A CrowdFunding Social Network? Are you sure about that?

Crowdfunding Social Network

Here is my update for the crowdfunding social network that I will just refer to as “SF” for the purpose of this post. The reason I am not mentioning the company’s full name because my previous review got an incredible amount of… Continue Reading


CommHubb’s Internet Conspiracy Theory – OMG this is funny!

is commhubb a scam commhubb review

I know, I can hear you all groan “What another review?” Yes this is a CommHubb review, but the thing is that I am getting so many requests to review websites and I was about to write a great article… Continue Reading


Is 25 dollar legacy a scam? Well no but it does Suck and I’ll tell you exactly why!

Is 24 Dollar Legacy a scam

Once again browsing around Facebook groups I saw another Make Money Online opportunity that I have not come across before. So here we go, let’s have a look and see… is 25 Dollar Legacy a Scam or is it legit?… Continue Reading


Affiliate vs Multi Level Marketing: what’s the difference?

affiliate vs mlm

So I’ve been asked now a number of times about what makes affiliate marketing different from multi level marketing.. so in this post we’re going to look at affiliate vs multi level marketing. And just just so you know I… Continue Reading


What is the Jeunesse opportunity? Scam or Miracle Skincare MLM opportunity?

What is the Jeunesse

Everyone seems to be asking lately “What is the Jeunesse opportunity all about?” so I decided to investigate it and find out for you. There is a lot of hype about this company and its products, making me wonder if… Continue Reading


Ameriplan Review – just another sad MLM

Ameriplan Review

Ameriplan Review Overall Ranking: 15/100 Price: $24.95/ year enrolment fee for IBO’s, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Dental Plus, $24.95/ month for Ameriplan Med Plus, $39.95 for Ameriplan Delux Plus Website: www.ameriplanusa.com Introduction: What is Ameriplan? Ameriplan is an MLM company that… Continue Reading


Global Wealth Trade Review

Global Wealth Trade Reviews

Global Wealth Trade Review Overall Ranking: 10/100 Price: $169 – $3500, plus $35 – $150 per month, plus $69 – $194 per year Website: www.gwtcorp.com Introduction: What is Global Trade Wealth Corporation? Global Trade Wealth is a very fancy, high end… Continue Reading


Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corners Alliance Group review

Four Corner Alliance Review Overall Ranking: 00/100 Price: $18 to join, $47 per month for Starien (training), $29.95/ month for a newsletter, Financial Literacy 1 $10, Financial Literacy 2 $10, Financial Literacy 3 $25, Financial Literacy 4 $60, Financial Literacy… Continue Reading


SFI Reviews: A soggy MLM scheme…

SFI reviews

SFI Reviews Overall Ranking: 25/100 Price: free to join Website: www.sfimg.com Introduction: What is SFI about? SFI claims to be the #1 Affiliate program online, providing you with over 80 000 products to market and make commission from. In addition… Continue Reading


Motor Club of America Review: I suppose if you like MLM…

Motor club of america review

Motor Club of America Review Overall Ranking: 20/100 Price: free to join, OR $39.90 sign up fee and $19.95 per month. Various prices for different packages. Website: www.tvcmatrix.com Introduction: What is Motor Club of America about? Motor Club of America… Continue Reading