The Chris Farrell Membership Review

The Chris Farrell Membership Review
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: $4.95 for the first week, $37/ month thereafter or $297 yearly, $997 Mentor Me
Owners: Chris Farrell
Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.com

Introduction: What is The Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is a program to get started with an online business. Unfortunately I was not able to personally review this website because every time I try and access it my antivirus blocks in and tells me it has saved me from a virus. So I have done a lot of research online to see what is being said about the Chris Farrell membership to summarize for you.

what is the chris farrell membership

Pros and Cons


  • Low getting started costs
  • Allows you to build websites with zero experience
  • Daily lessons along with blueprints and manuals
  • Support is available


  • Some of the methods and training seems to be outdated
  • Support is available but the response time is not always good
  • There are extra expenses that are no made clear before signing up
  • The amount of time and effort that need to be put in is not made clear, he makes it sound easier that it is

who is chris farrell

Who is this suitable for?

Primarily for newbies to online businesses. This program will help with the basics and help you to set up your own online business with a step by step guide. However once you know your way around the basics of online marketing you will outgrow this program very quickly as it won’t offer much further value.

Training/ Tools Overview

The program offers a twenty one daily video training modules. The video training is supplemented with blueprint style guides. Manuals are also available. There is a mentor program available with Chris Farrell for an additional $997.


There is support available however it is somewhat lacking. There is a discussion forum where members can ask questions for other members to answer and give feedback. There is a support phone number available.

I have come across mixed reviews of the support from the Chris Farrell Membership. Some members say the support has been good and others say that they have struggled to get support and have their questions answered. There also appears to be a lack of community. Chris Farrell states he is available for members but it appears that especially in later years he is rarely available.
Price$4.95 trial for the first week and $37 monthly thereafter. You can also take a yearly membership for $297. Additional Mentor Me program for $997.
The Chris Farrell Membership Review pricing
Chris Farrell comes across as a really nice person, his company appears legitimate and he has a good product to offer. Some of his methods and training appears to be a bit outdated and the support could be much better. This appears to not be suitable for everyone, more focused on beginners that want to start out and once you have got started you might be left hanging a bit.All in all this is a good program suitable for beginner marketers. It is an honest way to earn money online and a legitmate program.
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The Chris Farrell Membership Review
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: $4.95 for the first week, $37/ month thereafter or $297 yearly, $997 Mentor Me
Owners: Chris Farrell
Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.com



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  1. for some reason i have been hearing about the chris farrell membership program. there are a lot of good reviews on the internet about this program and i think i will be giving it a try. from my experience online, i have noticed there is so much to loose not to try out what working and people are talking about it. thanks

    • Hi Cedric

      It is a pleasure and please then come and tell us how it was for you. I was very disappointed I have not been able to get onto his website yet.

      Kind Regards


  2. Hi Lynne!

    What a great review. There are so many scams and companies out there professing to work sometimes it’s really difficult to decipher between them and tell them apart!

    Apart from Wealthy Affiliate have you had any experience with any other online companies?

    • Hi Stacey

      I have only tried Wealthy Affiliate personally because I could try it for free and loved it. I can’t see me needing anything else to be honest. I am still on the look out for other ways to earn and if I see anything great I will try it out and share it too. The difficulty is that for every genuine thing I find online the next 50 are scams I come across. Most of my reviews end up being scams or legitimate BUT time wasters.

      Kind Regards

  3. Hi! I actually began to receive email from Chris Farrell. Haven’t joined his website, though. Nice to hear that it is legit, and it is not another scam. Great read!

    • Hi Nelly

      It is a pleasure. If you do join up please add some more feedback!

      Kind Regards

  4. Hey,

    Great review! Although this program does seem to hold some value and good content, I still don’t like the idea of delayed customer support. I joined WA because of the instant help you get there and the awesome support form the community. When I have a problem I feel like I can just shout out and either someone from the chat will help me or I can write a blog post or just throw out a question to the community and someone will help me within a few hours latest!
    Good post and I like that you mentioned WA as it is truly an amazing offer!

    • Hi Esteban

      Thanks for visiting. Yes I agree. I am not a very patient person and I like to have my queries and questions answered immediately! Wealthy Affiliates certainly offers immediate support 24 hours which I personally love.

      I do think Chris Farrell’s program offers value, but Wealthy Affiliates really does offer so much more.

      Kind Regards

  5. The Chris Ferrall Membership review was good. I have seen ads online trying to pull people into his program, but I haven’t joined anything. It’s good to know that it’s also not a scam.
    I wonder whether people actually need that mentor me membership for $997 if he already has good step by step training material which people are paying $37/month to access.
    I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate and found it great value for money. Unlike the Chris Ferrall Membership, you don’t even need to pay the $4.95 for the first week to try it. It’s FREE for the first 7 days! It’s great!

    • Hi Teresa

      I am not so sure of the Mentor Me Membership. Exactly like you said, you already pay $37 per month which includes training so why offer another program for such a huge amount of money. I am not sure what is in that Mentor Me Training, it sounds very expensive and I am not fond of upsells at all.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great and offers everything needed. Just to correct you there, it is free forever not for only 7 days. If you upgrade to the Premium paid membership within 7 days you get the first month for only $19. If you don’t upgrade within 7 days you stay on the Starter Membership at no cost for as long as you like. Then if you upgrade after that you pay the full monthly price for the membership’s first month.

      Kind Regards


  6. I have heard of Chris Farrell but never looked into the details so thank you for the research and groundwork put into this review.

    Maybe it is a legitimate opportunity but for people who don’t want or need personal or community help as they learn. Any questions I may have had just got answered.

    • Hi Jess

      It is a pleasure. I think it is a good opportunity and I keep hearing how awesome Chris is.

      Kind Regards


  7. Wow nice review,
    thanks for the comparison between WA and Chris Farrell, we are glad we went over to WA. We like all the really good perks over at WA like the keyword tool and live video training. best regards robert

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed my review of Wealthy Affiliate 🙂
      Glad to hear you have made the best choice for your online business.

      Kind Regards

  8. Good review on the Chris Farrell Membership. I was curious about one thing. I noticed on the comparison chart against Wealthy Affiliate, you rated Chris Farrell at 80 out of 100 but in your review you gave it a 90 out of a hundred. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the better program for sure. You talked about the support and how you have read mixed reviews, but what about the community. How does the community at Chris Farrell stack up against the community at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Oh dear, I made a mistake. Thanks for pointing that out Stephanie, I’ll go and change that.

      The community at Wealthy Affiliate really is the best here, Chris Farrell does not come close!

  9. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Chris Farrell membership. I actually have a lot of time for Chris Farrell as he was the one that originally got me into internet marketing and making my first few dollars online as an affiliate. What I think is a shame is that a few years ago Chris Farrell seemed to be very hands on, with the latest methods and advice. It seems now that may have slipped a little and the methods have become a little out of date. This is never a good thing in internet marketing. Perhaps its time that Chris took a step back to reevaluate his members area instead of coaching individuals at almost a thousand dollars a time!

    • Hi Andrew

      What a great response, and yes I totally agree with the way you have explained it. He is a great guy, he has a lot of knowledge and a great product.. that needs work and updating.

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