Tezak Traffic Exchange Review: Is this Quality Traffic?

Tezak Traffic Exchange Review
Overall Ranking: 25/100
Price: Free Tezzer II membership, Special Tezzer II $7.00 monthly/ $63.00 annually, Power Pro Tezzer II $12.99 monthly/ $116.00 annually, Enterprise Infinite Pro Tezzer II $29.99 monthly/ $269 annually.
Owners: Tony Tezak, Tim Rash and Paul Kinder
Website: www.tezaktrafficpower.com

 What is Tezak Traffic Power?

Tezak Traffic Power is a traffic exchange and advertising website. They claim to bring you quality traffic in eleven different ways. You can either go for a paid subscription service or you can click on websites in exchange for credits. The ratio is 3:1 for exchange, so you have to click on 3 websites to earn one visit to your website.

What is Tezak Traffic Power


What was my personal experience with Tezak Traffic Power?

Well if you read my review of Traffic Monsoon you will know that I am not very fond of traffic exchange programs. Perhaps Traffic Monsoon is mostly to blame for my negative view on traffic exchange?

I just can’t believe that the traffic received from a traffic exchange website is quality like the website claims. How can traffic gained just because someone is clicking away mindlessly trying to earn $0.01 per click be quality? The same goes for someone clicking away trying to earn credits to get visitors to his website. I just can’t see this as quality traffic no matter how I look at it.

If you look at the screenshot taken from Tezak Traffic above they claim that these visitors are highly motivated buyers and hot targets prospects. This is really not true now is it?

So what are the ways you can gain traffic with Tezak Power Traffic?

Tezzak Power Traffic


Ok so now you have read what their website claims and how I am already biased against traffic exchange programs. Sorry but I have to just say it like it is!

So I registered with them to try them out just as a traffic exchange where I try and click to gain traffic. They are very quick and easy to use, you just click on Start Surfing and it takes only 8 seconds for a website to be viewed, after 8 seconds you must match up an image and  the next website is viewable.

It was quick, and easy to do. My credits showed clearly and no credits mysteriously disappeared which I really appreciated. I check my Googole Analytics and as I was viewing websites I was getting visitors.

This was a very different user experience Traffic Monsoon, and rather pleasant and fun. I played around with viewing websites for a long time. What really stood out for me is that the websites I viewed were 90% for other traffic exchange websites, the other 10% was for making money online businesses – a lot of which looked like scams to me! So I can imagine doing this on a regular basis must be really brain deadening and I am sure that after a while I won’t even be able to differentiate between the ads I am seeing.

I assumed that when I checked my Google Analytics I would find the bounce rate incredibly high and the time spent on my website would be around 8 seconds. I was quite surprised to find this was not the case.

The traffic from Tezak Traffic Exchange actually made my bounce rate lower and the average time spent on my website was over 7 minutes and an average of 1.95 pages was viewed per visitor.

Although I had some nice visitors when looking at Google Analytics there were no clicks on any affiliate links on those posts I sent the visitors to. However I don’t think a total to 40 visitors is enough to monitor performance on.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, the traffic was a lot more quality than I expected it to be!

I am going to take up their $7.00 per month membership and update you to let you know how it works over the course of a month. I don’t think I can give a very accurate review on what I learned today. At $0.02 per visitor it might be worth my while to investigate this further.

My Verdict for Tezak Traffic Power

I was truthfully caught off guard. I was expecting a scam at worst, a time waster at best certainly. I was caught by surprise that the visitors were better quality than I expected. At $0.02 a visitor I really can’t see the harm in trying this out. As mentioned previously I haven’t seen any sales or clicks on my affiliate links, which is really what we are looking for isn’t it? However I can’t really make a decision based on what I learned today.

So come back in a month and I will update this post! So far I am sitting on the fence with this one. Perhaps my rating will change?

17 November 2015 – so here we are nearly 1 month later for an update… and I must say I am disappointed.

The traffic received now from Tezak Traffic is very low quality. The visitors stay for less than a minute and bounce rate is 100%! I can only assume that the reason the traffic appeared quality in the beginning is that my website was new and not the same as all the other websites (mostly Pay To Click websites such as Traffic Monsoon, Clixsense etc) so the visitors had a little look around. Unique visitors dropped, meaning the same visitors were going back to my website over and over again.

