What’s the hard truth with PTC sites? Make thousands or just plain BS?

can you make money with ptc sites

I’ve had a lot of interest from you, my readers in my posts about PTC websites and everyone is asking can you make money with PTC sites. I asked a few people why they are asking me and it appears… Continue Reading


Clixsense….Can it pay for a family holiday?

Clixsense how does it work

If you’ve been reading my blogs and read my Clixsense review you will know that I am not fond of pay to click sites. The fact is that it is a lot of effort for little reward right? That may be… Continue Reading


Superpay Me – pocket money anyone?

Superpay Me review

Superpay Me review Overall Ranking: 65/100 Price: free to join Website: www.superpayme.com Introduction: What is Superpay Me? Superpay Me is a Get Paid To website that pays you to fill out online surveys, complete offers, complete simple online jobs, view websites… Continue Reading


User Testing Review – A Worthwhile Way to Supplement Your Income

user testing review

User Testing Review Overall Ranking: 75/100 Price: Free Website: www.usertesting.com Introduction to User Testing User Testing pays $10 per website that you test. Each test takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Before you can start earning you need… Continue Reading


Are Taking Online Surveys Really Worth Your Time?

Can you Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Can you make money taking online surveys? This is the question I have been asked so many times by others and that I have asked myself in the past. I have spent a lot of time searching for and trying… Continue Reading


Toluna Surveys Reviews: Yes it works, sort of!

toluna surveys reviews

Toluna Surveys Reviews Overall Ranking: 35/100 Price: Free Owners: Frederik-Charles Petit Website: www.toluna-group.com The above website is their main website for Toluna, they have different websites for different countries around the world. I am in South Africa so the website… Continue Reading


Answered Insight Surveys Review: From Outstanding To Shocking – Thumbs Down

Answered Insight survey review

Answered Insight Surveys Review Overall Ranking: /100 Price: Free Owners: Information not available at this time Website: www.answeredinsight.co.za **Update 09 July 2020** Please note that when I originally wrote this post Answered Insight was fantastic as you can see from… Continue Reading