Lynne.

    You say in your review that the Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a bad program but that you wouldn’t really recommend it… But what kind of results can you really get from it that’s what I’m usually interested to know when shopping for a program like this? Have you tried it personally or know someone who did?

    But then I also see that you say that the material is outdated… so for me it’s enough not to want to go for this… and beside, I don’t really like pushy marketing like that forcing you to decide fast before they change the price. I don’t know why they’re doing it. Maybe because they were told that it works… I don’t know.

    Anyway, thank you for enlighting me a little on this program… I guess it’s not the best choice for me.

    • Hi Guy

      Thanks for the feedback. The reason I said it is not a bad program is that it does not appear to be an outright scam. They do offer training and information to start your business, however it falls short of the mark in my opinion. It will teach you the basics of how to set up an online business, that much is true. But what about all the support and up to date training you need on an ongoing basis. The internet is an ever-changing environment and training and education must be too.

      Yes I don’t recommend it, but that doesn’t mean others won’t find it helpful. Yes I know someone personally that tried it and he said it was not worth the money spent. When he went through the training and then found he had to spend more money on hosting, domains etc, as well as spend more to get more training and information he left.

      There are much better programs out there and I would advise to give this one a skip and try something that offers much more.

      Kind Regards

  6. Another shady marketer hoping to make a few bucks off the backs of unsuspecting newbies. Everytime I see his name, my mind reads ‘Trickster’ — and considering he even managed to get a page up on Wikipedia to promote this BS program, the name would be appropriate.

    I agree – don’t buy this unless you have deep pockets and lots of time to waste.

    • Hi Kae

      Thank you for your feedback, it is very sad that people fall for dubious websites like this. Why not offer a quality product and be open and honest about it? All he would need to do is update his training, add more information and provide some real support and community. I suppose then they would need to do some actual work and it must be easier just to offer affiliate commission to others to promote a bad product.

      Kind Regards


  7. Before wasting anymore of my kid’s inheritance on silly online scams, I will definitely check this site first to gain some intel.



    • Hi Sal

      Definitely do that! I would not advise using Coffee Shop Millionaire. There are other opportunities that offer so much more and will be cheaper in the long run! Check out my #1 Recommendation for a small online business opportunity!

      Kind Regards

  8. Thanks for that! This is the second review I have read on the Coffee Shop Millionaire and both seem to emphasize the same points.

    The first initial thought I had was that where I live the internet connection at coffee shops is not always the best. I know they are only using a coffee shop as an example, but everyone doesn’t realize that. If you could only use the internet in a coffee shop I would think you would need to spend a lot of money n coffee to be able to stay. hehe

    Great Review! You make some great points. They are certainly not on my list of things to try.

    • Hi Melody, good point on the internet connection! I didn’t even think of that, I wouldn’t want to sit and work in a coffee shop anyway 🙂

      It certainly isn’t the best online business opportunity out there!

  9. I have reviewed Coffee Shop Millionaire myself, and I just wanted to see what other people were saying about it, which is when I found your site. It looks like you have given it an even lower rating than I did.

    The thing I didn’t like about Coffee Shop Millionaire is the suggestion that it is easy to get rich. Even the name itself makes me cringe. Anytime I see a product with “millionaire” in the title I think it looks like a scam. Of course, the upsells are a real turn-off too.

    • HI Marcus, that is exactly it. From just the name of it, to the idea of being able to just sit around a coffee shop drinking lattes and making millions… nope I don’t think so! Yes millions CAN be made online, same like they can be made offline. With hard work and dedication.

  10. Hi Lynne,

    I’ve tried Coffee Shop Millionaire for myself and was not happy whatsoever! As you pointed out, the training were too vague and didn’t give me any step-by-step guidance as to how I can make money online. On top of that, many of the videos in the training modules even didn’t play!! Can you believe that?

    Fortunately, I succeeded to get a refund. If your readers ever need a refund from Coffee Shop Millionaire, please advise them to directly contact ClickBank, not CSM support team. ClickBank is quite quick to respond to your request for a refund. I talked about this in my blog but I had my money back within a few days and was very pleased about that. My hope, though, is that your readers would stay away from Coffee Shop Millionaire after reading your review. They are not worth $37 or even less.


    • Hi Yuko

      Oh no, that would make me really upset (the video’s not playing!) Thanks for the tip on how to get a refund from The Coffee Shop Millionaire, I’m sure that will help my readers loads if they need help. I suppose it makes complete sense to request a refund from Clickbank as this is where you purchased it.

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