I’ve dropped my rating from 50% to 25%, yes maybe you can make a few cents from viewing ads, but I certainly wouldn’t advise you to bother trying to get traffic from Tezak Traffic, it is low quality and not worth it at all!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Tezak Traffic Exchange Review
Overall Ranking: 25/100
Price: Free Tezzer II membership, Special Tezzer II $7.00 monthly/ $63.00 annually, Power Pro Tezzer II $12.99 monthly/ $116.00 annually, Enterprise Infinite Pro Tezzer II $29.99 monthly/ $269 annually.
Owners: Tony Tezak, Tim Rash and Paul Kinder
Website: www.tezaktrafficpower.com



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  1. Thank you for your review of Tezak Traffic Exchange. I had no idea that there were sites out there where you could get visitors to your website in exchange for your visits to others. It would be nice if you could get more sales from it, but if Google Analytics increases than perhaps your ranking in Google will increase. Right? Do they also comment on your website or just visit and look around for a little while? I like the idea that you can do it for free to earn credits instead of paying for the visits. If you pay for the visits how does it compare to PPC campaigns? I will have to check it out because it sounds like it could be beneficial.

    • Hi Steph. Yes the idea of it is quite nice. I am honestly not sure how the visitors will affect ranking, hopefully it will affect it nicely 🙂
      The traffic is very cheap compared to Bing and Google Adwords advertising so that is a bonus but I still just cant shake the feeling that there is something not quite right with traffic exchanges.
      By the end of the day yesterday I had 162 visitors (108 unique visitors) from Tezak Traffic, one new subscriber and one affiliate link click from Tezak Traffic. On average 4.43 minutes spent on my website and 1.62 pages visited and a bounce rate of 74%.
      I wonder how much of this is due to the fact that users on Tezak Traffic were sent to my website more than once? On average by the end of the day each user had seen my website nearly 3 times. Tezak claims they have thousands of users and advertisers. How come then I was exposed to the same ads numerous times and my website was shown to the same users close on 3 times each? It would appear that users read and clicked through my website nicely on the first visit but then got exposed to the same content again. And to answer your question, there has been no engagement from Tezak Traffic visitors at all. No comments at all.
      Makes me wonder how effective this will really be in the long term.

  2. It will be interesting to see how many of these clickers are using their click to find websites to spam. Let us know if your spam rate sky rockets.

    • Hi Gary, I never thought of that! I just checked and I have not been spammed yet. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I have also checked out sites lie this. I’m of your same mind set that organic traffic is always going to be the best. It’s an interesting experiment I think and I’m glad it wasn’t a total waste of your time!
    I am going to bookmark your review and check it out when I have more time. Thank you!

    • Hi fyre, yes I really believe I can’t knock something until I personally try it out myself. I did get a new subscriber yesterday through a Tezak visitor yesterday which is interesting. I still prefer organic visitors though!

  4. What a fantastic review! It is great to hear from folks who have actually tried the program and give a detailed explanation of their experience. I agree that I can’t see the traffic being overly helpful for anymore then simply getting traffic. Although I think it might be worth a try.

    Did you see many websites related to niches outside of making money online or getting traffic?

    Thanks you!

    • Hi Melody, glad I could help. Every website was about making money online, getting leads or traffic. There was no other type of business advertised there. A lot of them were scam websites that I have reviewed here. So on that side I have a bad feeling about sharing my website on sites like this. I really do believe that birds of a feather flock together. So I think it can possibly give my website a bad reputation being squeezed in between scam adverts.

  5. Hello Lynne,

    Great article & very informative, but it seems like if you want to update & go by your work to the next level you have to pay LOL, this review of tezak traffic exchange i really liked but i think if you work to write a quality content you will be able to reach traffic by some patient, thanks for sharing your experience with us & wish you good luck.


    • Hi Ehab, yes I couldn’t agree with you more! It will be easier to gain traffic by adding valuable content to my website than by spending my day clicking away on other peoples websites. The quality of the traffic will be loads better and my time will be better spent adding value to my website.

      Yes I think to get any decent traffic you will need to pay!

  6. Hmm, this looks pretty interesting. However, it’s still a lot of mind-numbing work to gain visitors. But it is indeed fascinating that you actually seemed to get quality visits. After all, one would think that the only visitors you get are from other Tezak users who are also all mindlessly clicking away to gain credits…

    I’m looking forward to your final report Lynne!

    • Hi Jurgen, yes it is very mind numbing indeed! The first visitors I received appeared to be quality, but although they spent a good few minutes on my website and clicked through to other content I only got one new subscriber. I received no comments, no other engagement and no sales. Of course it was only a small amoutn of traffic so it is hard to see what the true results are.

      What I did see today is that the unique visitors from Tezak Traffic are less, meaning that the same people are now viewing my website again. The bounce rate has gone higher, the time spent on my website has decreased and the pages viewed per person has decreased…. so it looks like the quality of the visitors is not that great after all.

      I’ll give some feedback again in a month or so.

  7. Sure seems like it’s not worth the time and effort or the cost. Best to just leave it alone. Thank you for completing this review. It’s a great help.

    $.02 just isn’t worth the time as I’d rather be making larger lump sums for my income.

    I’ll stick to Google and Bing for ads.


    • Hi Benjamin, my sentiment exactly but for some reason so many people find this really appealing! I want to try and find out what the appeal is. However no matter how long I have spent there already I don’t feel ti is worth my time at all!

  8. Hello Lynne
    There seems to be so many of these site and I have tried a few and more or less got the same result s you seem to have got – visitors but not many if any actual conversions. Maybe that’s down to the fact it’s a 3 to 1 ratio so to make it worth your while you would have to put in a lot of work.
    Would it not work if you paid someone on fiverr to do this for you? Maybe worth thinking about then you would be able to concentrate on your own WA sites.
    Anyway I’m of the same opinion as you in that these type of sites are more work than they are worth.
    Have a nice day.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert. If I were to pay someone on Fiverr why not pay Google or Bing Adwords instead 🙂 I’ve been looking at ways to generate quality traffic for free, it just seems that traffic exchange doesn’t do it for me!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with traffic exchanges.

  9. I was reading your review and agreeing with you at the start, thinking ‘yeah right, there is no way this is going to be quality traffic’ and then when you admitted to being pleasantly surprised, I started getting quite excited and then was hit by that familiar ‘yup, to good to be true feeling!’ Hey ho, thanks for the heads up on yet another product to avoid!

    • Hey Vic, sorry to disappoint you! I recently updated that post with the truth… very bad quality traffic. I know another huge disappointment.

  10. Very helpful information. This post is rich with value and really helps me see what you are trying to get across. The format is easy to follow and allows me to learn everything very easily and not have to look back very often. Thank you for the valuable information and I will definitely share with my friends so that they can stay on track in the right programs.

    • Hi Nathan, so glad you enjoyed this Tezak Traffic review! And yes please share it with your friends.

  11. Well I hope it works out for you – traffic exchanges are hotbeds for black hatters at the end of the day ( I used to be one! ). These exchanges are great places to scrape for emails for bulk mailing systems – those emails you recieve where you have no idea how the sender knew your interests. this one does appear to be a little more professional though…

    • Hi Chris

      Not really, helpful in the end no.. perhaps I should update this post 🙂

      I can’t see the value in traffic exchanges to be honest. I tried to give this one a good go and keep an open mind. I don’t think it is a bad traffic exchange, but I think traffic exchange is bad!

  12. I think that is not worth review about Tezak’s website.

    I recommend to test from 5000 to 10,000 credits using custom made landing / squeeze page and then checking the results (conversions) make a review.

    TE’s are not great to promote over-promoted products, do you need to promote (make) something fresh or unique.

    Sorry if my words are awful but Google Analytics is not a trust indicator to verify the quality of traffic.

    I recommend to you Coop Te sites rather than a Single TE 🙂 plus free solo ads to get free traffic on any site.

    Have a nice day.

    • Hey Mike

      Thanks for your input. I do agree with you that landing pages are the way to go. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Clixsense now and there are a few things I have noticed. Almost everything promoted is an online money making scam. The same ads keep coming up over and over again so I totally agree with you about promoting something unique.

      I’ve since learned also that traffic from traffic exchange and ptc traffic is just dangerous for your website seo, so yes a landing page really is safer and will also most likely get much better conversions too.

      I’ve lost interest completely in traffic websites. I don’t want my website floating around with all those scams. If you put the work in with content marketing will bring high quality visitors and the traffic potential is literally unlimited.

  13. The problem with any type of paid traffic is that you are only paying for visitors. If you had an actual brick and mortar store and some guy offered to send a bunch of people to your shop to look around you would probably see that as more of a nuisance than a benefit.

    My first experience with this type activity was in purchasing sales leads which turned out to be lists of all of us that were looking for leads.

    So the people that I contacted were no more interested in what I had to offer than I was to the ton of junk mail I got as a result of providing my mailing address to get the list!

    I will pay for traffic when I find an affiliate program that pays based on how many people I can get to look at their ads!

    • Yes I know exactly what you mean and over time I am coming to understand that more and more. I have now heard from a number of reputable sources that traffic exchange traffic is not only useless in terms of sales and conversions but it can also be damaging to your website ranking.

      Not much point in traffic exchanges then is there?

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